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Doctor Doctor (Who that is) Help! I'm trapped in the Tardis

I think my brain is going slower than my body. Everything I do seems to be in slow motion, it's like being in some bad action movie that over uses the slo mo effects, minus a gorgeous super hero such as Daniel Craig. Hubby says I am moving at a normal pace but it feels very slow to me. And then on top of that time is moving very fast. For example I went in the shower at 12. I thought I had been in there 15 mins but when I came out it was 12.50! It's like being trapped in the Tardis not knowing where or when you will emerge or what time or year it is. Maybe that is why I ran the red light the other day, my body thought it was going through on amber but I must have gone through on red as I got flashed - my brain realised too late the red light was on. And it not only feels slow but there feels like there is some other force pushing at me, as I move my legs forward something tries to push them back. Is there an invisible alien force on my Fibro Tardis? If only I could EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE!

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This is why I had to stop driving ... My brain always feels like no time has passed and then I realise an hour has gone .... Fortunately because of fibro fog and my meds make it impossible for me to drive safely I qualified for the free disabled bus pass,...... today I sat here waiting for my painkillers to kick in .. I have to take them with food,after two hours with no pain relief. I was thinking these are useless.....i then realised I hadn't eaten so hadnt taken any pain meds....

VG x


Oh VG, glad I am not the only one. I am on antibiotics at the mo and sometimes take extra and sometimes forget completely! I have never had this before, I have fatigue and feeling foggy in that I get disorganised and forget what I am doing but not this slow motion feeling. There must be a physiological explanation to this - I suppose actually there is. Deja Vu is put down to the fact that your brain temporarily slows down, so you complete actions then your brain catches up and it feels like you have done the action before (which you have of course but only a milli second ago rather than the ages ago that it feels like). I am not sure I have explained that very well but hopefully you know what I mean.

In fact I think I wrote this blog yesterday but my brain has only just noticed!



I hope I'm writing this on the same day - I do know how you feel!

With reference to your antibiotics, I think you should set your alarm for your next tablet, 'cos it is important to dose regularly!.

I don't know what i would do without the alarm function on my mobile - I write a list in the morning, and set the alarms to remind me - it will do up to ten, which is fantastic if you have to remember meds and stuff.

It does make you feel a bit like a 'Stepford Wife' tho' - every time the bell rings you have to take your medication!

Now, if I could just find my 'phone ........ ;)

Love Moffy x


Thanks Moffy, I will give that a go. I used to be so with it but I suppose I can still pretend if I use tips like using the alarm on my phone. And yes I suppose the only thing would be then that sometimes I don't know where my phone is, I often leave it in the car! I could never be a Stepford Wife, I am way too unkempt these days plus if my hubby thinks his tea will be on the table every night and he can have a bit of shall we say errr romance whenever he wants he has another think coming! LOL


Hi MP yes I do the same,but its more noticeable when I watch the television, I can be into the middle of a program and something someone says sets of a memory ,and I turn to my OH and say "blar blar blar " and waffle on and miss the program. I have completely forgotten I was watching. Now I find my OH is ahead of me and he presses pause on the program,and listens to my rambling then when I say Oh no sorry we were watching that,he just says its ok its on hero lol ;-)

I am also using my tablet or phone for reminders as my head is like a sieve, the aweful side is my daughter or friends will say something to do with us being somewhere or doing something and I can't for the life of me remember,sometimes feels like you are going mad......but we cant all be going mad can we ? ;-)

Any way Gentle hugs to all (((((((((((hug))))))))))))))) x

RD x x


Why do you think they turned them all into robots so the house is like a new pin and tea is on the table on time, as to pill reminders I set my phone and then stuff it in my pocket so its always with me oh hates it cos alarm is so loud so if I do actually put it down its always heard, oh says I always leave the room just as it goes off, I'm lucky with my phone I set my alarms through my calendar so have unlimited reminders and alarms, as to things seem


To continue as to things seeming to take longer I take so long in the shower it switches itself off and I have to turn it on again to finish,


Ppps my oh cooks cos he likes his dinner on a plate not the floor he also says he's had enough of replacing the crockery and that we can't afford another dinner service. Sithy.


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