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Do you know whats annoying me? I can sorta cope with food having no flavour but having problems with liquids. Cant drink water, milk or squash anymore they make me sick or gives me dry mouth. Only stuff I can drink at mo is pop and lucozade. But they are very expensive and not good for teeth and tummy. Lamotrogine im taking strips skin from inside of mouth and that doesnt help with dry mouth! Only thing clears it is the pop and lucozade. Anyone else have this and have any suggestions?xx

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  • I am sorry that you are having such problems, that must be so horrid for you. My GP prescribed glandosane for my dry mouth, it's a spray which you squirt into your mouth, it's like artificial saliva. The other thing I have found that works for me, though I don't like it very much, but it certainly helps, is chewing sugar free gum, it helps saliva production and even my dentist is in favour of doing so as the saliva helps plague from forming. Godd wishes, and I hope this may be of some help to you. Foggy x

  • Was thinking bout artificial spit! Phaps I should give it a go. Thanx xx

  • Have you tried bottled sparkling water instead of pop - you can buy own brand basic label 2 ltr bottles for around 20p (I've found it for about 17p). I need my bubbles and like to have it at night - especially if I have to give fasting bloods next morning.

  • Umm dont like taste but surely I could add flavouring? Think its the carbonation that helps me too!and u wouldnt get the quinine like soda water. Ideas on flavourings? It would b like making me own pop without a sodastream!xx

  • Yepp I use morphine too. Water doesnt ave enough weight/texture to it. I know that prob doesnt make sense, but only way to describe it!xx

  • I use sparkling water - the cheap one from Lidl, and a dash of fresh lemon,(Lidl's lemons as well) but I guess any fruit juice that you like would do.

    You could use a drop of carton orange juice, for instance, or grapefruit and pineapple - they're all nice.

    This is soothing, refreshing and much cheaper and better for you than sugary pop or Lucozade.

    I don't use any sugar or sweeteners, 'cos I just put the merest squidge of juice into the glass, but the quantities and sweetness are up to you :)

    Moffy x

  • Thanx guys had run outta things to try. Brain freeze again!xx

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