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Does anyone else have problems with their hands? I have had problems with mine for a few years. I drop things regularly (seems to be getting worse - some days worse than others). there is always pain in the joints and my fingers always feel like they have plasters on the tips - i can feel things but its sort if muted. I get so frustrated. I can be trying to stitch and the needle isn't coming up but I've dropped it and I don't even realise it!! One specialist said this was nothing to do with fibro. does anyone else have this symptom? X

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I have problems with the finger joints swelling and hurting and going red arthritis I think also lack of feeling and contol pins an needles. Wear braces at night and some times in day as well oh hum hope yours feel better soon xxgins


Hi gins, sometimes it just feels better to know someone else has the same and understands. I had to buy myself a "granny" purse as i can't now get coins out of normal purses and i also don't have the finger strength to pump sprays- i have to get my son to do it. Its very frustrating. Im told its not arthritis as i have no swelling but even so, it flipping hurts! Anyway, thanks for your comments. Xx



Have you been checked for carpel tunnel syndrome? I had the same problems and happen to mention it to my doctor. She referred me for tests and I ended up having both wrists operated on. I now have no pins and needles and can feel my fingers again.

It might be worth asking your doctor to refer you. They will do electric conduction tests first, which don't hurt to see if your nerves are working properly before doing any surgery.

Good luck.

Piggie hugs xxxxx


I get this very same problem, especially a 'feeling of wearing gloves when I'm not', pain seems to ease when flares settle a bit, but don't have the strength I used to in my hands.


Hi, I have the problem of dropping things which has got worse the last couple of months...I call it 'wobbly hands' which my doc thought was amusing. I also get pins and needle sensations which also happens when I am sleeping but not normally the hand of the arm I am lying on, weird. I get a lot of pain in my fingers too and when getting the seatbelt in the car my thumb 'pings' and I get shooting pain into my arm. Your not alone and I advise going to the doc just in case, as advised by pinkpig99 above.

Gentle hugs x


Hi Turtlesmum,

I have probs. with hands too....muscle jerks and spasms which occur without warning so i drop things or slop hot water etc. Also get pins and needles. I have trouble typing as my fingers seem to do their own thing not what I want them to do. Like you, I have had trouble trying to hold a needle and thread to sew a button on etc. Carpal tunnel can cause these symptoms but, when I was tested a few years ago, I had only very mild carpal tunnel syndrome which wasn't serious enough for surgery.. BUT... the nerve conduction tests which were carried out showed that I have nerve impingement in my neck/shoulder area and if this area is very tight then the spasms are much worse and more frequent as are the pins and needles and numbness. I have arthritis in my neck plus a very deformed vertebra which has fused itself to the next vertebra (which is congenital) and has always given me problems with my neck. I have had awful headaches all my life, even when I was a little girl at infants school.

As Pinkpig has suggested perhaps you should ask for nerve conduction studies.

MaryT has hit the nail on the head when she said it feels like wearing gloves when you are not. That is a very good analogy. It describes how I feel when I am trying to type and hit every key but the one I want! Bl***y frustrating, as everything takes so much longer.

I hope all our comments have reassured you that at least you are not alone. It seems to be a fibromyalgia symptom and I think we just have to live with it as best we can, unless it turns out that you have carpal tunnel syndrome and you are offered surgery and then, like Pinkpig,hopefully that may solve your problem.

Do take care,

Love and hugs Saskia. XX


Hi, I have the same problem, have you been checked for Hyper Mobility?


Hello there I have had this problem since last year and my GP says I have damage to the Ulnar nerve in my arm.. I am a knit wear designer...and knit for a few hours per day... I am determined to keep knitting... although the pain is getting more frequent..

Yesterday was a bad day and I spent nearly all day feeling sorry for myself...

Try and excercise your hands by holding a tennis ball and rolling it along a flat surface with cupped hands and then with out stretched fingers.. it helps with the numbness



Hello there Turtlesmum, so sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing with your hands, it can be very frustrating can't it.

I am posting a link about info on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome just out of interest, I hope this is helpful, it might be worth discussing this possibility with your GP and a little bit of knowledge can be a good thing -


Here are some comments from Lindsey Middlemiss (FibroAction) on the subject of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Myofascial Pain and Hypermobility -

"It may be worth getting checked out for myofascial trigger points, as these can cause symptoms similar to carpal tunnel, and myofascial pain is very common in people with Fibro. I suspect that some people with Fibro who have the op for carpal tunnel and do not benefit may actually have had myofascial pain all along. I was myself given a provisional GP diagnosis of carpal tunnel, but myofascial release treatment got rid of these symptoms.

Many people with Fibro are hypermobile, as this is considered to be a risk factor for developing Fibro. Hypermobility puts you at risk of all kinds of joint problems."

I hope this is helpful, take care and I hope you get some relief and comfort very soon.

(((hug))) xxx



Hi Libs,

What are myofascial trigger points?

Love and hugs SaskiaXX


hi there. only joined this forum recently. yes YES my hands is what led to my diagnosis of fibro. my hands is my main limit every single day. i cannot feel either of them in the morning, every morning. my left one seems to be more absent than my right one. hope you're well x


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