just had home visti from dwp doctor my brain turned to mush has this happened to anyone else?

when he did memory test he started with an address then he asked my address felt stupid when could not recall last letter of postcode then i got worse whats the priministers name out blurted tony blair i mean tony blair where did that come from i said no its not him but for the life of me could not remember then a maths test which i muddled up, simple maths test for gods sake i used to teach maths thats when the tears started,, then to top it all off he asked me to recall the 1st address i said my address he said what was the 1st line of address i told you? sat and thought for a long while and finally came up with the door no yeehaw never felt so stupid in all my life, he was very kind with me he told me i have concentration problems ?? i now feel did he believe me? did he think i was just doing it, i mean come on flunked every question and so easy questions my brain just felt as though filled with cotton wool, has this happened to anyone else when given memory test?

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  • Not in the same situation .... But my memory is certainly weird these days ... Moved 10 months go .. Still have problems with postcode and tel number ... When people ask me where I lived before I automatically give the address of the house we used to live in 13 years ago. I am so forgetfull I write lists. My husband used to joke I had OCD in list writing. Personally I think you had fibro fog made worse by the stress of the ordeal of having to be tested by a dr. If he's any sort of a good dr he will know about fibro and know that you weren't acting and that this fog combined with stress is a common part of fibro

  • i know sometimes you feel like your going mad dont you? i certainly hope this doc is good and knows all about fibro, he certainly didnt make me do as much as other people have told me when they were examined, and didnt ask to look around my house either for aides i have to use just excepted what i told him he actually reminded me of the handrail outside ?? in dwp home visit handbook i read they are supposed to look around your home for these aides but he didnt ask me , lots of people told me they would??? so thinking why??? strange.

  • Hopefully it means he knew how bad you are and didn't trouble you more than he had to.... Sorry but I had to laugh about the hand rail you forgot..... My husband spent a good part of yesterday fitting a magnetic fly curtain to the conservatory door when he asked me to test it I parted the magnets and they immediately stuck to my hand rail social services fitted so i could get into the back garden and all the flies flew in I collapsed laughing my husband started swearing ....... Oh the small things that give me pleasure.

  • haha youve cheered me up thank you, so hows your fly curtain now? lol

  • The doctor saw how you struggle until it reduces your to tears - nothing to be ashamed of or worried about re medical - it is just this accursed Fibro meddling with your brain.

    Try not to worry about it - it's all over now

    Julie xxx

  • thank you julie its so hard isnt it xx

  • Hi Bella we have now resorted to fly papers .. They hang down rather low so far we have caught one fly and my husbands hair .... And he really don't have that much to spare :)

  • hi, i have had two brain tumors. Dont think my loss of memory has anything to do with them though. I can start a sentance and just get absolutely stuck and cannot think what i am trying to say. I forget things, exspecially names, in seconds. I'm constantly loosing things too, cos I can remember where i put them! my short term memory is much much worse than long term.

  • I have the same problem, you are speaking to some one then just forget what you wanted to say half way through and feel completely stupid. I am always loosing things and have to leave notes everywhere to remind me of what I need to do. However like you my long term memory is good, often feel I am in early stages of dementia.

  • I'm the same I ALWAYS walk to the freezer, when the dinners being made, and stop and ask myself outloud and anyone that's there, "Now, what was I wanting?", and they usually say "Nothing", or they don't know, and either it never enters my mind again or 5/more minutes later, I remember, then I ask myself what did I want that for, and a few mins later I'll remember, or not.

    Its the brain they say that's affected with fibromyalgia, it feels like most of your brain cells are napping and only some wake up occassionally, I usually slap my forehead lots of times or shake my head with my two hands saying "wake up silly cells, wake up", but that does'nt work, so I try not to do that, because it's hard not to do when your out, and talk about looking like a loonie.

    Just take it easy, do everything in stages, whatever you're doing and pep talk yourself before you start so if your activily is something that takes you to remember two or three things you can make them stay upfront in your memory, and sometimes it works, if your'e nice to yourself and let yourself remember those few things, and after they are remembered and passed, you can congratulate yourself, and start afresh, but it does'nt work if your tired, not for me anyway, that's what I do anyway, and it usually works for me, my family are used to me and sometimes will promt me, what I'm looking for and want it for, anyway gentle hugs CLaire xxx

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