Productive day, but now paying for it !!!

Productive day, but now paying for it !!!

Glad got lots of little chores done today ( the jobs, i don't or can't face in the week, you know cleaning the fish, blitz bathroom, bedroom, & front room, dust and hoover every where, the pile ( or rather mountain of ironing), Did delegate some tasks, ( im good at that part) and the task done my be are done at a slow pace. But thankful had a welcome surprised visit from big sis,her hubby and their very excited little uns, whom are proud owners of a new tent. So me and sis sat in sunshine chatting, whilst hubbies put tent up. We are going camping this summer (more glamping with me and sister around, (taking all the home comforts we can) lol). So nice way end to wkend, with lots more laughter.

Now my legs are killing shower & bed for me nite nite x x

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  • glad you had such a productive day :) hope you dont pay for it too much ,night night xxx

  • I love days like that. :)

    Just wish i had more energy to do it all the time. Hope you dont suffer that much.

    kel xxx

  • I have some productive days but unfortunately I pay for it afterwards..usually for two or three days afterwards...but I do feel proud a little that at least I have acheived something on those days... Maybe rest up for a few days to recoup your strength and help ease your pain levels if you can.. :)

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