pain in hands

does anyone else have pain in their first finger digits and in the bones of hands and wrists , and inner elbows?i seem to be constantly having pain in these areas.

also nearly every night i have restless legs ......and fatigue usually hits me at around 1 to 2 in the afternoon ,i just have to sleep for a hour or two............does anyone else have these problems?

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  • Oh yes Julia, I do. Mine is constant too. Got severe restless leg syndrome too. I can't sleep in the afternoon cos I'm still working (at home) but it hits me about 4pm. Unfortunately I don't finish till 6pm :)

  • thanks for glad im not the only one........i am a carer so i do am round every morning but i only do three/four pm visits per week so can have sleep in the middle which i am always ready for.i think i will have to go back to doctors to revew my medication to try and get something better.



  • I get really bad pain and wrists whenever I write which is difficult as I'm at uni..

  • hi ...that must be a pain for you........because you have to write being at uni, but my pains more when im not doing will go back to my doctor for a med review i think

  • can you get help with a laptop and dictaphone through uni? My friends daughter was dx with dyslexia 2 years ago and they help her. she is now doing her dissitation and it was great for her and I got help doing open uni with laptop and dictaphone. I do hope you can get help. xx

  • Hi cxs957,

    Have you ever been checked for carpol tunnel syndrome? If not then ask doc to send you to see a specialist

  • yes julia i get pain in my fingers, hands and my left wrist is swollen all the time the pain travells up my arms to my shoulders n neck ,i also have very restless legs xxx

  • oh my goodness you have to suffer with it all..........neck as well.......luckily mine is just fingers,hands,inner arms....funnily enough today they were causing me pain on resting............ my arms and my fingers were cold and heavy and pain full i took a couple of neuros which helped a little but soon came back a few hours later,

    but cant seem to sit down any night without restless legs

  • yes i do to... also get that in my feet to.. somedays i cant lift a cup of tea.. and others i cant walk because the pain is so

  • oh poor you,.........i do find a problem sometimes with lifting the pans of the cooker , or the kettle ........and just moving awkward hurts too, but the pain is quite bad......

  • Yes, I started with symptoms when I wa 35 I'm now 62 and have increasingly suffered from the symptoms you mention at times not being able to hold a pen--- it's a lonely road if no one understands -- I was only diagnosed about 5 years ago

  • yes it is a lonely road as not a lot of people have even heard of it...........but sometimes i think the medical pros just name fm to most things that we have as symptoms because they dont know what else to say to us!!!!!!!...i feel sometimes like a minnie moaner but what else can we do.......

  • julia.. i agree with u.... docs dont get it.. if i go to doc with a syptom.. the first thing they say is.... its ur fibro.... im sick of it.. it cant all be this disease.. i know they call it a syndrome but i dont.. i think its a disease....

    ]moan away.. it makes u feel better to moan to people who understands.. xx

  • I have OA too and I always thought the pain in my hands was that but who knows. Pain is pain isn't it lol. This morning amongst everyting else that aches, I've got pain in my shins too.

  • I have fibro and was diagnosed about 18mths ago. Prior to this though I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome which is excrutiatingly painful especially at night (have been wearing splints to bed for 6-8 years) and have injections into the tendons in my wrist 2-3 times a year which do help. I also have raynauds which also causes trouble and pain in hands. Make sure you do not have these conditions confused with fibro.

  • My original visit to the doctors was because of pains in these areas. Spread to knees, ankles and toes. Then it went to soles of feet, hips, shoulders, neck and basically is now everywhere. I even have uveitis in my right eye which is associated with arthralgia (apparently I have this as well as fms).

  • hi there, i have pain in my fingers alot and found a hot wax bath (like they use in beauty salons)really helps. the only problem is it does take ages to melt so if my hands are bad and thats often in the cooler damp weather , i tend to leave it on all the time for regular treatment. certainly heat helps me.

  • Yes all youmentioned, but I have 10mg of Amitryptiline evey nite that deals with the restless legs

  • Hi yes me too. Pain in fingers, wrists and arms up to and including shoulders and neck, bad restless legs (gp say there is nothing he can do) and so bad sometimes I can't write or lift stuff - sympathise with lady who find saucepans and kettles diff. I have to hold cups in my palms, whcih hurst so I drink half cold tea yuk and cold coffee OK. Hugs all.

  • yes me all the time hun, b4 they finally diagnosed fibro i was being treated for arthritus, even thou it wasnt

  • and im on 75mg of amitriptaline everynite

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