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stupid girl !!!!

went to my friends yesterday which was lovely ,

feel really stupid though i didnt take any of my meds cause i wanted to have a drink with her ,

all was going well and i didnt drink that much ,but at about 4 this morning my body decided it really didnt fancy any alcohol in its system so i was sick ,

my ibs is now paying me back aswell :(

i didnt dare take any meds on my raw stomach so i havnt had any pain relief for well over 28 hours ,

im so fed up ,i want to be like other people my age !!!

i want to beable to have a laugh and a drink ,to go dancing act like a complete wolly just for a little while ,be just lyndsey not mummy !!

im in so much pain i cant believe it ,remind me if i ever say my meds dont work

they really really do !

i dont exspect any sympathy its self inflicted ,just wanted to get it off my chest

hope everyone has a lovely easter :)

love and gentle hugs to everyone xxxx

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I know how you feel Id lover avoddie and coke and a dance, pity body wont let me, hope you better soon love and hugs


Oh Sweetheart you must feel awful,hope it does`nt lead to a flare.What a silly billy you are,but we all need to let hair down sometimes.

Especialy when you are young as you are.I am 58 and my party days well behind me,but does`nt stop me dreaming

Don`t beat yourself up about need ME time.Maybe next time go to a friends where you can all get together,you can get comfy be waited on hand and foot,a few Vodies down your neck and have a laugh.

Hope you feel better soon Hugs Butterfly xxxxx


yes lol selfinflicted but bless ya cant help but give ya sympathy as it not like you do it every week jus wanted to get free for few hours and forget and look waht happens so yeah sympathy deserved love to you hope your bit better now love diddle x


thank you everyone ,and yes it has turned into a flare , havnt felt this porely for a while ,but thanks again for your comments it meens a lot xx hugs xxx


Bless ya, Lynz, I know how you feel, I often think sod it (get fed up of not being like a "normal" 32 yr old) but boy do I pay the next day hun.)

Not drinking at the moment thou due to my deranged bloods lol, blinking scared too, Think i may have to knock it on the head altogether, and I am not ashamed to say I bloody miss it LOL.

Hubby just gone for pint, said "do you wanna come for a coke", "er if you put double vodka in it lol." So sat on the sofa in PJs drinking tea at 8pm on a Friday. How rock and roll x

You take care hun, snuggle down for the evening, hope you feel brighter tmrw.

Lou x


its rubbish isnt it :(

im going on holiday with my friend in august (there will be me ,her, our other halfs ,and ten children lol ) i dont want to be a boring old fart but i just cant drink anymore ,i hope she will understand ,

im now going to push the boat out and have a hot chocky lol

tc xxx


sure she will, i know what you mean, i am off to turkey in june, first free booze holiday for me. :( will still party (try) with me ojs and bonus when every one hanging the nxt day ill be bright eyed and bushy tailed lol. lou x


lol booze free, not free booze, see still on my mind and now i want it for free lol


thanks chris , i just did some research on the meds i take ,and put it this way i wont be doing this again ever ,i hadnt realised how stupid i was ,no wonder i was sick ,

now going to bed to read with a hot chocky tc xxxx


Hi Lynz. Poor you! It's just not fair that we can't take some time out for ourselves and have some fun without suffering for it. I've gone off my meds so I could have a drink or two a couple of times, but actually, I found that I didn't drink that much anyway, and was able to take my meds again the next day without any problems. I guess I was just lucky!

I hope the hot chocky and a good sleep has you feeling better tomorrow.

Gentle hugs. xx


Oh heck! hope youre feeling much better today xxxx


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