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I can't stop eating


Hi All,

I am ravenous all the time and never get full! Is that common to Fibro, I am putting on weight but I can't stop eating! :(

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I find I never feel full if I eat empty carb foods, if I have wholesome wheatfree meals I dont feel like I need to eat as much, plus your body could be telling you your deficient in something, try to note what it is your wanting and also see if there is a trigger, like someone who associates having a smokes after a meal there may be a pattern you've fallen into.

after 16 years I've gotten used to my patterns, hope you find yours :-)


Wholesome wheat free? Please explain, I'm not much of a cook I'm afraid :/

Ah I'll keep to fuller meals with basmati brown rice, wheat free pasta and home made soup, all avoiding wheat, potaoes and all processed foods, just have smaller portions for lunchs, fish, chicken, beans for protein which is really important for FM, the right food can really reduce some symptoms and wrong food exacerbate others. One of my fav meals and so easy is my homemade winter warmer soup.

Happy to share any ideas or recipes.

Have you thought of a food diary to see if you find a pattern with a trigger food and symptoms.

Hope this helps



I don't know what meds you are on if any, but some of the meds I get make me want to eat concstantly Christine x


hi well i am the oposite i am afraid i normally eat more the week before my period is due (sorry to all you men )especially sweet stuff but apart from that my appetite is not really very good at all. i have to eat what i fancy when i fancy it i.e carrot cake lol

but seriously i have actually lost just over a stone

i hope rhat you are ok love diddle x

During the first 2 years of my diagnosis i piled on Friday 5 stone!!!! This was down to not realizing about food making me worse and eating for the sake of it. Eventually i realized eating lazily made me hungry. The meds i was taking piled on the weight. I have now lost 3 1/2......i changed my diet to lean white meat lots of fruit and veg and very little wheat. My meds have been changed and Im now able to lightly exercise and take my little dog for little walks. Good luck xxx

Are you on steroids (prednisolone)? Prescribed for asthma as well as an anti-inflamatory for conditions such as rhuematic arthritis especially when allergic to aspirin/nurofen type medications. Steroids make you feel as if you are actually starving, and it's not even as though a nice fresh bowl of salad will do anything for you! Seriously, if you are on steroids you cannot just stop them without your Doctors full support, but would advise anyone to get off them asap. Wish you all the best.

No I'm not on steroids. I have tried fruit and veg, and I have made my own soups but I am never full. I am starving ALL the time! I have tried ignoring it but it makes me feel ill. I know I am putting on weight and I am going to weight watchers to try and help but the potions they suggest are just not enough and leave me feeling still hungry! I will try the no wheat diet though as it might help with my fibro symptoms!! Thanks guys xx

Gracie59 in reply to dag338

Ask your GP to refer you to a dietician before it's too late!

I put on 5 stone in a year due to meds unrelated to fibro. And now both my knees are worn out due to all that extra weight - osteoarthritis.

And some fibro meds can also give you a huge appetite - and the more painful it gets, the less you move. the less you move, the more weight you gain. it's a vicious circle.

I have completed a "Slim for Life" course on the NHS. It doesn't mean following a strict diet, but it does mean some lifestyle changes. You are even allowed to eat doughnuts (not every day!) and never go hungry.

Now we get weighed in private every month. I wish I had been able to do this sooner.

I have been losing weight very slowly - with a major blip at Christmas and a lesser blip at Easter.

I was then referred onto a "Fit for Life" scheme, attending exercise classes for people with health problems. Never in a million years did I think I was ever going to exercise again.

Exercise plays a huge part in a regime to lose weight - give it a go if you are still mobile enough. I could have done with this years ago.

Good luck!

If it helps i have days where i am starving and just want to eat to the point i feel sick, then i go for days just nibbling...so i make myself stick to a regime of porridge for brekkie, fruit lunch, and evening meal......No matter what and even if i only eat a little i am eating healthy plus i am totally wheat gluten and dairy free...

I don't think feeling hungry is a symptom of fibro but it could be a symptom of any drugs you're on. Last week the Dr put me on diclofenic, I've felt sick, light headed and starving all at the same time since. Stopped taking them today the side effects were worse than the pain!! Also IBS is often a symptom of fibro if you're a sufferer then your stomach churning could well make you think you're hungry. I don't know about anyone else on here but I find my stomach is so noisy that's what keeps me awake half the time! x

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