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Morning All, Well im still in pain today and still got a sore head!!!!! Im not doing a thing dont think that i am going to move of my sofa all day. It just takes all my energy even going up the stairs. this doesnt feel right i shouldnt be feeling like this and at the end of this month i am back to work according to the doc.The more i think about my appointment on monday the more i get angry with what was said to me. I got told that ive been off work for a long time now and that im only 32 and people do work with FM which i said i know and i do want ot get back to work but im not ready. I also got told that FM is common at the minute due to people having aches and pains!!!!!!!!

I am really struggling and just dont know what else i can do. im also being sent to a work doc which i dont mind as it may help me.

take care Jo xx

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  • Bless you Jojo, I have Fibromyalgia and M.E. I haven't worked since January 2010, like you I was desperate to return to work, but my body decided not. My Gp and HR from the company I worked for were very supportive and there was nothing hidden.

    Eventually November 2011 HR reluctantly finished me, I was not able to make the decision myself, and now I do Voluntary work. Depending on the severity of your symptoms you will know if you can return to work, and also what you do needs to be taken into account.

    Good luck x x x

  • Hi, thankyou for your reply. Im sorry that you had to leave your work. I have been off work since march and i really want to back to work, i already about 3yrs ago had to cut my hrs down to 30 a week so i now work 4 days a week with at least 2 days off together. I was coping with it all and then there was some changes within work and my body decided enough was enough in march. I am struggling with my walking etc and in pain constently and the burning sensations comes and goes. On monday my gp was ready to sent me back to work but i told him i wasnt ready and then he said that i need to focus this month on getting back to work so even if im not ready i dont think i will get signed off again by my doc!!!!

    I feel as if im in a no win situation, i dont think my gp really understands FM and i am thinking of going to see a different gp. my gp is nice and he says things in a nice manner and in such a way that i feel i am not really getting my point across correctly. Just need to wait and see what happens as a month is a long time and who knows maybe i will feeel better next week.

    Take care jo xx

  • Hi Jo Jo I think it would be a good idea for you to ask at your medical centre if ther is a Dr who specialises in Fibromyalgia.

    Hugs x x x

  • Thanks for that!!!! Im NOT feeling sorry for myself I am having a BAD few days!!!! Ido try and do things around the house but i have to pace myself. I find walking a struggle due to the pains that i have in my back,hips and legs. I thought the point of a blog was to share how you are feeling with other people who are in the same situation and maybe have an understanding of how you feel.

  • That's a bit harsh Gary..!!

  • Yes you did offend me however apology accepted. I am sorry that you have had all of this to go through. Here is a brief discription of what i have been through - I have suffered FM for 14years just before my 18th Birthday and it has progressed. I had been holding down my job which was full time until 3yrs ago and then i went parttime 30hrs a week. I was doing ok managing it as best as i could until march when i couldnt cope with work or my body gave up on me. When this happens i suffer in my back,hips,legs,feet with pain that i can hardly walk,cant sit for long periods either and the slightest thing makes me exhusted. I also get burning sensations as if someone is holding a blow torch to my skin. At times i cant even hold a knife to cut my own food my partner has to do it for me as if im a child. i do try and i do get out but yes it hurts (then i suffer more pain the next few days) and yes i get frustrated as im only 32 and cant live the lifestyle of a "normal" 32yr old.

    I may not have had the suffering and all the pain that you are going through but i am suffering too and in pain albiet minor compared to you.

    Can you not appell the decision regarding your tax credits?


  • Jo, know exactly how you are feeling. Unless someone has experienced this illness they have no idea just what suffering we go through. I've had CFS/ME plus other things since 1989 and finally had to give up work after nearly 40 years. Still ill and a lot older now. Fortunately,I get pensions now from DLAand OAP. but even so had to fight for DLA over the years - appeal after appeal,but kept filling in the forms,and just when I thought" well this is the last time I'll try" I was granted middle care component. Just got a call from DWPO in Blackpool saying it had been granted. Of course, everything has changed in the past few years and it sounds as thugh its even harder to get now.

    Doctors cant do anything for FM. I have days,like today where I just sit on the sofa and do nothing. Need to get up to get an envelope for a letter but am too worn out to get up and so tired. Sore throat,swollen face,pain in my neck, swollen legs, blurred vision.Could go on and on. All friends has disappeared. Husband is asleep in other chair. Want to go for a wee but gettingu pstairs is going to be hell. So I really do empathise and sympathise with you. Its really about time something was done regarding research into this illness. We're like the walking dead. About time ourMPs started asking questions about this illness and also about the money which is being taken of all you poor people. My heart goes out to you all, I have grand children on their 20's and I really fear for the future for them.

    God bless you love.. Just do what your body tells you, If you need to rest, then rest. I'm sure if you were able to do what you want to you would.

    Keep your hopes up. Think that's all we have left with the bloody thing.


  • Thank you for replying to me. Today is a better day even though it is raining!!!! But i feel a but better. Its just hard some days and this site has been a real help as while i am off work i dont really see anyone through the day unless friends pop in so its nice to know that when you are having a bad day or a good day there are plenty of people to know what you are going through (although i do wish that there wasnt).

    take care jo xx

  • I wonder if you actualy have fibro Garylouise.I have severe spinal problems and I`m riddled with osteoarthritis.

    I have had this since a child,I`m now 58 and was diagnosed with fibro and an auto immune problem Sjogrens syndrome,in January this year.

    We ALL know about pain on here and don`t treat anyone elses problems,as not as important as ours,we treat each other as equels and with kindness and respect.

    Maybe there is a site you would feel happier on,where rudness and spitefulness is the order of the day.

    Regards Jayne

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