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Been to the seaside for the W/end was cold but nice and now in bed today allll day as worn out :-( but still :-) x

Been to the seaside for the W/end was cold but nice and now in bed today allll day as worn out :-( but still :-) x

Hi everyone, I have not been able to do much via my phone as it plays up and never lets me sign in and the connector on this silly tiny laptop messes up too :-(

Anyways been to Scarborough in a B&B for a little needed break away from everything, however the B&B we were on the top floor and did i struggle getting up them stairs! :-( hubby makes humour of it all though and asks me to take off coat, take off boots take off clothes lol to lighten the weight so i can climb haha, pulling myself up with banister and wall from base of back waist downwards felt my left foot slopping up the steps it was harder and harder heavier and just about got in the room and had to sit on the bed. 7 short flights of stairs not the length of general house stairs! so having done that and then having to walk around i just got like lead weights, so had to come back as getting up hills is a bit of bother too huh.. cannot believe the difference in my energies from last year!!! iwent to spain with the girls in Sept last year and did a lot of walking despite not knowing of any diagnosis and my energies have become less ??? frustrating this is either the Neurological side of things or the BHMS who knows.

I am 43 and very petite with it, we went out into the pub which is out side the front door i had 2 glasses of wine over a few hours and i was stumbling down the steps lol.. wow i barely drink either and was completely sober as only small glasses of wine! I could drink a real cocktail over 2 yrs ago and party like an animal, so this is unreal to me. did not even get to walk on the beach because of weather and because i cannot bear the cold either and the walk and the stairs, so my daughter and hubby went instead and i watched out of the bedroom window as we had seaview which was the best!! got some pics but not sure i can post on here.My 11yr old daughter got spoilt though, think it is because i kinda feel guilty i cannot do the activity things really now. She wanted to play pool but that bothers my neck and arms (tried and tested) the more i do the less strength i have.

I bought a landrover freelander (old model) that is why we went to seaside to give her a run (named landa randa The black shiny beauty) as i got hte name wrong :-p lol easy to get in and out of with out pushing up or bending in.. however couple of slight troubles it has so take it back. i was going to wait on Brain MRI results to see if entitled to disability (ouch that worries me) but so cannot keep sharing hubbys car as doing far too much mileage and wear and tear every day. I had a lovely convertible but some idiot wrote it off New yr so been left without and the money i had paid out i could not afford anything too flash adn wanted to experience the 4x4. My hubby must like it lol because when he goes shops he keeps pinching it believe me if he does not like my cars he uses his own as his is a lot more sporty (which is what i usually go for too) so guess i got a good pic hence the whining think is the DIFF that is on way out as cannot bear the noise inside wiht my head as it is lol...

what has everyone else done this wkend? anyone celebrated the Jubilee with parties ?????? huggles to alll as i am in bed as burnt out and lifeless today :-(

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omg i can post a pic LOL excitement ohhhh ohhh now i must try put my seaside ones on lol as this laptop not mine and was all i had of pics on here xxxx :-D


Go you with the whole posting pics. :P

Walking up them stairs would kill my little legs too. What a nightmare.

I like your landa randa, great name by the way lol. I need a highre car as ours is so low and on bad days it kills me getting in and out.

I actually had a really good day yesterday. I went up to the local club with the kids till 3pm, then went to my sister in laws for a few drinks in the garden with the kids and even sneaked up to the club leaving nanna babysitting. So i didnt get in till 1am. I am hungover today and i couldnt get up till 1140am but i am so glad i enjoyed myself.

You take it easy hun and get plenty of rest.

Hope you feel better soon.

hugs, kel xxxx


hia jejher! long time no speak it seems lol.

So happy that you got out and managed to enjoy yourself even if underneath lies problems that cannot be helped.. We have to get on with things as best we can really.

Well it has been jubilee wkend for us all and supposed to support it and enjoy it but i went away instead, although did go into the pub outside the front door of the B&B and i mean out side the front door (it needed to be with the stairs) the owner was like ohhh i run up and down with hoovers etc ..i just thought to myself well yes so did i 2 yrs ago !!! now i have to use my hands to get myself up the stairs without carrying anything lol.

i cannot believe how i am suffering today must be from driving there and home and climbing stairs my hands and the thing i done in my back when helped hold a mattress in daughters room a few wks ago, only i slightly moved and i felt the sharpest shooting electrical shock and was in agony after, it keeps re appearing lol and so turning left is a problem . i not got energies to go relax downstairs today at all :-( it is so not me. my phone is hot line with customers who must of thought girls were working too but it is a BANk holiday today for majority unless shops or pubs hospitals etc. mines cleaning, so dont do Bank hols unless they want to pay extra because girls want more aswell. catch 22.

I only put the pic of car on as was all had on this laptop since looking for one haha was experiment.. i had a huuuge smile when it appeared on here haha, My lovely little peugot 206 convertible that i worked hard for got written off (gutted) so the pay out was not much all htat money i spent aswell got pitence for it.. so was going to get the same again, then decided hmm try a 4x4 so phoned loads and looked at a few and most were sold! It is very comfy and loads of room (boot not as big as my peugot i must say when room not down) it is a bit wibbly wobbly to drive guess thats the 4x4 style drive, it is heavy and feels like not that fast as i am extremely sporty on the roads (only national speed limits of course) but i am on it day in day out and have to know my way around every where.. it is my bubble since my physical side is not that good i tend to take it out in the car lol. it is also easy to get in and out of which is a bonus. just slide in and slide out no bending to get up or in. i am thking of putting a step on it though as some have and it is have convertible too but have to leave roof at home hahah weird. We think there is a problem with the diff tho so an expensive job and as i still under warranty the guy can sort it or he can give me my money back which be a shame as i really like it despite the feedback off my dad and others (the ones who have never even gotten into one and driven one lol) only from horses mouth as an owner i like it ! but will only get rid if cannot sort this noise because of my head it vibrates in it as had a fair bit of facial pain past few wks shooting and aching and jaw an tongue sore and bleeding gums been feeling a bit crap the nasal steroid not sure really helping as not releasing anything! and since i had that Brain MRI i was so not well afterwards and the hot weather too mixed felt really yuck and suffering and red blotches in sun but faded in doors hmmm xxxxxxx

what have you got planned this wk and what car have you got x


When are you getting your results hun?

We have a rover, but i cant drive. I dont even think i would have the concerntration for it.

I have been busy looking after my mother in law as she has had a her hip replaced, she is on the mend now but i still have to have my neice as she cant get her to school yet. So i have only been having nights to myself but i am knackered by 8.

I have actually been having a good spell at the minute. I have been walking abit better and my pain is manageable so i hope it carries on.

My friend has just been dx with MS, well she actually hasnt been told her results yet she just got a MS nurse phoning her for to arrange an appointment with her. She was gobsmacked. She hasnt even had an appointment withy her neuro but i think he is just thinking she will be seen quicker by the nurse. Its a crap way of finding out though isnt?

I have an appointmnet for physio on the 18th june. I am hoping it will help but any person who i have asked, have been in agony because of physio, so i dont know now. I will give it a try though.

I am on a healthy eating now as i need to get some of this weight off. I am the biggest i have ever been and i am not happy. I have lost some already but i havent weighed myself i am just going by my clothes.

I ahvent had facial pain for a while now, but i do know its so painful and nothing helps it. My gums bleed sometimes too. I clean them 3 times a day and floss so i know its not because of bad health i actually think its a symptom.

Well i am off to bed now as i have had enough of this hang over now. I need to be ok tomorrow.

Take care hun, hugs, kel xxxxx


ohh Christine i so soooo excited i got the pics on at last now i do not feel a mystery heheehe.. as i love coming on here with you lot so warm and and helpful and feel can say anything without thinking i am boring anyone with problems lol..

How was the Malta holiday? is the warmth better you think in that kind of heat as ours is different? i found spain last year helped a bit like a sunbed, but i not been on sunbeds for a while in fear of anything happening now.

I also only do maxium 2 glasses.. i have done 3 special occasions on 4 glasses and beeen soooo ill!!! takes 3 days!! i have piled up so many bottles now in wine rack haaha and just think maybe one day if this ever goes away i will ahve a celebrative party lol.

did not see the concert tuts was the girl with doggy on forgotten name now absolutely brilliant on talent.

ohh i cannot get over the stair thing as i do houses every day checking girls work if anymore htan one flight i really really struggle and shake when come back down it really odd. I have to hold on to whatever available to go up and down them, i managed better last year despite whatever i have, i must be getting a bit weaker :-( but so long as i can get into the car and drive and run my business i will be strong and smile! ;-D not worked hard for nothing which has prob put me in this state and like you with the holding cups i never carry anything in left hand and i use both to hold now i have dropped things unknowingly but will deny in past was my problems...bit of reason i dare not fully do my job anymore for all the priceless ornaments etc :-/.

Tried doing lawn as got a lightweight lawnmower when was hot last wk i gave it ago and only did a few mins and could barely get to the seat to sit down i got that stiff and then i seem to shake aswell. It is a little scarey thinking this could gradually get worse, but think of today and and try not to put gloom on tomoro lol..

I have used that newsletter post you did as i think its great had a read through earlier, i have my own little group set up, not that popular though yet on fb :-( hope it will. I try post lots of things to help others too. Helping each other with what we can is the best way and having very big ears and heart of warmth too :-) xx as some are depressed with it all. i am blessed i have the work i built up and lovely customers some who know my problems and some i never even see lol, but they give me strength and motivation to get up every morning and carry on because they 'appreciate' me and my work. I love my elderlies too bless. When some need me to help them that is what makes me smile as i know i can do some things and not totaly in capapble like the saying in that newsletter Christine..dont say i can.t ..say i will try!! i WILL always try but i have given in odd occasions like the cutting grass mynext door neighbour who like a mum in her mid 60's offered to finish for me, she holds my shopping too if i have to go out when hubby not around i am soooo lucky!

I thank you and this site too for being here as things would bottle up more.

ohps i really talk too much lol...not in reality i dont anymore i prefer not to hold many conversations now dont know why.. typing is better. cannot cope with too many around me either talking lol xxxxxx huggles


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