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Thank goodness for Rumble Strips!!!!

Oh dear, this fatigue got the better of me when driving along the motorway. I thought I would go to a shopping centre to get my son some ski goggles and it was a little drive away. My plans was to go there and straight back.

Wow, I was shattered on the way home and I was trying soooo hard not to go to sleep. All I was dreaming of was my sofa!!!!.....however my dream was disturbed when the rumble strips woke me up....!!!! I had a two second kip!!!!

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OMG Rach! How very scary!!!


Glad you are ok an nothing happend :)


That must of been so scary, i dont drive thankgod, but when i am in the car with partner i always wake myself up snoring lol.

I have a friend who drops of at traffic lights and wakes up with the sound of other people honking theyr horns. lol.

kel xxx


A lesson to be learnt...I won't drive that far again!!!

I wake myself up snoring too, or my head dropping off...or catching flies!!!!

Thanks guys xx


omg that could have been nasrty you were very lucky some days i dont drive at all but sometimes you have too but you be careful and hope you on sofa now lol love and soft hugs diddle xxx


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