My favourite place in the house!!!!!!

What the eck is going on with my brain. If I am pottering around my house and think "oh I need this", I keep going to the same cupboard.....all it has in it is my hoover, mop and bucket and hay for the guinea pigs. What the heck am I doing. I get there, open it, many times not actually knowing how I got there and funnily enough what I wanedt isn't in there!!!

Then when I want the hoover I go to another cupboard and wonder where it is.

I seriously think I have a malfunctioning brain!!!

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  • Lol no you are not alone i made a coofee the other day and went to put the kettle in the fridge and stand the milk on the kettle stand!!!Shhh but dont tell anyone they may come and take me away. and i will tell my daughters something and they say mum you told me that 3x already, oh did i ? i reply and make a joke of it. your def not alone love and soft hugs diddle x

  • Just wondereing why have you got volenteer next to your name? nosey aren't I take care xxxx

  • Hey, nosey is ok with me.....I have voluntered with FibroAction to do some work for them as and when required. xx

  • Hi all, Yep you can count me in on this one, yesterday i went into the kitchen made a cup of coffee and then took it into the front room where i sit and relax, i put the coffee down and went back to the kitchen for a biscuit to go with my coffee, i then switched the kettle on got a cup and mafe myself another cup of coffee, i then hobbled into the front room only to discover the cup f coffee i had made about5 mins earlier DOH !!!!!!

    Its just like whe you go to your fridge to see if there is something to eat and find nothing, so you have a good look in all of your cupboards for a snack then return to the fridge where you have alreay looked just incase some food had magically appeard LOL and Diddle yeh you are nosey hehehehehehe only joking :)

    CHORLEY :)

  • Chorley that did make me giggle !

    I have visions of you now with a line of full coffee cups sitting in front of you on the table :)

    I was going to make a cup of tea the other day and found myself standing in front of the bathroom door . Brain clicked in and asked me why I was standing there..... So I remembered the kettle is actually in the kitchen and toddled off back there........ and yup you guessed it, when I got to the kitchen I actually found I did need a wee........... !

    It's no wonder I get so bloomin tired is it ?? lol .

  • Thank goodness its not just me! I keep going shopping and forget what I need, I make a list and forget it! I go to the fridge to get butter and end up with mushrooms!.

    Yesterday I changed the bed (huge step!) and brought the bedding down stairs, passed the kitchen where the washing machine lives and put it on the conservatory table!! As if the table would do it! Then I took it back into the kitchen and made a coffee, half an hour later I went back to the kitchen where I discovered I hadn't even put the washing in the machine!!

    Its a good job we can laugh at ourselves!


  • Guys i can see myself in all many of these post and often have a little laugh to myself. i often make a shopping list, plan menu for the week. Then cant find list or leave it on kitchen table, so try to guess. Then spend sheds loads money and end up with the most random things, no dinners, but loads of random things lol. Then when i put the shopping away its all a muddle. I often walk into a room and think why on earth am i here. And i am always putting washing on without putting liquid in. Love Chorley comment about the fridge, i do that all the time lol, and as for multi drinks, i only drink juice but my hubby often saying "why's there a glass of juice, here there and everywhere?" Oh fibro fog certainly gives us quirky little ways Lou x x

  • Hello again :)

    HelenUk, hahaha with the amount of coffee i drink i am amazed i only had the 2 cups, raeding through the blog Louise09 reminded me i put a wash on about 2hrs ago i gueses i had better take it out of the washing machine and YES i did put the powder in LOL, Lou_C i know what you mean about putting the shopping away my wife always sends me out of the kitchen so as she gets the job done quicker when i am out of the way LOL.

    Oh well i cant sit here all day typing this i have washing to take out and the cat is Mowing at me for food...

    Take care all :)

    CHORLEY :)

  • ive, got the worst brain going my 2 boys say mum your purse is in the pocket of your coat when ive, been trying to think where it is

  • I'm glad we are all as silly as each other!!! You have to laugh!!! x

  • I think the one thing you really do need when you have Fibro is a sense of humour , it's the only thing that stops me cracking up !

  • I've don Chorley's trick with the coffee at work on a number of occasions, so much that my middle name is "2-cups". Last week I took the cats blanket off the washer door, washed it, and then remembered that I had already washed it once and had hung it on the washer door to dry earlier. i think the cat has a better memory than me - at least she remembers who feeds her :-) XG

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