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Pain relief naturally?

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Hello. Does anyone know of some natural remedies/medicines for pain relief? I take cymbalta and pregabalin but would prefer to deal with the fibro pain naturally. Anybody have some suggestions?



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YassytinaFMA UK Volunteer

When my pain /aches levels are high I soak in some Epsom salts for at least 20 minutes, a warm bath every day just relaxes everything , apart from meds and pain relief creams I find the only natural way to help is too rest more, heat helps so I have a couple of hot water bottles. recently changed my mattress as well , getting the right support for our fibro bodies is also helpful .Take care Connie xx

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CW02 in reply to Yassytina

Thank you, I will certainly try your suggestions.

I would recommend magnesium oil which I buy from H&B. I spray it around the painful area of the skin and my neck. There are 3 versions of the them in a sizeable bottle, the one I like is with lavender.

Some people use cbd oil, I tried but does not suit me.

Also I’m into functional medicine and alway careful what I put inside.

Hope you find what’s right for you 💐

I 'm epsom salt baths too. I use devils claw but I dont take prescribed pain meds. You would need to check with GP pharmacist.if you can take anything else. Whole life review has been useful,cutting down irritants and stimulants like contact with household chenicals or drinking coffee. I also have other autoimmue issues. I kept a diary. Reduce stress where possible. Mindfulness if it helps. When your whole body is reacting you need to treat the whole body. Balance is key and we are all different.Take care CW02 x

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CW02 in reply to Gigiruth

What does a whole life review entail?

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Gigiruth in reply to CW02

Just me writing down all, irritants and reviewing what I need to get rid of or have more of. It's not an official thing just my regular check.

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CW02 in reply to Gigiruth

That sounds like a good idea - like it'd be helpful and not too difficult. Thanks, might try that.

The absolute best thing I have ever done wrt pain is to give up diet coke and anything else with artificial sweeteners in. Read every label on anything from ketchup to yoghurts. It's crept into everything since the sugar tax.Plus use of hwb as mentioned and daily exercise.

I get B12 injection monthly.

I'm now mostly pain free 🙏

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CW02 in reply to moo196

Hi. Thank you for your reply. What is hwb? Is B12 for pain?

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Blearyeyed in reply to CW02

Hot water bottle...? heat can definitely help.

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moo196 in reply to CW02

Yeah, hot water bottle.B12 is for the fatigue.

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CW02 in reply to moo196

Oh, okay. Thank you.

All of the suggestions so far are helpful natural solutions to neuropathic pain.

A good nutrient rich diet with plenty of water helps improve your body health in general making it stronger and more able to cope with the pain.

Reducing processed sugar in the diet as well as artificial sweeteners is also helpful

Taking a full vitamin and mineral supplement mid way through a meal is beneficial as many nutrients including Vitamin B complex and Vitamin D are lost as your body fights pain. Low Vitamin D can also cause extra pain and stiffness in the joints.

Omega 3 is helpful for fighting antiinflammatory pain but take it alone as Omega 6 can actually cause more inflammation.

Turmeric does help with digestive pain and IBS if you suffer with digestive related symptoms from your fibromyalgia.

The greatest natural steps for any chronic pain condition is to understand which areas of your body flare with pain and working out the things that trigger it, pacing your daily activity and reducing stress.

By understanding what types of activity or enviromental things cause you pain or fatigue you can adapt your behaviour and avoid those triggers.

Triggers can be anything from certain types of movement or exercise to chemicals or even too much sun or temperature changes.

Stress is not just a bad thing which most people don't realize. Stress is just any activity , good or bad which gives the body or brain too much for it to cope with at that point in your health state. So , a family party or night with friends can cause the same trigger as deadlines at work or bad news. Depending on how bad your symptoms are on a particular day even traveling or having a shower can be stressful.

This is were pacing yourself and your activities , as people often say in spoons is vital to your self care. Don't give yourself too much to do in a day.

Don't be afraid of saying no and cancelling an activity if you aren't up to it , this is a lot easier if you are honest with your friends and family and help them to understand what Fibro is.

Do what you want to do and need to do , not what you have to do or think you should.

Creating a good sleep pattern and sleep enviroment for yourself is a a great way to reduce pain and stress.

Exercise in a gentle way that your body responds to is a key natural way to control Fibro pain.

Exercise within your comfort zone do not try to push beyond it the zone will increase by itself . No Pain , No Gain is a myth , Exercise is also doing things like cleaning , work or looking after children so factor what you are doing in a day before you make your activity choices. Simple isometric and stretching exercise as part of your morning routine with deep breathing can improve pain and fatigue , but also improve your ability to reduce these symptoms happening.

Things like light stretching , tai chi , qui gong , walking and swimming are all great low stress exercises to try. Therapies like hydrotherapy, gentle massage , ultrasound therapy , sound therapy and light therapy can be great for many people.

Finally , with Fibro , like any long term condition, you aren't trying to be 100% pain free , but pain managed. You aren't looking to go back to an Old Normal but begin a New Normal balance of behaviour that works for you and your body.

I person with no health issues may be able to cope with no drug therapy, most people with chronic health issues do benefit in better quality of life when they get the right combination of pain medication , even if it is just some of the time. Taking the right medications is sensible and proactive with chronic health issues. If you are taking Cymbalta and Pregbalin consider which doses you are on , and if you may need to change the time of day you take them to get the most benefit from them , or if you need to change the combination or the doses.

After you have added natural self care into your daily routine you may find you can reduce them or they are working better for you.

If routine change has not done enough alone it is good to accept the medication help , and discuss with the GP if you can change your doses slowly or try a different treatment combination and get a referral to a Pain management Clinic for extra help.

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CW02 in reply to Blearyeyed

Thank you for all those great tips, so helpful.

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Sallydog in reply to CW02

Don’t bother with pain clinic unless you want to listen to whale music !!!!

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JayCeon in reply to Sallydog

Hehe, - that very much depends, no way would I really reduce pain clinic to relaxation - and I doubt you are saying relaxation techniques aren't useful? I love whale sounds, but not the music that's often added, and neither relax me. But I use 5 different types, now esp. Ally's yoga nidra youtube videos.

Exercise is the only I do or take for fibro. High intensity training everyday. Need to get your heart rate high for at least half an hour a day, everyday.

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CW02 in reply to Cat00

Yes, exercise has been helping. I've been pleasantly surprised at the difference it's made even the little bit I can do as I try to follow the dance exercise DVD I've got

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Cat00 in reply to CW02

It's a difficult balance with fibro, if I don't do it everyday it gets difficult quickly. I've had a back injury for 6 months and then when that healed I sprained my ankle but I think all of that happened bc I had to stop during lockdown and got weaker. I cant cope with the cold so despaired when the gyms were shut.

Swimming is great for fibro too. Obviously we have to build up slowly to manage fatigue etc but psychologically theres nothing like it, its so good to be able to move and feel less like a disabled person I think.

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CW02 in reply to Cat00

Yes, it is a difficult balance, isn't it? The intensity of exercise - I noticed my weight was going down but if I overexerted myself, I'm afraid my fibro would act up. Yet if I don't do it, I'm afraid of the same.

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Cat00 in reply to CW02

Yes same here, actually exactly. I figure you can't not have fibro but you can not have fit, so we might as well go for both.

Quercetin complex from Solgar. Curable app has lots of meditations etc. Being assertive and saying no, is a lesson I'm struggling with at the moment. Ice packs (briefly). If you are able to do something creative or a hobby where you can just experience you being you, not an illness. Talking to a counselor, expressing your feelings, journaling.

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CW02 in reply to BlueTofu

Sometimes I forget that there's more to me than just the fibro, thanks for the reminder.

As others have said a soak in a warm Epsom Salts bath is good. I have recently started using a Magnesium Oil spray as recommended on here, and my leg pain has more or less disappeared. I use it once a day, straight after showering, on my lower legs and the relief is immediate. I have also found now that if I do get pain in my legs it is nowhere as severe as before. However it does not work for everyone, it's just a case of trial and error to find out what helps you.

I doubt all the ingredients are natural but there's a cream made from chilli called capsaicin cream. I think they told me if you find heat helpful for pain, this cream might help. You might need a prescription for it.

TENS machines also help some people manage their pain better.

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CW02 in reply to Sleepyhead22

Ah, yes, I forgot I have those. Thanks.

Make sure the Doctor prescribed meds are out of your system first, or there could be problems with interactions.

If you are worried talk to your Pharmacist about it.

Cheers, Midori

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CW02 in reply to Midori

This is hard. I'm afraid to go off my doc-prescribed meds ie the cymbalta and pregabalin. I tried going off cymbalta before and lasted four weeks but it was torture near the end, my fibro was acting up so bad I couldn't stand it so I went back on it. But I want to look after myself naturally, I think that's the best way. Don't know if I can do it but want to try.

there are quite a few supplements that have worked for me, magnesium malate, (morning) magnesium glycinate (evening), S ame, alpha lipoic acid, N-acetyl -Cysteine, acetyl-l- carnitine, omega 3, vitamin D3 and K2, thiamine (vitB1) and niacinamide (vit B3) and a good vitamin B complex, curcumin (active extract of turmeric). I take other supplements for fatigue and brain fog as well. I have also found that breathing Oxygen under pressure in a hyperbaric chamber to be effective. a good thing would be to cut out sugar in all its forms, as it is inflammatory, also any chemicals in food, so eating organic mainly plant based foods, with some organic chicken fish and meat would help, very low carbs and cut out wheat and gluten, also helps with pain and brain fog. physio regularly to stretch the muscles and get the blood flowing, and gentle exercise and pilates based core strengthening stretches and exercises.

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CW02 in reply to Chrisbel

Hi Chrisbel. Thank you for the suggestions. Did you mean magnesium maleate? What's the difference between the two magnesiums you mention? what is S ame? How do you take vit B3 without it giving side-effects? What other supplements do you take for fatigue - B12 maybe? and for brain fog? Looking forward to your reply.

I don't have access to a hyperbaric chamber, but I'm good to cut out sugar.

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Chrisbel in reply to CW02

I think the best way to answer your questions is for me to copy and paste notes for a talk I prepared.It’s rather long but this way it explains everything I have found to help, and you can google the supplements in relation to fibro, and see which ones you think might suit you. so as follows:-

having been told that I had fibro, I asked what could be done to alleviate the symptoms, the doc said -oh I can give you Gabapentin and amatryptiline and possibly tramadol, and having read up on them, and the possible side effects, decided that I wanted nothing to do with anything that he could offer.

so I was left with trying to find out what could be done with alternative medicine, and as I had been using Chinese medicine and accupuncture since I was 40, I knew that there were different natural medicines that worked, so I hit the internet, and bought books by doctors and started reading and looking at all the trials going on with supplements, and took courses in natural medicine and vitaminology, and then started trying diets and supplements and treatments.

I have the attention span of a gnat, generally, so reading the books, which had lots of preamble before getting to the meat of what I wanted to know, I found I had trouble maintaining concentration, so youtube and articles became my way to learn, and afterwards I found that when I finally looked at the books, they all said more or less the same sort of things as the online stuff anyway.

First of all we need to discuss the effects of diet on the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

all foods are converted into sugar in your body, and it knows the too much sugar in your blood is dangerous, so it converts it into fat for use as energy, however if you are not exercising then the fat is deposited rather than used.

if you eat foods that are high in sugar or are higher in carbohydrates, then the problem is exacerbated,(increased), so a diet that is mainly based on flour,- pasta, rice, bread, biscuits, cake, pastries, potatoes, etc, and sugary drinks and sweets, chocolate and so on will cause insulin problems, diabetes, and weight gain and inflammation, and pain.

also causes metabolic syndrome where the body shifts too much fat to the liver and then the liver can’t do it’s job of breaking down the foods and waste.

I started to observe my eating habits and how my body reacted to the different food groups, was there more discomfort, pain or stiffness, more IBS symptoms, from certain foods, and for me it seemed to be reactive to processed foods, gluten and wheat based foods, sugary foods,( including sugar like products, fructose, glucose,sweeteners, msg, (56 odd names for sugar) some dairy and carbs.

one of the big problems with cutting out wheat and sugar is that they are both addictive, so they are difficult to wean yourself off them, and probably you will have to gradually change the way you eat

so I changed my diet to be more anti inflammatory, which means, cutting out all chemicals in food, filtering all water, kinetic jugs, and if you start reading the back of the packets and looking up what each of the unpronounceable substances are, it doesn’t take long before you want to buy unprocessed food and cook everything from scratch.

avoid ultra processed foods like the plague

all processed foods went, all carbohydrates went, all sugary drinks and foods went (almost) all sugars went, I kept Maple syrup for my coffee and tea, because I still wanted my life to be worth living! then I started observing how I felt, and the symptoms started to reduce in intensity. this is a lengthy process, but pays off in the end.

Then when I understood what I could eat and drink, I started to look at how to heal different aspects of these symptoms, and how to start eating to help heal them.

In general my diet is organic and chemical free where possible, if you can’t get organic, soak the veg and fruit in water and bicarbonate of soda for up to 20 minutes to remove the surface chemicals.

chemical free also applies to the rest of my life as well, so toothpaste, moisturiser, shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, house cleaning stuff, all had to be changed to chemical free, and no candles in the house.


Lots of fruit, berries are best as they have the least amount of sugar, even more lots of vegetables, including cruciferous veg like broccoli and cauliflower and asparagus and spinach and cabbage and kale, both raw and cooked, grass fed organic beef, organic chicken and lots of fish, organic or lactose free dairy. eggs and soups.sweet potatoes instead of potatoes.

healthy fats :- organic olive, avocado,coconut, walnut oils and organic grass fed butter, oily fish nuts and seeds.

all other vegetable oils are bad fats, and your brain, being made mostly of fat, wants the good fats, and will continue to tell you you’re hungry if you ingest mainly bad fats, and they cause all sorts of problems in your body as well, like blood pressure and cholesterol, so increasing the risks of diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers.

my diet

To start with I tried to deal with the IBS, so I bought a nutribullet, and for breakfast started whizzing up raw veg, to which i added L glutamine (heals brain gut) and macca root (energy) inulin (prebiotic) flax seeds (Gut Health) and spirulina (energy and nerve function) nuts and pumpkin seeds and filtered water.

this mix is nutrient dense and I found I could take supplements with it easily. and a coffee after.

For lunch I generally eat organic raw veg ( lettuce, carrot, beetroot, avocado, chickory, broccoli, hummus and crackers and coffee

for dinner cooked veg (lots) and some protein, (small) beef chicken or fish, sometimes lamb or pork and sometimes sweet potato and a cup of tea.

so occasionally I would have wine or bacon and eggs or stuff that I fancied and I find that as long as I stick mainly to the diet I can get away with a cheat now and then but if I continue more than once in a while I begin to suffer.

Brain Fog generally improves in a lot of cases, if you cut out wheat and gluten.

I read a study by a university in tel aviv where 60 women were treated with pure oxygen at 2x atmospheric for 1.5 hours ,5 days a week for two months, and 70% experienced significant changes in their brain chemistry, and reduction in their pain levels, and the results were different depending on the perceived cause, ie head trauma or after viral illness etc.

so i decided to try this and joined the grampian ms therapy charity in dyce and went for about 80 treatments of an hour each, and found that my brain fog had all but disappeared, and now go once a week, and help with the tank operation as a volunteer.

Pain and stiffness neuropathy and burning sensations


aerobics and stretching gently at the gym

gentle pilates

yin yoga


Tai chi


low glycemic diet


accupuncture, herbs

Fibromyalgia Supplements

I have found that many supplements have more than one purpose, whilst they may be effective mainly for one aspect of fibro symptoms, they may also have other beneficial properties across the board.

So, with that in mind, I have loosely grouped the supplements i have found to be effective for me under headings, — energy, immune system, pain, IBS/ digestion, sleep, fibroids and general. Generally if you Google any of these, e.g. vitamin C and fibro, it will tell you the possible effectiveness and the aspect that it works on, so you can determine which might be effective for you.


vitamin B1 Thiamine (can help with fatigue and pain, helps with body's myelin production, helps mitochondria generate energy,

vitamin B2 - helps with vision and various eye problems like cataracts and damage to the eye lens. necessary for red blood cell formation, cell respiration and antibody formation. can help relieve migraines, potency is reduced by alcohol, caffeine, and some antibiotics.deficiency can cause trouble sleeping, sore lips and tongue, and sensitivity to light. foods. free range eggs peanuts, lean meats, leafy green veg, whole grain, soy products.

vitamin B3. Boosts good cholesterol,and production of hormones insulin and thyroxine. deficiency can cause digestive problems, irritability, diarrheas, depression, fatigue, insomnia, and ringing in the ears. rda 100mg, foods containing—white meat, oily fish, avocados, nuts peanut sunflower seeds whole grains and prunes

vitamin B5. good for red blood cells, healthy digestive tract and production of anti stress hormones. Deficiency can cause muscle pain, dizziness, IBS, restlessness, fatigue depression and trouble sleeping

Vitamin B6. helps convert fats and proteins into energy and counters stress hormones, accelerates production of serotonin and magnesium metabolism. helps with carpal tunnel syndrome.

vitamin B12. - production of red blood cells, cell repair, has a key role in the normal. functioning of the brain and nervous system.

deficiency can cause depression, anxiety, fibro fog and headaches.. food sources turkey, fish, lean meat, lamb, beef, and poultry.

vitamin B complex.- all of the above and helps production of serotonin, a natural anti depressant and helps sleep.

acetyl-L-carnitine. warning - can adversely react with blood thinning agents(sintrom warfarin coumadin) and can lessen the effects of thyroid hormone meds. Can help with fatigue, (both mental and physical) cognitive impairment, neuropathic pain, celiac disease, helps body convert fat into energy, helps with energy production, fatigue, mops up lactate, which causes pain problems with fibro. may help with brain utilisation of neurotransmitters and serotonin and glutamate, which can be out of balance in folks with cfs and fibro, shuttles fat to mitochondria, which they need to produce energy. protects brain nerve cells and regenerates them. can help with energy in cancer treatment( 2 grams 3times daily) CFS, MS (2 grams daily) Fibro-(1-1.5 grams daily for 10 weeks)

Panax ginseng - acts on the immune and central nervous system, and has been found to, decrease pain boost immunity, improve brain function, liver function, it’s also, anti tumour, anti diabetic, anti fatigue, anti stress, anti ageing, and has anti oxidant effects

zinc - lower levels found in fibro sufferers, correlate to increased pain levels. helps with energy

Genef 20+ - combats ageing, helps with looking and feeling younger, stimulates the body’s production of human growth hormone, which decreases with middle age, causing decreased muscle mass, memory issues, reduced libido, increased body fat, so it stimulates the pituitary gland to produce more HGH hormones naturally, which make you feel physically stronger and more energetic, along with strengthening the immune system effects - smoother skin, increased stamina, increased muscle and decreased fat, improved mental function, memory, focus,moderates glucose levels. can help sleep.caveat - don’t take if pregnant had heart attack, allergic to dairy.

coenzyme Q10 - caveats, careful taking it with other products that lower blood pressure, or with surgery.

can help improve - tender points,pain, depression,fatigue,exercise intolerance, and quality of life, take it with a meal with oil or fat for better absorption, could take up to 2 months to make a difference.

Vitamin C. antioxidant and helps maintain healthy bones, teeth and gums. helps repair damaged cells and absorption of iron, and controls stress hormone production. deficiency can cause bleeding gums , painful and swollen joints, muscle weakness, anaemia , and issues with the digestive system. food sources, citrus fruits,tomatoes, strawberries, broccoli, kiwifruit, brussel sprouts and red and green peppers.

Macca root powder - can help with mood, menopause, fertility, energy, swollen prostate, memory. do not take if you have thyroid issues.

Pain and inflammation

Magnesium Malate - muscle relaxant ( also helps regulate blood sugar and blood pressure and body temperature). also needed for many chemical reactions in your normal body biochemistry

Foods containing magnesium are nuts spinach and dark chocolate. kale, avocado and veg.

ginger - anti inflammatory, eases nausea, and improves digestion, can reduce inflammation and block pain sensations, and help with brain fog.

a lot of people use ginger and turmeric tea.

Curcumin - anti inflammatory and reduces muscle pain

Alpha Lipoic Acid - neuroprotective, protects brain, works on small nerve fibres and so helps with neuropathy pain.

P E A palmitoylethanolomide fatty acid amide that belongs to the endocannabinoid family, and has analgesic and anti inflammatory and neuroprotective effects on chronic pain. only side effects can be stomach upset, but i have not noticed any, and it has significantly helped with the pain levels.

Vitamin D3. sunlight vitamin, aids calcium absorption, maintaining stronger bones, helps with muscle pain, immune system, low mood, insomnia and lack of it can cause all of the above.

vitamin K2 stops migration of calcium from the bones and prevents arterial wall stiffening, helps with blood clotting, prevention of osteoporosis, and heart disease, helps bind calcium to bones, may help with blood sugar regulation, varicose veins, youthful skin, oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain.

omega 3(effective for migraine, low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune conditions)

note there was some concern that larger doses of vitamin d3 could cause the migration of calcium from bones, but the doses would have to be very l;arge and if vitamin K2 was taken as well that would stop the migration of calcium, so take them both.

vitamin P (P5P) helps reduce blood sugars, and lipids and fights inflammation, strengthens blood vessels and capillaries including muscle fibre, improves energy production process, and reduces impact of free radicals. helps overcome muscle inflammation and muscle weakness. food sources-spinach, apricot, lemon, orange, grapefruit, cherries and paprika.

Immune System

Selenium - supports thyroid and immune system

Zinc- catalyst in around 100 enzymatic reactions

Vitamin C - immune system and energy

Omega 3 - believed to aid brain development and function, reduces inflammation reduces back and neuropathic pain, helps prvent heart disease, lowers blood pressure and risk of cancer diabetes, and alzheimers disease. may help with chronic fatigue.

Cordyceps Sinensis—strongest immune system booster known to Chinese medicine, known for thousands of years, now lab grown in america and uk and available on Amazon!

MSM sulphur - naturally occurring in the body helps with collagen production, transport of oxygen from lungs to body, thereby enhancing energy, helps stop lactic acid production, relieving pain and chronic fatigue, 5g-30g per day, find your own level

Garlic - immune system booster

Iodine - lack of iodine can cause fatigue, muscle pain, weight gain, constipation, cold intolerance. anti fungal, anti parasitic, helps clean out heavy metals from the body, such as aluminium, mercury and arsenic. helps with thyroid, energy, alkalising the body, autoimmune diseases, and many other things.


avoid foods and food additives and artificial sweeteners and ibuprofen, that irritate the gut and also destroy beneficial gut bacteria, i.e. processed foods and treated foods.

dechlorinate your water, regularly eat fermented foods such as yoghurt, kefir , kimchi etc

eat lots of complex carbohydrate vegetables high in fibre to feed the good bacteria in your gut,sweet potato apples berries carrots peas beans celery broccoli bananas onions asparagus nuts and seeds

if you consider that Fibro is an auto immune system problem, then healing that aspect would be of paramount importance, so, if a leaky gut is part of the cause( tears in the membrane lining of the intestines, that allow particle to pass through that should not, thereby alerting the bodies immune defence system to mobilise and attack, but giving it nothing to attack, the net result of which is that the immune system then attacks the body, causing autoimmune issues.

L- Glutamine (an amino acid a primary fuel used by the cells in your gut lining, for repair and regrowth, soothing the intestines and regulating inflammation. Helps reduce and heal leaky gut, slowing down inflammation in your body due to fewer toxins and pathogens circulating in your bloodstream. other benefits are:- reducing sugar cravings by stabilising blood sugar levels, supports removal of waste from the bodily systems, synthesises proteins, protects the gut from injury due to alcohol consumption. reduces lactic acid retention. supports immune system, supports production of HGH which helps with healthy ageing, sleep and metabolism.

Prebiotic (Inulin) )a fibre that feeds the gut flora and fauna, can help the gut bacteria, but can in some cases also aggravate IBS

Probiotic (100 billion CFU)— 70% of your immune system is in your gut, your mood is controlled by serotonin (feel good hormone) and the majority is produced in your gut, research is showing that taking probiotics can help relieve depression and anxiety. Optimal serotonin levels can mitigate the effects of cortisol,(your stress hormone) which can greatly exacerbate your fibro symptoms. reduces food sensitivity, aids digestion providing better nutrition. can reduce seasonal allergies thereby reducing pain fatigue and digestive disorders caused by them. antibiotics kill gut bugs and probiotics help repopulate the good bugs

Flax seeds - contains 3 oil which converts into prostaglandin which helps to relieve inflammation associated with fibro. also contains omega 6 and 9 which are essential for cell membranes. contains lignans antioxidant and boosts energy and strengthens the immune system.

butyrate reduces inflammation in the gut and primary food for repair and maintenance by the cells in the colon wall.

marshmallow root - helps to repair gut lining in a leaky gut, sooth inflammation of the stomach lining, joint pain, IBS, water retention, acid reflux.

liquorice root - helps provide relief from inflammation of the gut, adrenal fatigue, heartburn, IBS, PMS, indigestion.


Raw Broccoli ( contains anti inflammatory chemicals, and along with the following supplements can help to reduce fibroids in the muscles) as do all the cruciferous veg

zinc (shown to shorten duration of colds and reduce inflammation)

Selenium (deficiency of selenium has been linked to skeletal muscle disorders and fatigue)

activated B6 (pyroxidine) anti inflammatory, helps with diabetes, depression, carpal tunnel syndrome, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, PMS, can help with leg cramps if taken with Magnesium, involved in the production of myelin, a protein layer that forms around nerve cells.

N-Acetyl_Cysteine - antioxidant and precursor to body producing glutathione, a major antioxidant can help with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, muscle performance, asthma. can have side effects.

Note - There was a study that found that 2 cups of raw organic broccoli a week (raw broccoli has a chemical that is destroyed by cooking) along with these supplements every day helps to shrink the fibroids in your muscles.


5 HTP improves serotonin levels— low serotonin levels indicated in fibro ( helps improve sleep and reduce pain) must not be taken with anti depressants or mood altering prescription drugs! or st johns wort. can help with decreasing carb cravings.

tart cherry juice, anti inflammatory - can reduce muscle pain, inflammation, and help with muscle repair. 8-12 oz. twice a day can improve sleep as it contains melatonin.

Magnesium (muscle relaxant and responsible for many essential chemical reactions in the body) deficiency in magnesium can lead to reduced ATP levels and increased P levels (pain transmission)also implicated in bone and cardiovascular health, mood and cognitive function, and may help with reduced insulin resistance and metabolic health..

magnesium types -citrate, malate, glycinate, taurate, threonate.

Curcumin ( active ingredient of turmeric, anti inflammatory)

viamin d3 and k2

ginger (anti inflammatory)

inulin - fibre that feeds the bacteria in your gut, aids the growth of beneficial bugs. start small amount and build up.

melotonin, but it gives me nightmares

General —-

sugar cravings

Chromium ( stops sugar cravings)

Cinnamon (blood sugar balance )

acetyl l carnitine (can lower blood sugar levels along with exercise, can help with neuropathic pain in hands and feet)

anti inflammatory

Quercetin ( stabilises mast cells, which are part of the immune system and which fibro can send into overdrive and can cause inflammation and sensitivities to develop.)


Hyaluronic acid ( 300 mg once or twice a day for a minimum of 4 months to see if it is going to work for you.

Chinese herbs

Ge Gen Tang (facilitates blood flow to the upper back area) Zong Fan Zho to work holistically acupuncture and herbs.


avoid:- chemicals in food, caffeine, sweeteners, msg, sugar and sugar like products,fructose, glucose etc. ( see article secret sugars, the 56 different names for sugar;-virtahealth) carbs, wheat based foods, gluten, dairy, these are the most badly tolerated foods generally. observe your body's reaction when you eat these food groups for 24 hours after and see if there is discomfort or worsening of symptoms.

eat :- organic and chemical free where possible, if you can’t get organic, soak the veg and fruit in water and bicarbonate of soda for up to 20 minutes to remove the surface chemicals.

Lots of fruit, berries are best as they have the least amount of sugar, lots of vegetables, including cruciferous veg like broccoli and cauliflower and asparagus and spinach both raw and cooked, grass fed organic beef, organic chicken and lots of fish,

healthy fats :- organic olive, avocado,coconut,oils and organic butter, if you must have potatoes then sweet potatoes are an alternative that is ok.

other treatments


lymph drainage massage

myofacial release massage


breathing oxygen under pressure

look at wahls protocol for MS and auto immune diseases

hope this helps.

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CW02 in reply to Chrisbel

Wow, thank you very much for that. I will definitely read it through.

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Hi CW02 -

magnesium maleate is a typo, malate is right. There are more than 20 sorts of magnesium, since it's a metal that needs to be combined with something. If it's combined with something anorganic (like oxygen to m. oxide) it doesn't work as well as if it's combined with something organic, like with malic (= apple) acid to malate) or 'chelated' with amino acids like glycine to (bis)glycinate. Malate has a little evidence for perhaps specifically working well for malate, glycinate is good for us too, for some it helps sleep, for others like me it's better to wake up, so I take them the other way round to Chrisbel.

"S ame" is a typo for SAMe, SAM-e, which is the amino acid S-Adenosyl methionine and may help increase dopamine for alertness, energy, pain and fog, so is best taken in the mornings.

Vit B3 without it giving side-effects?: That's not necessarily easy at higher doses, I stopped it, after first being brave about it. The way is to start slowly, with 3x50mg for 2 weeks, then 3x100mg, 3x200mg, 3x500mg, up to a max. of 3g, but if high dosage only tog with B6, B12 & folic acid to prevent homocystein increase. The RDA of 100mg that @Chrisbel mentions shouldn't give you side effects, it didn't me, and I'm hypersensitive.

For fatigue, aside from B12 (as 5mg injections of methylcobalamin every few months), ALC or L-carnitine itself (ALC more for brain fog/fatigue, L-C more for body fatigue. Ginkgo, magnesium malate & glycinate, CoQ10, D-ribose, SAM-e, PQQ, and off and on selenium, mumijo & sometimes NADH worked miracles, but not reliably.

For brain fog the same (I'd argue since brain fog is brain fatigue), I'd add the amino acids GABA and theanine, but actually they definitely also help me for fatigue...

Hi, I have been researching about 5-HTP (an amino acid found naturally in us and high protein foods and created as a supplement mainly from 'Griffonia simplicifolia' a derivative of that African plant's seeds); and CBD and tried them and heard a lot of positive reviews and testimonies, for humans or animals (with the CBD) and for humans, the 5-HTP can recommend them or if anyone is on guaifenesin, a decongestant and are the tablets I was recommended and they make a difference and many say so too, and to the person who researched for a long time first before trying and finding it so good, but you can't have plant-based products on the skin or in capsules and supplements/extracts except certain ones like oat, soy, cocoa butter, and a few others, due to salicylates in them which people say from research can be a build of over years that can cause or contribute to fibromyalgia). These can be researched online, can suggest any links if requested. I know what it's like, the effects of all :( empathy, for all, we are are not alone :).

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And if anyone likes the idea of 5-HTP but doesn't tolerate it, like me, other amino acids like L-tryptophan and esp. GABA also increase serotonin for muscle relaxation, sleep etc.

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