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Extreme fatigue immediately after eating anything


I know this is a very common question and I have researched both on here, and elsewhere a lot!! My situation however seems slightly different in so much as it happens almost immediate, within just a few minutes of eating. It is not so much "tiredness" but more of a fatigue / brain dead sort of feeling.

I have had lots of blood tests from my GP that have all come up with no issues. These included blood sugars, thyroid, anaemia, vitamin deficiencies etc etc =- all clear.

It has been going on for a couple of years, but is not getting worse.

I have tried all the usual, cutting out dairy, cutting out glucose, cutting out carbs etc, to no effect at all. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat, but it is related to portion size. I currently eat very small potions to limit the effect, but it is still there and "gets in the way of my life".

Age = 65. Otherwise healthy. Slight "beer gut" but not obese. I eat healthy food. I get a fair bit of out doors exercise.

I think the interesting bit is that it comes on so very quickly.

Any thoughts / comments appreciated.

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I used to get that and never truly found the source but GP reckoned it was an undefined allergy. It got so bad that within moments of eating whatever it was that set me off, I could fall asleep regardless of where I was. We narrowed it down to some sort of flour even though I am gluten free. It was a random occurrence as I could eat, say a shortbread biscuit, one day and be severely affected, eat the same brand another day and not be affected. Sorry I'm not much good news except over the years my reaction has decreased. I guess it's all part of the same family of things that trigger fibro and cause a flare, often unknown and random. Good luck in finding an answer

I’m nowt sure how common it is I’m fatigued all time but I know a few members of my family have to nap after eating I would be napping all time if I slept through fatigue lol so don’t nap but lots of my family members do and it’s generally after food xxxx

The beer gut may be a key symptom!

Weigh yourself for s few days and keep symptom diary.

Try low lectin and low histamine diet for 4 days, impoartant to follow it religously.

You are looking for at least one of 2 changes ultimately both;

Significant reduction in fatigue, and a dramatic weight loss of several kg's.

The diets overlap and for different reasons are anti inflammatory. If you are sensitive to lectins and histamines then you will initially shed kg's if water as the inflammation in yoir body subsides.

When arteries are attacked, they lay down cholesterol platelets to protect walls from further damage, clogging them and leading to high blood pressure, heart attacks etc.

When the gut linings attacked, the body can't protect it which cholesterol platelets on the inside, as they get digested, so it stacks it around the intestines, leading to the familiar beer gut. (Beer is high histmine and lectin)

If and only if those 1st few days show large water loss, then continuing on diet (without restricting calories) will see the beer gut disappear over a few months too which is a nice bonus.

When I tried this for my psoriatic arthritis, 1st surprise was I woke ip in a couple of days, and realised I had been suffering CFS for years. 2nd surprise was the weight loss. Neither were expected, I was Hopiing to improve my arthritis by normalisibg tnf levels which is a clinically proven outcome of a low lectin diet.

If you are lectin/ h histamine sensitive then the fatigue is your autoimmune system activating, in the same way as you feel tired and a chat when you have a bad flu.

If this diet has shown big improvements in 4 days, abandon it. It is a little extreme and without medical need I would consider it an eating disorder.

I wonder if it may be a Type 2 diabetes thing, My late husband was like this and it was eventually discovered he was Type 2. It took several years to diagnose him, as the symptoms soon wore off and his eating regime was intermittent, due to his work.

Thanks for the input folks.

iongrill - I have not yet looked into your diet suggestions, but I do know that the word in your text "histamine" rang a big bell, because if I ever get a wasp sting or similar, I get a strong histamine over reaction that needs pills or cream to relieve. I don't yet know what lectins are, but I will for sure check into what you say and check it out. ps - the "beer gut" is more of a red wine gut ;) - I'm one of those folk that slowly get through a bottle a night after dinner.

Midori - T2 Diabetes - This what I thought. But I have to say, the fatigue comes on so VERY quickly, I don't think my tummy would have had time to know what had just arrived. They gave me a blood sugar tester that I had to use for 2 weeks, the readings before and after meals were always in the green zone. Time will tell however.

omg , me too, eating even small amounts of food for me can cause fatigue and / or sweats - hard to pinpoint exact cause as random occurrence

I thought I was alone in this

my diet is mainly plant based with oily fish 2 or 3 times a week, no meat, no eggs, no dairy

ah well, more experimentation required for me!

Hi oldwomaninpain, I am amazed at just how common these symptoms are!!

I am also puzzled why the doctor cannot give any indication as to the cause. There must be some change in body chemistry they can find. I suggested he did a blood test very soon after I had a meal, but they said that it would not prove anything = strange I thought.

With me, it's not random, it's every time I eat and eat anything, not just certain things. It is directly related to portion size. A bowl of cereal (with cow milk / goat milk / soya milk / almond milk / yes, I have tried them all) and withing 5 minutes I am a bit fatigued. A healthy style proper dinner, and within minutes I am wrecked for an hour or two.

in reply to ghost123uk

It takes energy to digest food ... I have had this but was very underweight! at time

I find that if I eat certain foods I get that feeling very soon after a meal. I literally go zombified. I found overprocessed bread and certain cakes to be my worse enemy. Perhaps try keeping a diary of everything you eat for a couple of weeks and note down what foods seem to trigger the worse reaction as it does sound food based. I have found since having fibro there are certain foods that have an adverse action which before fibro I could have eaten with no bad effects.x

@ rosewine, Oh I certainly did that (keep a diary) in a BIG way. Before I retired I was a computer consultant, and I love complicated spreadsheets, so that is what I did. Everything I ate, what it was and how much of it, went on a spreadsheet on a little laptop in the kitchen. Then I gave myself a "tiredness factor" 15 minutes after eating, and again, about an hour after eating. I even arranged for the results to be automatically colour coded, from green through orange to red. Guess what, even after about 2 months of cutting this out and cutting that out, the results only proved that it was directly proportional to quantity of food and it did not seem to matter what the food was !!!!

I find it odd that when the symptoms seem so common and so well defined, that the doctors can do nothing other than just scratch there heads.


Extreme fatigue. .. I was exactly the same ....to the point I'm eating to help me sleep works better than anything else lol x

Relaxandbreathe, when you say "I was like that", what caused it to change please?

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