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Have you lost faith with your GP or Specialist?

After being Disabled for nearly fifteen years now, I actually rarely go to the GP. They cannot seem to help me, I've had all the help possible, hydro, Tens machine, umpteen tablets. Sorry fibro brain, needles??? Cannot remember the flippjng word, argh!

I am going now for a couple of times as they have discovered I am severely anemic, GP is amazed that I don't see her more often, what's the point???

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Was accupuncture the word??? !!! Don't worry I am just as bad!!! It sure is frustrating though isn't it!!

I have lost faith with my Gp and will be finding a new one!!!.l..oh and the whole system!!

Good luck when you see your Dr, atleast your Dr isn't telling you to go away and seems approachable.



Yeah, I'm with you on that one. It's really a waste of my time going to see my GP, or any other GP in the practice. I almost do feel that they're waiting for me to come up with something for them. I was at a training event a while ago at work and it's very true that GP's are great for those things they feel the can 'fix', because that is what they are trained to do. For Long Term Conditions I think they are out of their depth and require more input from those in the know.

For those of you who live in Scotland there is the Long Term Conditions Alliance and I've found them very helpful.


It's worth going to see your GP with information, whether this is on things that perhaps you should be tested for and might not have been (e.g. anaemia!) or treatments you would like to try.

It is the unfortunate situation in the UK that the NHS does not deal well with chronic conditions. And as Fibro has a lack of specialist consultants, specialist nurses and specialist clinics, we are left even more than usual to our GPs, who do not have the training to deal with us. Therefore it is vitally important with Fibro that you become an expert patient and take charge of your healthcare.

The Becoming an Expert Patient articles on the FibroAction website (see below) are now quite old but most of what is in them is still valid (I will probably add more detail if I ever get time to update them):


Fortunately my GP is very understanding, so I am fortunate there. However when I was referred to a Specialist at my local hospital, he was awful! I ended up crying every time I saw him as I got the impression he didn't believe a word I said. This went on for months, hubby came with me and in the end after speaking to a fellow Fibro friend, she persuaded me to try to switch to her Specialist who was understanding of Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME. It was quite a lengthy process but I manage to change Specialists and now my medication has all been changed and really helps me, whereas I was completely spaced out with the meds I used to take. Also I feel I am getting the help and support I need. It's worth thinking about changing your GP or Specialist if you feel you aren't getting the advice, help and support you need. It worked for me. :)


I did go to see my GP, well another GP in the same surgery, a woman. She said that I am low on iron and folic acid, so extra tablet a day, also 3 extra anti biotics too, am getting concerned as that takes me up to 26 tablets a day now, then back down to 23. We have discussed treatments and she appears to be agrteeing with me to try to get me better, yay!

As for specialists, I did see a guy, and he was horrible, he tried to belittle me in front of his young doctors by asking me why I didn't like him. I explained that he had the beside manner of Ghenkis Khan, well he DID ask lolol


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