Breathing problems - do you constantly sigh/yawn?

I'm a bit over-excited because I feel I'm on the verge of reaching my inner goddess!

I was diagnosed with Fibro over 8 years ago. As far back as I can remember I've had a breathing disorder. I sigh and yawn and I just don't feel like I'm getting a 'good breath'. I've seen stuff on a Fibro page about breathing exercises and assumed they were connected. HOWEVER, when my rheumatologist sent me for a sleep study to see if I had sleep apnoea, I saw a respiratory consultant. I explained the yawning/sighing business because it's been bothering me a lot in recent months, and he sent me to a physiotherapist.

I saw her today and am so utterly relieved to find out that its much more common than I realised (I thought I was the only one). Its called Hyperventillation Syndrome. It can cause ... FATIGUE, SLEEP DEPRIVATION, FORGETFULNESS, DEPRESSION, PAIN... the list goes on. Ring any bells?

I know there's no quick fix for Fibro, but am wondering if I can sort out the breathing issues (which stem from an emotional/psychological source, rather than medical - another link!) I think it will help the Fibro symptoms.

Clearly, I will shed at least six stone, regain my sharp intellect and bubble over with the personality that I once had... in my dreams!!! At the very least, I hope for an overall improvement in my condition.

I'd be really interested to see how many others out there share this problem, if it's prevalent or if its just me, as I always assumed.

Keep well, fellow fibro friends!


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  • I get episodes in the day when I cant stop yawning and its so embarassing especially when I am with people because I feel so rude constantly yawning, I feel I have to explain myself because of it.

  • I very much relate to this!

  • Yes I do the yawning, I am also suffering with hiccups. I will even wake in the night with them! I have also developed this thing, I can be talking, or just sitting there when all of a sudden I take this massive breath in. Its not me doing it, it does it by itself. Its like all of a sudden I cant breathe, but I dont know it........sounds stupid I know. Just another few things to add to my list of things.

  • I get a lot of breathlessness.

    if sighing was an olympic event, I set world records!

    I was told, when I think I've lost my breath, not to panic, there's always even breath in your lungs - to prove this, blow up into your nose.

    My friend says you should blow a loud deep "huff!" to blow out stale air [like the athletes do] so you can fill your lungs with fresh [scientific? !!!].



  • Oh yes! 41/2 years ago hospitalised with double pneumonia (blue lights etc.) following which my health never really recovered - previously had occasional mild asthma became severe and had numerous emergency admissions. 18 months ago after oximetry tests (24 hours whilst awake & sleeping testing oxygen levels in the blood) I was diagnosed with Alveolar Hypoventilation and now need 24 hours attached to oxygen concentrator I am very fortunate to still be here, which I owe to a particularly good consultant who knew what she was doing. I would urge anyone with reason to have concerns over any breathing changes to see someone. My gp had already diagnosed sleep apnoea so please dont ignore any signs of changes you notice.

  • Hi interesting to read your comments I to have breathing problems and sometimes lose my breath causing me to have panic attacks. My husband gets very scared and brings me round. I try to tell him I wont die its just another thing to add to the list.

    Anyone else out there who has this problem, and any ideas to help.

    Take care have a good day.

    Bye for now love A xxx

  • I must be a bit strange lol but I actually find it very hard to yarn, and no one seems to knw why. wish I could though as it feels like I want to but can't!

  • I have that same sensation a lot. It's frustrating and a bit uncomfortable. I also need to sigh a lot as I always feel I'm short of oxygen. Sometimes I have periods where the problem is almost non-existent and then it will flare back up for a long time. Rarely it gets very severe and it's scary and uncomfortable. I've had this problem for well over a decade. Hope to have coverage soon and have a diagnosis already. It can be so distracting!

  • It may be Hyper Ventalation Syndrome and is actually a new diagnosis. I had this problem for a long time, yawning thousands of times a day. I have run into a few people and the solution worked for them too. If it works for you, please pass along to at least one forum - pass it forward. Don't laugh and try this, what do you have to lose. Hold one nostril and breath out the other for several minutes - deeply if you can - and do the same for the other side - up to 5 minutes or so. Do a couple of times a day. It will start to solve your problem in a few days or sooner if this is your problem. You actually have too much oxygen in your blood and are breathing to shallow so your blood changes PH and your body thinks you are short of oxygen, but you actually have too much CO2. Breathing out of one nostril deeply causes you to feel short of breath even more, but raises you CO2 level. It should be difficult for you to do, especially if it is your problem. Again, please pass it forward if it works for you.

  • Thanks for this, I'm going to give it a go and report back. x

  • Did you ever get an answer? I'm suffering with it right now :-(

  • Very interesting thoughts these... I just thought I was yawning etc because I was tired!!

  • Well, it is rather contagious - I have yawned all the way though reading this thread! Thanx Guys! :-)

  • I too have this breathlessness and feels like cannot get a deep breath and my dr says it's panic/anxiety attacks n put me on citalopram, It can come on when sat on sofa with no worries etc so glad you found some explanation for this and will be googling this to get a better idea , x

  • My hubby is now getting really annoyed with my sighing lately. Usually when I am on the computer in the armchair, and he is trying to watch TV, so I am wondering if it is posture thing with me at least. I do know I am always tired lately and a sigh is like a yawn in a way.

  • NOTHING works for me and all my tests are negative. How would i have too much oxygen in my blood?

  • What kind of doctor do I go see about this? I'm suffering from it too.

  • wow, I really thought I was crazy. brainfartjojo I have to admit, i have been diagnosed. wat u wrote is like u know wat im going through, really. I have lost myself im nolonger me. I really need help somehow im sicking in fear and depression. the list goes on and on. please tell me on the treatment..

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