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Eating grapefruit


Who knew eating a grapefruit would be such a hard task😰 numb hand, pins and needles and extreme pain . Gave up in the end

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Well I can tell you this ,your not alone my hand are becoming moe and mor painful .I have carpal tunnel in both hands wrists arm tendonitis .And like I suspect the list goes on and on .x😘


What about grapefruit juice? Other Idea try opposite hand.

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I’m useless with other hand it would end up on the wall lol might see if shops do it canned in juice


Just a note of caution ….. for anyone who takes statins for cholesterol, it's recommended that you don't take grapefruit juice or eat grapefruit (sorry, but I have forgotten the reason why!) x

Oh ok I’m ok for this but thank you

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There’s rather a lot more now than Statins, here’s the NHS blurb and more details. I couldn’t have any when I was on Butrans patches

Same as me but i came off those patches and went on Trapentadol as they work far better for me, i still cant eat grapefruit though because of my statins

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Reasoning grapefruit v statins has something to do with interaction making the statins more potent and therefore upping the side effects.(my OH has statins but I eat canned grapefruit!)

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Yes you are right but there are other medications it applies to , so please check info with all meds.

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Yes - I have a warning on my blood pressure tablets (felodipine/felotens) not to have grapefruit. I understand thatit makes the meds more potent as you say skit

Can’t eat any citrus fruit at all = itchy and IBS

A satsuma ain’t worth all that time in the bathroom.

Oh no 🤦‍♀️

many drugs are watered down and thus less effective if taken with grapefruit juice your pharmacist would be able to tell you if any of the meds you currently take would be affected . I think this also happens with other diuretic fruits or plants .

With having Osteoarthritis in my fingers and wrists in both hands I struggle everyday. I tend to stick with juice or fruit I can open without too much pain.

I gave up and bought tins of grapefruit - that’s if I can open the blooming tin!

I did think this but need to find some in juice

My hubby got mine from Morrison’s 😊

I miss grapefruit....

No substitute for real ,fresh Grapefruit either to me. Unfortunately I can’t eat it, I’m not on statins but does react with other meds I take.

Mmm If I could eat one now ,with everyone else in the neighbourhood on lockdown as well ,I think I would Whistle out the front door and scream ‘help, someone Please help Prepare a grapefruit for me’,’ I’ll swap you 2 toilet rolls and a banana for your help,anyone?”

This made my day lol

Thinking about it ,I’m going to put watermelon on my shopping list and do just that if it arrives...

Love to all.xx

Aldi do packs of 🍉 chunks!

Hi , hope this morning is good too you! I'm to lazy to eat grapefruit , I drink grapefruit juice by the pint - don't know why I crave it! I came across an article about the effect grapefruit his on meds.! It can speed some up, slow some down and be dangerous if drunk or eated within 4 hours of taking some meds. It's not killed me yet! Sorry I didn't keep the article so unable to show you! :0( Tesco do a very nice 1 ltr bottle of fresh squeezed pink grapefruit juice at £1.10. Stay safe and have a lovely day! xx

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