Exercise and healthy eating?

If exercise and healthy eating is supposed to more or less cure fibromyalgia, why have people still got it, and still suffering? My brother thinks that my fibro will be cured, if i done exercise and ate healthily. He also read about the doctor who cured fibro, with diet, so that doesn't help. I just give up!

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  • Hello, I only wish there were a cure, unfortunately this is not the case. Many of us have had this for years in my case over thirty years and was in full time employment until it got the better of me. If a cure came along we would all be on to it I'm sure. I for one have tried everything that I've read or heard about spent a fortune on so called cures and remedies all turned out to be nonsense and dangerous in some cases. So from then onwards I only listen to the professionals. Your Brother no doubt is well meaning and obviously wants the best for you however as far as I am aware no cure as yet. Diet and exercise are vital of course but not a cure. Lou xx

  • My brother thinks he knows it all, and doesn't understand that exercise is usally impossible, because of the pain and fatigue. He keeps going on about this doctor that got rid of her fibro with cutting certain things out in her diet, and keeps asking why i don't try it. I think she couldn't have had fibro in the first place, but can you tell him that - NO! I could personally throttle him, he makes me so angry.

  • Don't give up anything except treating negative comments with the contempt they deserve. Family & so called friends with this attitude deserve Fibromyalgia & quite frankly don't deserve your company! My Christmas card list is now very compact !!!! I just got fed up justifying myself.

  • Don't give up anything except treating negative comments with the contempt they deserve. Family & so called friends with this attitude deserve Fibromyalgia & quite frankly don't deserve your company! My Christmas card list is now very compact !!!! I just got fed up justifying myself.

  • Don't give up anything except treating negative comments with the contempt they deserve. Family & so called friends with this attitude deserve Fibromyalgia & quite frankly don't deserve your company! My Christmas card list is now very compact !!!! I just got fed up justifying myself.

  • The trouble is, i have to see him, as we look after my dad between us. I just don't want to bother with him, people like him do deserve to have this awful illness. I wish people would just listen to us, who have this, instead of reading something, then thinking they know best.

  • As my rheumatologist said there is so much rubbish on the web about this condition, you can't cure it be you can try to manage it by combination of medication, cbt, little exercises and keeping a healthy diet. I just repeat this to close friends and family until they stop trying to find a "simple cure".

    I use the word UNTIL because they often want to talk but not listen...human nature I'm affraid tries to either provide you with a solution, overly focuses on the negatives all the time or just pretends it isnt there.

    It is always the burden of the sufferer to educate or ignore.


    Kitty x

  • I was going to say that it can't hurt to bring your diet up to whatever standards he implies - but I would insist he do it too - and get gentle exercise, like water aerobics or yoga. But those steps would help anyone, not just us FMs.

    The net really is full of contradictions and like everyone has indicated, there is NO cure, just managing your illness. So moderate your activity, don't get worn out, get adequate sleep if you can, get symptoms like pain and depression dealt with the best you can. Those are just a few of the things you can do and hope it helps.

    And be prepared for the nonbelievers, most of whom don't think we are sick because we don't look sick to them. (the invisible disease)

    Hey, how about sending him a link to the forum so he can get some education. Maybe you could even direct him to specific links to discussions like yours?

    It sounds like a real drain on your energy to have to put up with his attitude. I wish you the best.

  • Thanks, but he always eats heathily, and is a gym fanatic. I have had fibro for nearly 20 years, but am getting worse, and i cannot do much. I have to run a house with hardly any money, do all the jobs by myself, so lots doesn't get done. I am so wiped out by daily life, i just could not do exercises. As for eating healthily, i am a fussy eater, which doesn't help, because there are lots of foods, i don't like, plus lots of healthy sort of food, is too expensive. x

  • Fibro in my opinion is not just one illness it is a collection and what works for some will not work for all. I had a rant last week about well meaning people who say have you tried this or that and usually the answer is yes.

    I have found an extreme thing that helps me and certainly can not be tried my many but it is not a cure it just helps me to cope: in case you are wondering I left the country.

  • Hi crakcersgem

    I am so sorry to read of your frustration over this, and I genuinely wish there was a cure for Fibro! I always think that what the media reports about diet and exercise are just mere fashion and fad stories. We are constantly told one thing and then a few years down the line they do a complete u-turn!

    Please do not give up though, there is always hope in life!

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thanks Ken, but it is very frustrating. x

  • Aw if only it was that easy says us !!

    My gp is forever telling me exercise this an that but in all fairness I don't have the energy or mind to do any exercise.. Even to walk round my local shop with my crutch is leaving me out of breath and then I suffer 4 days afterwards. I feel that I do everything 2 try keep the pain at bay an if that means no gym membership 4 me then that's that . Not long been told I have fibro an it's so hard even 2 get out of bed and as 4 the healthy eating a wee cake an custard soon makes me feel a tad better it's all comfort 4 me.

    Maybe this too is ur brothers way of coping that ur unwell?!

    Hope u feel better soon

    Ruth xx

  • I agree, exercise is almost impossible for me too. He read about this doctor who cut certain foods out of her diet, and her fibro was no more. I don't think she could have had it in the first place. I have had fibro for nearly 20 years, plus the things that go along with it. I don't choose to live like this, (no life), and have definately got worse over the years. I am like you, and have the odd cake, or chocolate, as i think, i don't have much pleasure, so why not. But apparently i SHOULD NOT. x

  • Lots of good answers.

    The so called cure may be the condition is so reduced it becomes barely noticeable.

    I cant see a cure despite claims but healthy eating and exercise must surely mitigate symptoms.

    For instance its true overweight people have joint pain because there's too much pressure on the joints. Fibro is a bit different but anything that will ease the condition must surely help.

    I like Clare Hart's suggestions. Good luck

  • I was told that excersise means gentle exercise like going for a walk not sweat breaking in the gym. Ie not sat on your bum all day. Trying to keep moving. Healthy duet has made things more manageable. Oh and tell your bro. If cures were there and that easy we'd all be in the que. Xx

  • I agree, i am walking when i do the shopping, pay bills etc., but then i am wiped out completely. I can't afford alot of healthy food, fruit is expensive, and it doesn't help, that i am a fussy eater. x

  • Exactly- I suffer from people telling me constantly (even my GP) that I look so well, I know it's meant to be a positive comment but it makes me feel that they don't really believe or understand how miserable Fibro makes me feel, xx

  • I know people don't understand, but most of them don't even try to. My G.P. has tried the well known medications, and because they don't make a difference, he now does nothing. He doesn't even give me painkillers, because again the ones he tried didn't work. But i am most annoyed because my brother thinks, if i eat healthily, avoid certain foods, and exercise, i will be well. I can't even do things i have to, let alone exercise. It's okay for him, he is always at the gym, but if he felt like me, i doubt he would be there. xx

  • Yeah, well people who think it can be cured with diet and exercise should try having it for a bit- not that I would wish it on anyone!

    What diet is this supposed to be anyway? I eat healthily and exercise and still feel awful but at least it takes your mind off the pain for awhile.

    If it was possible- what wonderful news for everyone.


  • It was in the newspaper quite some time ago, about a doctor who cut out certain foods, and then she was well. x

  • Thank, Crackersgem, I'll do a search.

    Mine seems to be getting worse as well, so anything is worth a try.

  • Okay, it was quite a while ago that is was in the paper. I think it was the daily mail.

  • If I had a £1 for every time my work colleagues say "Have you taken some pain killers" I wouldn't need to work, and they are nurses who you'd hope could grasp the complexities of it all! Xx

  • You think nurses would have an idea. As you say it is such a illness. x

  • It was supposed to say complex illness.

  • If all r guilty pleasure is a cake or choc were doing alright an frankly my body and me goes thru enough so am gonna enjoy it :) just maybe not tell your brother lol what some people don't no don't hurt them.. I've only recently got told I've fibro my rhemo doc is great have loads of faith in him an his team , there now talking about injection steriods into some of my joints see if that can help me. Life's just got really hard an am gonna enjoy the bits that I can may it b a glass of wine or choc.. My input now u never no wots gonna happen tomorrow or my next docs appointment so why not enjoy the simply things in life :)

    Ruth xxx

  • I used to feel the same, that exercise was impossible. However, then I decided I had to respect myself more, after years of neglecting my self-care, and so I cleaned up my diet - yes, healthy food is not cheap, but neither is the less healthy food - and started daily walking.

    Gradually I started feeling better, and even though a walk would wipe me out and for months I'd have to have a nap when I got home, gradually and eventually, it got easier and I now find myself with more energy and a much better stamina.

    I now notice that when I eat sugary or processed or high "bad" fat foods I do feel a lot more pain and my body gets sluggish and I go into a flare.

    If I overdo the exercise or am "run down" that will cause a flare too, but before I started eating better and exercising, my life was a constant flare. So all in all I'm much better off for it and wouldn't want to go back to limited/no exercise. I'm stronger now, and can - on good days - walk an easy 16 miles or more.

    I'm not saying I agree with your brother that FM can be so easily cured, but I do agree that it helps, and it's surely worth a try. I guess what it comes down to is that if you want to see changes, you have to make changes.

    I decided I was not going to live my life that way forever, and, even though it's really really hard, I wanted to see changes. Bonus is I've also lost weight, which in turn makes me healthier and makes moving around easier.

  • Well, so do I. My husband thinks the same as your brother, (do this, do that, don't eat that & eat this) like you said I also give up. gentle hugs.

  • It is a pain when people keep on to you, and i am sorry your husband is the same. It really annoys me, then i get really depressed about it. I think we have enough to deal with. I really wish people like this would have fibro for a week or so, then see how they feel. Gentle hugs to you too. xx I feel that i don't have any life, no pleasures, so the odd cake or chocolate, i think why not. Might as well be dead. x

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