Horrid pain and touch hurts

Horrid pains and can't even wear glasses or bra cos they hurt so much...Haven't been diagnosed with Fibro, but with 'wide spread pain' and spondylosis of neck. Pain is so bad I sometimes don't sleep for months and in the last year even the slightest touch have started to hurt. I can't even wear my glasses cos they hurt my nose so much,so am walking around half-blind. Bra hurts, clothes hurt, pins and needles on legs a lot, restless legs. Just don't know what to do anymore. No more help from NHS as have been already seen by rheumatologist and pain clinic. Does anybody know what is wrong with me and what can I do? I'm at my wits end,can't live like this...Many thanks in advance. Have a good day everybody!

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  • HelloSherrisix, I too get these problems, my specs sometimes pinch all over my face and bras- forget it!! My chest swell under bra line after I eat I have a hiatus hernia and I think that is the culprit there, as for specs I know they needs adjusting from time to time and that's my next visit when my cough/cold subsides a bit, I can see without my specs its just distance. restless legs- yes I had this for many years, I sleep with a pillow between my knees, I ensure to do a stretching session before I go to bed, I was wondering about the hurting, is it that like me; when you itch an area near muscle its hurts terribly after? I have the remains of Anky spond in my neck too and so pillow wise I have feather & down. I have hydrotherapy weekly and I go to swimming bths with my daughter, she swims and I sit in the Jacuzzi, the warm bubbles help with aches & pains, we go late evening when most have gone home .Lately I had some acupuncture on pressure points and intend to try some more soon as it had good effects, maybe try something of this nature see if it helps.

  • Thank you so much for your kind help, will try some of these. Hope you will have a reasonably pain free day today!

  • Hi sherrisix

    What did the Rheumatologist say to you? Did he have any explanation at all for your widespread pain?

    There is another condition that causes widespread pain which is Polymyalgia.

    I would go back to your GP with a written list of your symptoms.

    Also if you can write in a diary when you have the pain and where it is that will help the GP or Consultants you see.

    Ask to be referred to a different Rheumatologist at a different hospital and ask for a second opinion.

    If your GP refuses consider changing your Surgery altogether.

    Wishing you less pain and more peace

    Lu xx

  • I had never even heard of Polymyalgia,but I do seem to have many of its symptoms! I saw the rheumatologist a few years ago, when touch wasn't a big problem yet,and he said all my pains come from my neck spondylosis, as my neck is like an old woman's (I'm in my 40's). However the pain clinic said that my pains are nothing to do with my neck, but that somehow my nervous system for pain is so sensitive, no medicine can help,but he has referred me to pain management course which can apparently help? I think I will go back to my GP again and ask if he could refer me back to rheumatologist. At least I can try. Many thanks for your kind information. Hope you will have a good day!

  • Hi Sherrisix and Bluemermaid

    Great advice,I have been trying to keep a diary (some t I'll mens far too tired) I have also made a list of all the symptoms I have had since being off work with recent flair up. I sleep and sit with cushion between legs. My buttocks and hips also hurt so like to sit on very soft cushioned pillow. My shoulders, arms, neck, elbows knees, hips and ankles hurt, e s p specially if touched. Some nights even bedding hurts?! My memory is rubbish (but getting better slowly I think ) chronic fatigue and speech sounds as if I am drunk!(not honestly!😉). Also have tremors in hands on lots of occasions. Arms and hands are very weak most days.

    Take care all, glad you are all there, sorry to moan x

  • Hi sherrisix i have had pain like that for year's especially my lower legs but my arms shoulders neck can be just as bad it stops me from wearing a lot of different clothing. Bra straps and fasteners can be a real pain I've even had to cut labels off, my rheumatologist noticed it straight away and said it was caused by the fibro. The only time my glasses hurt my face is when my sinusitis has flared up. I'm really sorry that your in so much pain my advice would be to tell your gp about all your painful areas gentle hugs Rosie xx

  • Rosie thank you so much for your kind reply. I will go and have another chat with GP again about my pains. Sending gentle hugs back to you too,hope you are having a pain free day!

  • Yep dumped the bra 😀. Can't wear my favourite coat anymore, hurts arms too much, so know what you are saying. Sending gentle hugs also 💕

  • You may also want to try a Epsom salt and Himalayan salt relaxing bath, that seems to help me. X

  • I hope it eases of soon i don't mean it will go away completely but when i gently rub some voltrol on i sometime get a bit relief gentle hugs Rosie xxx

  • I'm so sorry you are struggling so? Have you tried magnesium chloride oil? That might help. Dilute it with distilled water way more than suggested as it can be irritating if you are really deficient.

    I rub it on whenever I feel the need, but I always rib it on before bed. It tales the edge of the pain and relaxes the muscles.

    If your pains are like mine, as it kind of sounds that way. All my muscles are tight and when I start loosening them I noticed they were all knotted up.

    So I get regular massages and go to chiropractor. But I would suggest loosening the muscles some before starting massages, that was rough. I was getting massages for several months before I figured out how to loosen my muscles is other ways.

    I hope you find some relief.

    Take care××

  • Never heard of Magnesium Chloride Oil, but just did some research and it sounds very promising. Can't wait to try it. Ordering it from Amazon today. Thank you so much for great help. Hope you will have a nice day!

  • I use this, I really think it helps. One of my son's is a personal trainer and advised me to try magnesium tablets as well and vitamin B's, he also made up a cereal for me of oats, lineseeds Chia seeds and mixed nuts which I take with Greek yoghurt and a little honey. And now drinking green tea and lots of water, no processed foods, I feel able to cope, so think a good diet is helping somewhat.

  • Hi sherrisix

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. It may be beneficial to talk to your doctor about how you are feeling? Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Ken many thanks for your kind words. Will talk to doc. Hope you will have a nice day!

  • :) :)

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