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Comfort eating - self help

Hello fellow fibromites,

I've seen a few posts recently about comfort eating and weight concerns.

I found this website which I find helpful. Anytime you feel that emotional eating coming on, try reading this article first. There's lots of great advice on this site for other concerns too.

Let me know what you think.



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Hi Zosie that is very useful I have scanned over it and like the way it compares emotional hunger against physical hunger so it makes it easier to manage comfort eating. :)

I put a stone on during September after a massive fallout with a friend by eating cake :o not just a slice but maybe 3 or 4 :O and whole packs of biscuits too :( I'm now on the weight management referral program so with this guidance and the gluten free guidance I now feel a lot more positive about weight management program

Thank you

:) xxxzebxxx :)


Glad you think it's useful. Next time you want to reach for the biscuits or whatever your poison, read it fully. You may still want the food, but you'll feel a bit different about it. I think feeling empowered to say no to the emotional cravings is the key, but it's tough and I'm still battling it at times xoxo


Thanks for that zosie,I shall take a look at it.By the way zeb,what is a weight management referral programme? :D


I need to lose weight so through my GP surgery and a visit to the nurse I have been referred for weight management program where they discuss diet etc. there are a few different ones but the one I'm going on doesn't involve exercise as I cannot manage to do it. It involves going to the hospital for group meetings once a week for 8 weeks and its ran by professional dieticians etc.

xxxzebxxx :)


Very interesting. Having had ED I am always wary of food and unfortunately it gets triggered from time to time. Only skimmed this article but it looks good.




Thank you for sharing this very helpful link :)


Ooh thanks for this, i had a terrible night last nite and ate half the kitchen, i`ll certainly take a look.xx


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