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Healthy Living/ Eating support and reciepes

hello everyone, I been intouch with admin, at present the sight is not set up to have a seperate section for the above, so what we thought was that I can keep mentioning it daily on blogs to remind and encourage us all to get involved and add things. So please offer support, advice, ideas, receipes etc either by coming back to this blog or using a new blog but with the title of healthy living, and if people want to message me receipes I will put a collection all at once on a blog so they all stay together. I hope this all makes sence lets get tapping away lol hugs and smiles xx

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hiand well done you that was quick and glad you got a posotive response from admins that all good then il look forward to seeing all you ideas and recipes on the forum will ther be any for carrot cake lol(only joking i had a thing going for carrot cake if you can remmeber it wa a standing joke on here for a few weeks i used to buy them from poundland and eat them all lol love to you diddle xx



Hi Tess I have just found the news paper article I meantioned to you earlier and this is what the doctor actaully wrote if you want to edit it it for this blog heading then please do

This is what the dr Morrison said you can eat


Meat and Fish

Dairy (NOT) soya milk

White Bread NOT brown


Fruit:- Bananas, pears, cherries, melon, coconut,

Vegetables :- Cauliflower, iceberg lettuce, mushrooms, onions, peas,

White Chocolate,

White rice.

Rice crispies / Ricicles

White Pepper

Vegetable Oil (NOT) Sesame Oil


Wine, Spirits,



Clear Apple Juice


Tea, Coffee, Milk and Plain Chocolate, cocoa,

Nuts (including peanut butter,}and marzipan (almond paste)

Wheat germ (bran cereals, wholemeal bread)

Fruit Berries ,,,,Blueberries, Blackberries etc (all fruits with berry in it )

Beans :- Baked beans, Kidney beans ,Black beans , and Green beans.

Fuit juice of medium to high Oxalates fruits such as Cranberry and Orange.

Vegetables:- Rhubarb, Beetroot,Celery,Spinach,Pototoes,Leeks, Carrots, Green Peppers,Parsnips,

Herbs and Seeds:- Parsley,sesame/poppy seeds, black pepper.

Peel of Citrus fruits, (marmalade, candied peel, friut cake)


Vitamin C Tablets


Chicken and Bacon Pasta bake

Cheese and onion omlette

Cauliflower cheese with an meat or fish .

Stir-fry with bean shoots, egg noodles, chicken mushrooms , rice

Baguette, with cheese or pate

Kedgeree made with smoked haddock, rice, hard boiled eggs , peas, and white pepper.

Desserts from Bananas Pears, Melon

A full list of LOW OXALATE DIET FOODS can be found at ohf.org/docs/Oxalate2008.pdf

Also Google Oxalate foods and see other web sites if you wish hope this is the kind of thing you are looking for Tess please let me know when you have a minute or two

Warm wishes and smiles



wow what clear info, thanks Bri this is great. How long does it recommed you do before you start seeing a difference. hugs snd smiles xx


Hi Tess Sorry for late reply its only 1 25 am lol early for me often see 2 3 4 5 am

Ok, The doctor who wrote the article apparently had been suffering with fibro for about 2 years and she said " After 2 years of misery my condition was getting worse --- but I then came across the theory that fibromyalgia may be linked to oxalates, which are compounds found in healthy' foods , such as fruit vegetables, salads nuts and beans.

I cut these out of my diet and overnight my symptoms disappeared--- the disabling muscle pains, tingling legs, fatigue and inability to concentrate all went,

But if I ate food rich in oxalates,the symptoms returned within hours.

But she then went on to say everybody is different and it may not work for everybody but those who have typical symptoms of fibro should so vast improvement after about 3 to 4 weeks she then goes on to say try it for the 3 weeks as you have nothing to lose

But Tess since reading the whole article I have delved much deeper into this and I have discovered that apparently if you have suffered for a long time with fibro then sadly it is not likely to work for you in a short time as there is the vast amount of Oxalate in the body and will take a lot longer to disperse,

Also, again from reading more into the subject it is more likely to work more efficiently if you use specific food supplements which help "bind" the oxalate which assists the Oxalate to be excreted from the body in the persons stools as opposed to urine ,

So the answer really is it depends on the individuals circumstances Tess

Hope this is helpful and not too long winded ,,,,, aching now lol so take care

Warm hugs and smiles

Bri x


Those meal ideas all sound really nice :)


Oh isn't it funny how we're all different. Your diet would kill me off. I'm highly sensitive to dairy, mushroom, yeast, so bread, caffiene, so cola and chocolate. and to say sugar? Is good to eat? When so many of us have Candida issues? I don't understand lol....

Obviously it's so important to research our own sensitivities. The lectin story is a great place to start and easy to google x


OK. I have recently been diagnosed with fibromyagia. After 4 years of suffering. I am desperate to find some answers



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