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Who's a muppet????????? ME ME ME !

Hi honey's just thought i would share with you how flipping dosey i am.

So as some may know i got a job cleaning chalets at a holiday resort, thankfully only twice a week. Well the job is going well and today was my first day with my permanent team and out of training and considering the good feed back on training i thought i would do really well mean i had no complaints on any of the chalets while on training. So everbody gets 3 chalets now they can be a mix of a 2 or 3 bedroom upside down house a four bedroom bungalow, 2 bedroom bungalow or a 6 bedroom chalet and that is full clean kitchen cookers freshly laid beds and bathrooms and we only have from 10 till 3:45 so it's hard work.

Today i was hanging and i couldn't understand why i was so slow and by the time we finished today and i was sat on the bus coming home every part of my body was screaming at me and i felt as if i was going to collapse and burst into tears and their in that moment it hit me ...... I forgot to take my medication !!!!!!!

Yes stupid cow i know you would think when your in pain the one thing you wouldn't forget pain meds but no my brain likes to keep me on my toes.

Paul love him came and picked me up from the bus stop, bought me chocolate and told me i was a dosey cow and sat me down with coffee and pills. Now i'm nearly pain free and i did manage to do the dishes :)

Don't think i will forget them again .... oh who am i kidding hehehe xxxx

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yup you're a muppet!

all kidding aside, I'm amazed you got through it, hope you're ok now.



Oh the times I have done that. I try to move and the pain leaves me sobbing, my daughter will ask if I had my meds, Of course I would say, you think I am stupid......then when I check.....ooops.

See my daughter wakes me with a cup of tea, she gets my meds out for me as they are so bloomind fiddly I end up using my teeth, cutting my mouth or have the pills all over the floor. So now she sits there til I have taken them lol.

Wish I could work, I cant even do my housework I am so bad.........let alone clean other peoples places....but then, we are not all the same are we? lol



Yes Rachie - you're a dozey cow - and so am I!

I'm glad you posted this, 'cos I have suddenly realised that this morning's meds are still sitting on my bedside table - next to the now cold cuppa that I was going to swallow them with!

So - thank you! (feels a bit of a twit)

Moffy x


Yep did the same thing last week ... I was thinking why am I stiffening up got my lsandwich at lucj. put it on the table ,,, next to my morning meds.... Yup taken them out of pill container then forgotten to take them ..

And it's my OHs birthday today ..he opened his present. Bought online ages ago soo couldn't forget then he opened his birthday card and I had bought him an anniversary card...

Vb x


I forgot my meds so many times before my diagnosis that my oh now insists on handing them directly to me - in my hand so theres no way I can forget lol x you're a brave lady, I couldn't even hang up the washing today xx


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