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Be afraid the kitchen is taking over

First it was gins undercover fridge stealing bits of my brain, now I learn Mrscats has a dishwasher that disguises itself as a cupboard... How many of us go into our kitchens daily not knowing what fiendish plans are being hatched by our kitchen appliances.. has anyone else got a kitchen appliance that pretends to be something else?

VG x

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It's gonna bite my ankles one of these days...om nom nom


My kitchen becomes the room of blankness because everytime i enter it, it steals my mind so i stand their like a muppet wondering why i'm thier also my cuboards and draws constantly attack me leaving painful bruises i believe it lures me in with a thought to do something then steals it as soon as i walk in and then beats me up hehehe


I hate my kitchen.. But love a cup of Decaf tea... So to my kitchen I have to go


I knew it!!!!!! Stay out of the kitchen fellow fibromites....



It gets worse...I was stupid enough to reach up for the crisps and covered myself in packets and packets hehehehe. Not having a good day today! Def going to behave myself and ask someone else to pick them up! Can't stop laughing!


I was convinced that we had the M & M guys living in our cupboards in my old flat cos every time I opened the cupboard door I got pelted with food! this included a tub of flour :-( I looked like one of the homepride men!

Our new kitchen has Storm-proof shelves where OH puts the crisps and I have to use a long handled spoon to get them. Oh but get them I do *grins*


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