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Is this fibro

Hello this is my first post here, so hi to everyone.

I have an underactive thyroid and on medication. Am wondering if one of the symptoms I am having is fibro. For years now I have had terribly sore muscles. The worst are my thighs. If my cat walks across them it is agony. Its the same across my back and my arms. The point is if I am resting they dont hurt but if someone hugs me it is hell.There is no way I could have a body massage the pain would be intolerable. Have had 2 frozen shoulders on top of this. Was hoping the thyroid meds would sort this but it has not helped so thats why I am thinking it may be something else.Does this sound like fibro.

Thanks L

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Hi there and welcome to this site.Do you have any other symptoms such as fatigue that doesn't get better after rest?cognitive problems such as difficulty concentrating,forgetfulness?difficulties getting to sleep and/or waking up and feeling unrefreshed after a nights sleep?With any new symptoms you should make an appointment to see your g.p to get it checked out and explain how long you have had the pain for.It is difficult to say whether this is fm or not.Your g.p will be a good starting point though,good luck and keep us updated x


Good morning lizzie1, Your symptoms sound just like mine, It sounds like you have fibro and I can relate to the pains you experiance when someone hug's you too, If you look at the fibromyalga chart you will notice trigger points in your body this would be the best indication, Search for fibromyalga trigger points on your internet,

There are 18 tender points, Some points are more painful than others......Touch firmly with a rotating pressure with you finger and release you will feel some pain. Only 10 out of 18 trigger points would confirm fibro.

Also visit your GP he can provide medication the can help with symptoms and also confirm the pain you are experanceing.

I had symptoms for years before my GP confirmed this.

Best wishes....


Thank you so much for your replies. I have also been having ghastly balance problems for 5 years. Have seen many consultants who cant get to the bottom of it. My muscles are so so stiff. Feels like I have run a marathon every day. Ironic really because I used to jog, run and swim 5 years ago but now my body has totally gone to pot.Sleep is not restorative. Desperate to feel well enough to work again. DLA turned me down so am living on savings.


I have Double vision which is attributed to an over active Thyroid .it is called Graves disease .

My thyroid then went under active ,When I looked on line, I read a lot of people with Fybro have an under active Thyroid.


Thanks mollyanna. Yes I have read that lots of people with thyroid problems have fibro. Must be a connection.


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