Gd weekend

Hello everyone I had a gd weekend at my sis only prob was sat when I got there I was walking tho york city centre with my sis and her bf I had to keep stopping to rest cos of my fibromyalgia it really got to me having to keep doing that cos I got tired out enough of the mooding nw sat evening we stayed in and watched a film and Sunday we went round my sis bfs house for breakfast that was nice had a fry up and then we went to the cinema we watched a very funny film ride along 2 then sunday evening I watched a film bk at my sis nw I'm waiting for my train home matthew

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  • Hi mathew, :)

    I am glad that you had a good weekend. Fingers crossed that fibro stays quietly in its cage. :)


  • Hello sue me too but it's a prob every time I go somewhere like shopping or a day out where there's lots of walking involved matthew

  • Good to hear you had a good weekend, maybe if you get tired a lot when out walking it might be time to think about getting a walking aid, maybe one you push with a seat so you can rest or a scooter so you don't have to walk much at all. You can take a scooter and walker on the trains so might be something to think about xx

  • I don't know about that Scottish piglet I don't want all the looks from people in the street because they will think someone of my age shouldn't be using walking aid or scooter matthew

  • Matthew Hi,

    Know how you feel about using aids. Listen to your body, if it needs support then provide it, stick, sticks or roller whatever. If you want to do more or go further....use and aid. Yes it feels embarrassing, yes you feel everyone is looking and talking about you BUT there are further advantages, many people are very kind and considerate, plus you can often get special consession rates in places like theatres, giggs etc. Listen to your body and treat it kindly.

    Kitty x

  • Ooo even better register with you local shop mobility and try one of their power chairs, great fun feels like being in an armchair with a joystick for virtual real life game! Teehee

  • It's embarrassing at first but believe me your needs are stronger than what people think. I was so embarrassed at having to use my walking stick that I tried without it for a while then when the time came to get a scooter i was in so much pain walking and very tired that it was a great relief that I didn't care what anyone thought. I've on,y had my scooter a few months and do get looks but my need is greater than doing without it. You will only feel embarrassed the first couple of times you use it then it will be - why didn't I do this sooner. Remember age is just a number and at heart I'm still only 21 (really 50).

    Linda xx

  • But I'm only 31 that makes a big difference and I still work matthew

  • Glad you enjoyed your weekend despite the fatigue it sounds as though you packed quite a bit into it.

    Could you use something for just when you are doing leisure activities that involve a lot of walking? I know you feel sensitive about it but actually the older you get one of the great regrets you have in life is ever having bothered what other people think if you. You have to think what is best for you as they are not having to contend with your life. You know you are genuine and it is only our own conscious we have to please. X

  • What do u have in mind rosewine and I will talk it over with my doctor next time I see him

  • Just wondered like Mayrose and Scottish piglet whether some sort of walking aid or scooter would help as if you had less fatigue you could enjoy these activities more.x

  • Can't fit a scooter in my place rosewine cos I live in a first floor studio flat no room to store one and as for a walking aid don't know how much use they would be when I can only walk for 20 mins at a time before I need to rest

  • Just a stick to Kean on or steady you might be a help both my friends feel much better and can walk longer with a stick to lean on occasionally or steady themselves x

  • I don't know rosewine I will think about it and talk it over with my doctor

  • It sounds like you enjoyed a pleasurable weekend? Please take care of yourself my friend :)

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