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Pain to touch and no sleep


Morning ppl,

I'm asking a question as I dont know anybody around me with fybromaligia spectrum.

I'm having the worse few weeks of my life. My pain has flared up big time. Cant comb my hair my body wont rest. One more thing which may make u laugh or cringe my incontinence is so bad and to top it of it has set of my valve it took 5 hours to stop pulsing. Tears shouting ect ect still in pain no tablets worked.

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Hun I feel for you, going thru the same problems with a nasty flare up too,I've got a knotted pain between my shoulders,I've been sticking Voltarol plaster on the pain.I've been lucky to see a rheumatologist in the city hospital Manchester who looked after me years ago when I worked there,,in the space of 9 days he had arranged occupational therapy,physio,hydrotherapy and see a colleague who is a Uro gynae doctor for my urine leaking.. Sometimes asking your g.p to send you somewhere else for another pair of eyes and ears can bring better results..I will let people know how I progress.

I find meditation lavender oil and my electric blanket helps for me Along with my meds... the pain is horrendous when we get a flare and I feel your pain 😢 what medication has your doctor put you on chow chang Sox? If you don’t mind me asking 😘

Gabapentin, pregabalin was on morphine tabs and morph liquid. My son said I should try that oil one smokes without the high. I'm just at my wits end

I have a friend that takes cbd 600 oil for his condition and it’s worked for him he’s not a Fibro sufferer but cbd works on a multitude of conditions it’s worth a try !! But you need the high strength not hemp they sell in Holland and barratt.. I will gladly get the details for you x

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