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spa treat day

well was looking forward to my spa day yesterday which involved a mud wrap and head massage, followed by a spot of lunch, thought it may do me some good, be quite relaxing, advised the lady about my condition and not to massage too hard!

well i can say i enjoyed it, but boy did it kick in a few hours later, and what a terrible night ive had, resulting in my getting up at 3am after just 5 hours in bed.

This really kicked off an episode, was in agony and pain all over, burning and tingling sensations, along with the back spasms! and my stomach well IBS city!! so i would say the massage treatment is not good for all, every inch of my body felt sore, along with all the little bruises that pop up, oh the joy of this condition, along with the fact that it is depressing me with the weight gain on the meds, that my doc said not much we can do im afraid!! just hope it all settles down, as ive only been on new meds for just over a month now and maybe the weight will start to come back off again.

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tnx christine for the info, as i said it was lovely until the pain kicked in! i would say it was more likely the massage than the mud. just me and my unpredictable body ha ha

hope u have a good day too xx



i dont know honey why you felt so bad after, i cant enjoy massaging way i used to as it feels like someones digging into my back, however i do enjoy facials, and head massage, possibly there has been essential oils in the treatment that you body doesnt like, also sometimes as stress thats built up comes out your system, it makes you feel damn sight worse before better, hope your feeling better soon, fibromyalgia, the gift that keeps on giving eh ? :( x


Hi Hun,

I had a lovely massage in Thailand. Felt realy good after but the next mornng I felt so ill & could not move. SO no more massages. My freinds kept sying have a massage, do some exercise, go for a walk, have a hot bath, do this do that. Wish they would just B* off. I know they mean well. Only we know what we can do at every moment of the day.

This site is so informative & is a God send. Keep intouch.

Gentle Hugs XXXXXXXX


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