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Bodie feeling weak & heavy more than the usual Fatigue???

Does anyone feel like there bodie is getting weaker an tired more that the usual Fatigue?This passed mth i have been feeling like this and getting out for a day in town is getting shorter as my bodie just feel's like a weight and i have to kep stopping.I feel like i have don 10 laps round the park and its fustration as well as embarrasing.Because its getting worse im frightned that i am entering another leval of the fibro.My GP has did all blood tests and everythg has came back clear only for the inflamtion....I feel even my breathing is getting not struggling to breath just that im a bit breatless like if iv walked up a hill....

Any advise wld be great as im worring now.I could only hold my grandaughter for a short time today id no strenght...also my hands were so tired and weak cutting up my food at tea time and i no this mite sound funny but my jaws were even sore chewing my food...God i hate this feeling...

Thank you


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there are lots more clever people here that will probably be more of a help but have you had your iron levels checked recently may be you might be anemic

maybe it might help xx


hi i have got low iron and have to take 3 x ferrous sulphate a day and apidipidne too as i am aneamic on top of all the stuff so worth having it checked out love to you diddle x


yes today im 'heavy' feel like im 10 stone heavier! with twitching sharp pains. I had a very wrestles sweaty night too. Last few days have left me with achy clicking jaw too (doesn't stop me eating much tho haha might take more than that to!) but supplements like folic acid etc.. could help and maybe a trip to the dentist?

good luck xx


Hi Sarah- I Have suffered with fibromyalgia for 10 years or more. Over the last 3 months i have been having more pain and my legs feel so heavy and week that i have to sit down for a rest .This year has been the worse year for flare ups that i can remember


Thank you everyone for your coments,I have got iron tablets and made an appointment with the dentist.Just praying this weakness lift's but ontill then i can only pace myself...

Sarah Xx


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