Hi Everyone i hope you are all well x since FINALLY being diagnosed (after over five years of suffering) last Dec and with the help of my fantastic GP i am actually able to enjoy my life again, dont get me wrong-it isnt the life i had before Fibro but my quality of life has dramatically improved now my pain is well managed and i would just like to share my regime in the hope it may bring some relief to fellow sufferers : At 08.00hrs- 14.00hrs + 20.00hrs i take the following-200mg Pregablin-100mg Tramadol + 100mg 20.00hrs i also take 50mg Amitryptiline...... i now sleep 80 % better and in turn i am now able to take part in some of family life instead of being virtually bedbound with several different types of pain all at the same time 🤗😊😄😎

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  • I am on a strong dose of mixed pain killers as well as anti depressants and although my pain is manageable but does sometimes cause me more severity on some days than others .... I still have. I energy to do anything or willingness to leave home .. but hhanks for sharing zz

  • Thank you for sharing, this is a very helpful positive post. I'm still trying to find the right mix xx

  • Brilliant news, so happy you can have a life again :)

  • So pleased that that regime is working out for you. Unfortunately I can only tolerate a relatively low dose of Pregablin even though it has helped immensely the burning, shooting pains. Tramadol made me feel so ill I wished to kick the bucket so that is a no no. Amitryptiline I haven't tried but the three antidepressants I have all made me ill in different ways I just don't think they suit me. I do tend to be only able to take low doses of alot of meds but am fine with thing like CoCodamal at maxium dose and Ibuprophen. Hope you keep on showing improvement it is fabulous to hear when a forum member is making progress.x

  • Amitriptiline is prescribed for the pain as it relaxes muscles- if it makes u dopey take it 2hrs before bed 😘

  • Thanks I might go to my new GP and see what he says anything is worth a try. Wide-awake now as I thinkI must start to go to sleep, turn over and start the pain up.x

  • So pleased this is working for you and you can enjoy your family again. I take the same meds but In different doses. Does not take pain away but takes the edge off it. May need to change the doses. Will see when I see doc next week. Good luck

  • Honestly- going from 100mg Pregablin 3 x a day to 200mg 3 x a day has literally changed my life! The constant tight burning pain in my lower back and both legs went from driving me mental to bareable. Warmest wishes x

  • So pleased for you having been able to get some of your life takes a whole heap of time and fortunately there are those who function sort of almost normally...well almost!! So pleased for you. I think I may have got my meds sorted as I sleep sort of with Amitriptyline (50mg or75mg) with Tramadol 50mg and co-dydramol..It is a bit of a cocktail but works for me.....Keep up the good work by the way I also take Fluroxetine in the morning....Hugs xx


  • We'll good for you just watch those Tramadole when you come of them you get cold turkey


    I am so genuinely delighted to read that you have got some of your life back, and I want to sincerely wish you continued success my friend. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken :)

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