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Have any of you used Naproxen or have any views on it as pain relieve.


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if you search up top you will see a number of people on the forum do use this and other NSAIDS. I personally do not like them as our condition is not an inflammation based one so you are taking something that could upset your stomach and part of it is not going to be of benefit to you.

But the pain relief some get is the only thing they can take for it so its a personal choice.


I use naproxen as one of my meds & I find it very useful I take 1000mg per day & have been on it for about 5 years. It does not affect my stomach at all

I have used it with good results for inflammation but not good results for the deep aching, stretching like a tight rubber band feeling.

I've also used it and have found it effective. I need to take it for a couple of days for it to start working. However fear of side effects made me stop taking it every day. I take it occasionally a few days at a time.

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Don’t worry too much about side effects, they are different to each person and to every new drug we take. I have been on it for many years with no issues and no side effects when I first started on it. If we let the side effects worry is we would never take any medication

Hi i take it 500mg twice a day. You need to take it with omeprazol or lanzoprazole a high dose to protect your tummy from bleeding and ulcers

I have tried the but they didn't do anything.

Same for me as for Lexapug absolutely nothing, no help whatsoever other than major constipation! Use a different NSAID with good results though so as always what works for one person won't necessarily work for another, trial & error.

Naproxen is good pain relief but it as it's throwbacks and can cause a lot of problems , ulcers, constipation, and the one that got me ulcerative colitis which now thank god I have it under control with medication. Clive X

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