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hello everyone, just thought I would say hi x

I have been coping with a day in my life , my mum has cancer and is going in for a big op on Monday.She is 82, a wonderful mum, the best you could wish for!I cooked my mum and dad a nice homemade meal and entertained them for a few hours.

Started cooking at 8am to be organised as I had tons of ironing to do.

When they went home,I dashed out to buy bedding plants and spent an hour planting them in the communal garden of our apartments.

Then I had a swim for 20 minutes and a soak in the jacuzzi.

Now I am in my pyjamas and relaxing.

A good day,pain not to bad, all I need is a good nights sleep and I will feel amazing! Love to you all x

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Hope all goes well for your mum on Monday. Sounds like a lovely day, glad it was a good day for you. Don't you just love thoses days. Lou x x


Aw all the best to your Mum for next week. You have had a busy day but it sounds like you enjoyed it. Have a quiet day tomorrow to get yourself rested. Love Angela



Yes,i will pace myself a bit more tomorrow,have a good day tomorrow and don't forget to do something just for you every day, helps to keep the martyr out of the way! have a good evening x


gl to ur mum next week xx ..... im so jealous u had such a fab day lol.... good on u hun xxx...dont overdo things 2morrow and you'll have another fab day

Donna xxx


Thanks Donna, yes,I will take it steady tomorrow,hope you have a fab day tomorrow,let me know how it goes! xxx


will do....rite now its not 2 gd but maybe 2morrow will be better xxx


hi i hope that all goes well for your mum on monday you have done some lovely things for her today and she must really apeciate it what a lovely though tplanting the flowers for her to see as they grow bless her glad you had nic etreat too you sound like you needed it your mum must be very proud of you love diddle x


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