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Hi All

I used to go to the gym 4 times a week for at least 2 hours so you could say i was pretty fit then. I haven't been in the last 2 years since i was diagnosed. I decided on Monday that i was gonna start again cause i was told it would help with the pain.

I went down and filled in the forms and had a jacuzzi that day. On the second day i did 1 length of the pool (which is very good for someone who swims like a brick) then i had another jacuzzi. I was so tired after i went home and fell asleep and forgot to collect my daughter from school.(lucky she had her phone to call me)

Today i went and one of the trainers did out a training program for me which seems so easy because i was used to doing so much when i go. Fell asleep today again when i got home. Will let you know tomorrow how i go with the actual training. If you don't hear from me i'm either asleep or dead (only joking)

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  • before i fell down the stairs i used to go to the gym every day for as long as i needed, usually 20 or 30 mins. they had a special offer for disabled people which lasted 6 months at a time. it was brill because i used the treadmill on slowest setting , had a weights program and used the cross trainer very slowly. After that on Wednesday went to the pool area and had a steam/ jacuzzi, chat with the girls and steam/jacuzzi again. It was fabulous Wednesday to do the ladies day. then i moved to a different area, and there was not that facility any more.

    Well done for starting up again I hope it works for you! xx

  • Fantastic news, I am a great believer in managing FM by exercise. It can be a bit of a vicious cycle, however if you peserver and listen to your body and learn from when you over do it you will find the exercise will help you.

    I used to be maga fit however I also have quite bad whiplash so I was restricted with what I could do, running after a while was a no no and I also couldn't move my arms much as that hurt. Over time I gave up with the exercise due to exhaustion and I felt much worse than I do now after returning to yoga 2-3 times per week. I have built up muscle again and am a lot stronger. My body after hurts so bad, but in a good way.

    See if they run any yoga classes and you could try them. Yoga is not just for the body but for the mind too.

    My plan one day is to become a yoga teacher and help others with FM or disabilities.

    Good luck with your workouts and let us know how you get on xx

  • Hi Rach

    The gym i go to has a yoga instructor that i tried a few yrs ago. To put it bluntly he wasn't very good. He must have been 90 and made us stand on our shoulders with our feet in the air for most of the class. I am on the lookout for a good yoga teacher because there was a good one at another local gym but it closed and i don't know where he went from there.

  • Oh what a shame, i think you have to be lucky to get a good teacher within a gym. I have been to some classes and they are appauling!!! Good luck with finding one.

    Shoulder stands are great, but hard for persons with FM and also if you have a neck injury. Sounds like that was his favourite pose!!!!


  • Good for you hope that it helps you, i used to do yoga but due to a back injury in 2007 and now fibro i cant do it anymore :( its a shame as i loved it, i did give it a go on my daughters wii fit few months ago but it was a non starter, never mind perhaps one day 9never give up hope) you take care and jus go at your pace and enjoy it well done you love Diddle x

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