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When to work as normal today, but could only make to about 2.00 p.m. I was hit by the dreaded fatigue and had to come home to sleep. I hate having to do this as it sounds really silly to say I have to go home because I'm tired!!!! Luckily I live fairly close to work, about 15 minutes drive - any further and I'm sure I would have fallen asleep at the wheel. I went straight to bed when I got home and had a good sleep, but now I feel really woolly headed.

Hope you guys have had a better day than me.

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cherish your employer, my former employer, attempted to discipline me for my illness, i was in the process of bringing a grievence case against her with a view to suing when she jumped ship herself. wish i could say my day had been better but alas i can't, ~I hope that you feel better tomorrow. gentle hugs xxx


Thanks Sapphire - I work for the Welsh Government and they've been absolutely brilliant with me. I know I'm lucky, your employers sound really bad unless it was just your boss - sorry to hear you haven't had a good day - you take care. gentle hugs back to you too. xx


I hope you feel better tomorrow I started to feel like

That yesterday still like it today I just wonder if it is

The change in weather

Love viv


Hi Vivien - you could be right - even subtle changes in the weather set me off. My wrists are also killing me now too. Hope you are better soon - gentle hugs xxxx


Here are some comments about Fibromyalgia and the weather that have already been posted here in our forum - please click on the link below -



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