Cold Weather and fibro problems

Hi all ive had fibromyalgia now for about 7 years, in this time ive had many good weeks where I can feel well for weeks on end then all of a sudden have a flare up,

recently and over the last few weeks I have found myself with stiff and painful legs, arms back and shoulders, but even worse now is I find myself walking funnily like someone who is old and fragile perhaps is the best way of describing it, I struggle to get in and out of the car, in and out of bed along with other things, but it seems to have gotten worse since the weather started to turn cold, but never really noticed it before, any help would be appreciated, cheers all

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  • Hi,

    cold weather certainly affects me. Not sure what to suggest as I haven't found anything that helps myself.



  • Hi Jily, thanks for for the reply, its good to know that I am not going entirely mad then just yet, kind regards


  • Yep me to hate it i feel so much better when im abroad in the sun my reumayologist said spend the winter in the sun i said are u going to pay then lol atos would love that lol x

  • Hi thanks for your reply, fortunately or unfortunately the only 2 people I have seen with regards to fibro is my GP and a physiotherapist, kept getting promised I would get to see a specialist regarding it but that hope retired with my old GP, the physio was useless all he could say was you need to bulk up a bit,

    atos are a complete shambles been there done that and got the t'shirt from it unfortunately, ive never seen so much rubbish and utter lies written on a piece of paper as I did when I got there report, Hopefully you had better experiences, how long have you been a sufferer?

  • Hello Tepz

    I don't know what it is, if it's the weather or atmospherics. Every season affects me differently, even the same season over the years?!

    All I can say is to try to keep warm as much as you can and use heat pads.

    Take care and keep on moving.


  • Hi thanks for your reply, seems worse this year to me, I certainly don't remember it being this bad before, take care

  • Hi tepz, I know for certain that the weather has an adverse effect on my body, almost to the point of it being a barometer !

    I am lucky that I have a woodburner which is like a nuclear reactor in my living room, but it keeps most of my cottage warms as it's just a two up two down cottage, so the chimney breast runs up through my bedroom, it gives off heat, not much, but enough to take the edge of the cold and I'm not a great lover of hot bedrooms anyway, so that suits me fine.

    I too wish I had the wear with all to take myself off to somewhere hot and sunny throughout the winter, but hat isn't the case, so I try to make the most of sunny days, I can cope better with cold and sunny, it's cold and wet that fells me completely, and then is the time I just want to crawl under the duvet and not come out until March.... or was it May this year?

    Let's hope it doesn't last as long this winter !!

    Foggy x

  • Hi Foggy, thanks for the reply, I have noticed things just getting progressively worse this year, cant really say other than being out in the rain for a while as ive been this bad before, just glad to know that its not just me, and that im not going completely mad just yet, I try and keep the heating on as much as possible, roll on the great british summer

    take care


  • Hi Tez, it certainly isn't just you and definitely not going mad and I think you must heat your home properly and make sure you are always kept warm......and as you say roll on summer, but at least wee did have one this year, which we hadn't had this time last year.

    Foggy x

  • Yes I agree with you foggy,it's the cold and wet weather that really does me in :( Fibro hibernation club here we come,hehe :D

  • Hi Tesp,

    I'm the same I do think anyone with fibro feels the heat and cold much more that anyone else, I cant go to bed without a heater in the room for a while and I have the gas heating on an awful lot, most of the time actually hate to turn it off, anyway good night xx

  • Yes Iam the same,had a good summer taking my son out but for the last few months have had an aweful flare.Just started feeling better this week :) xxx

  • I have had Fibro and other things for over 10years, the last few years habe got worse I am feeling the cold as soon as it hits now as someone said we feel it as soon as it turns cold, all you want to do is curl up in front of a big fire in our onesie and blanket, I wish got to work I am trying to keep going as long as I can but do suffer for being out in the cold, just have to wrap up well, can't afford to have heating turned up or on all the time :(

    Take care keep as warm as you can.


  • Have you ever thought of taking your temperature on waking - before you go to the loo. Just for 5 days and if it is consistently under 37 C then you may consider having a thyroid issue. Check out the Broda Barnes Basal Temperature Test on the internet or ask me for further information ...also check out the Signs and Symptoms of an Underactive Thyroid - Hypothyroidism - on the main Thyroid UK website

    Low body temperature = low metabolism = low thyroid hormones = problems !

  • Keep warm Cowsrock dont let the cold get to you war drinks and lots of smiles if you can Hotties are good too xxgins

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