No Sleep!

Well went to bed at a sensible time last night (9pm) and have been awake ALL night! Had the ultimate mixture of suddenly feeling on edge with a mild anxiety attack, followed by not feeling tired, then got a little bit of restless legs, all alongside pain in my back and left shoulder. Now it is 0530 am and I have to look at getting up with a busy day and loads of driving and now i feel a little bit tired........

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  • Me too hun in bed 10 awake 2.30 just want some sleep xxx

  • I seem to be up all night 2 or 3 times a week recently. Well tired when I go to bed, then can't find my brain's off switch. Go to the toilet, arm is jumping around, then forget tired, I am wide awake until just after 6am.

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  • Is advertising and selling allowed on tis Forum?

  • I feel exactly the same I swear the same.

    I'm supposed to go to a sewing class this morning about 5-7miles away by car, my pain levels are through the roof.

    I shouldn't drive let alone use a sewing machine for the 1st time, advice do I go or do I cancel and lose my money £20???

  • I can help you, just send email to

  • Hi Lottieonline,

    Can someone else drive you to the class, if not I'd suggest you still try & go maybe get a taxi, it'll be worth it, you probably never slept through subconsciously worrying about using a sewing machine for first time, you will get your second wind energy & alertness, don't give into the tiredness, sleep when you get back home, you'll sleep better for knowing you achieved something different today. Good luck enjoy the class let me know how you got on. love & hugs Honor xx

  • I cancelled it until Sunday, and I will let you know thanks x

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  • That's three times you have advertised your product. This is a chat forum for support and advice not a free market place for mirical cures!

  • I agree, I wouldn't buy a product on here well done for mentioning it. Where is Admin, get rid of the sales person on here please

  • I'm late since I'm in U.S., but your "peddling" a product ~ repeatedly ~ on this HEALTH CHAT Forum is not allowed, as *I understand the rules* ... One time is one too many, three ... well over the line.

    I have terrible sleep issues, but I would not visit your site since you seemingly overstep the boundaries of our Forum w/o a care.

  • Sounds almost exactly like me at the moment at least 2 days a week.

    I can't quite put my finger on a specific cause of the lack of sleep but I think it's that I'm not relaxed enough to sleep. I've got to go see the occupational health doctor and I'm seeing management at work next week which is probably a reason my brain is staying active. Plus I've also changed some medication 4 weeks ago and I'm not quite ontop of the changes yet. I'm starting a 6 week chronic pain self management course next week.

    My doctor has signed me off for another 4 weeks with a suggestion I should re-engage with the local NHS counselling service to talk about relaxation and that I can expect to be absent from work at least until I've finished the course as he sees it as an important step towards recovery.

    I've been absent this time since 12th January - with a failed attempt to return in May. In the last 18 months to 2 years I have been absent more than I have been there so some recovery is long overdue. I think shortly I have a fight on my hands about keeping my employment, redeployment, dropping responsibility and/or hours which also isn't helping and playing on my mind but luckily my doctor is very supportive and has lots of experience assisting with report writing and discussion with occupational health - we have discussed this at great length! I work in local authority I used to be a union steward and have representation from a very good Union convenor which I feel comfortable with. I may even end up with ill health retirement and as I was recently awarded enhanced rate PIP for both care and mobility, should be able to manage with this, any pension and ESA for a short while until I am well enough to return to work properly.

    I just wish I could convince myself that it will all be OK and I just need to continue working on it :-)

    Hope you get better sleep soon and that the weather stays nice but not quite as hot as it has been!

    I had 4 hours last night, 3 on Monday night, 7 Sunday night and none on Saturday night... I'm ready for a duvet day as none of them were unbroken but it won't be until next week as I have quite a busy week pfffffffttttt. Let's hope I get a few hours sometime soon without waking up and don't need to nap in the day. I've just had to take oramorph as the pain in my left shin was so bad when I woke up I couldn't weight bear to go for a tinkle, let's hope it starts to work soon so I don't wet the bed ha ha!!!

    All the best

    Clare xxx

  • Hi Sean2375, I know just where you are coming from, I too have restless nights, pain, anxiety & all the rest! I have tried various things to try help sleep, but when the Fibro takes over, there seems no stopping it. My nighttime routine now, is hot chocolate before bed, save pain killers until just before get into bed, take rest of night meds & last thing I do, is spray my pillow and edge of duvet with a sleep/relaxing, calming spray by Champneys (bought from Boots) as this helps you alledgedly relax and drift into sleep! Who knows, I'll try anything! But good luck getting a good night sleep tonight.

  • I think you may be trying to go to sleep too early I have found that if I go to bed and read 📖 or play games on my phone for 1-2 hours when feel sleepy put down wat I am doing and I am gone wake up 8 hours later

  • Hugs your way,,

    I no how you are feeling I have had the same kind of night myself,

  • I am exactly the same every night for months now, I cant sleep when i put my head on the pillow its like a lightbulb goes on in my head and all of a sudden my brain goes into total overdrive. I have been trying mindfulness which is to help you focus on shutting the brain off and focusing on breathing not always easy. I find i fall asleep about 5-6 in the morning and wake at 11 then i feel guilty if anyone rings the doorbell not that many people do except the postman but i feel guilty anyway for still being in bed at that time. I know my situation will also improve if i ever move as i have to have ear plugs in to shut out the noise from above even more so with the warmer weather a german shepherd dog scratching which sounds like someone hammering nails into the ceiling is quite scary when you first manage to drift off to sleep as you really don't know where you are even with the ear plugs in. Restless legs have been bad again lately as well driving me nuts. Along with a Dr that i have had to fight all the way for eight months to get anti depressants or anything really. Decided i will not be going to see him again.

  • Hi all I have been the same this week think mine is anxiety! Don't know why never had it before so I've been meditating and that have worked for me hope you all get some sleep soon xx

  • I didn't get a wink last night and seeing double typing this. Best I try and sleep for an hour!

  • I am not yet diagnosed but find when I try to sleep I get an almost aggressive feeling and in the end have to get upset about 2 in the morning sit and watch TV for an hour then go back to bed. Sometimes this works sometimes not.

    My rheumatologist has said I have "an underlying inflammatory condition which only shows up when they try to wean me off prednisolone which I have been on 20mg daily for 18 YEARS!!! I have no osteoporosis problems as I take all the supplements and alendronic acid and have always exercised a lot. Until they tried to wean me off using hydrocortisone. Then I collapsed in a big heap with all the symptoms described on this website. here. Funny thing is though, if i go back on pred at only 10mg all symptoms disappear. The only leftover now is that I was put on tramadol for pain and am now into 7th week of phased withdrawal. I found out the hard way about cold turkey as no one from docs or pharmacy told me that this drug had severe withdrawal effects. Now on 100 mg per day and pain not coming back. So it must be pred keeping me going. Am being put on methotrexate for the condition and hope then to be able to finally get rid of pred and it's anxiety, sweating, shaking, agitation etc.

    I definitely identify with your sleep problem. It's almost like a real aggressive feeling. And it won't go away. I had put it down to tramadol withdrawal.

    Perhaps that's not the case.

  • Cheers everyone! For your messages! I have just got home from running around like a nutter all day after last nights no sleep, to being moaned at for being a bit grumpy like it's deliberately my fault I didn't sleep last night. Will just have to see how this evening goes! Sean x

  • Yes no consolation but this is how my fibro has been playing for some time feel. It's almost 3am before I start to feel like I might be able to sleep! Take 2 tramadol and waken up again at 6am and that's it. I hope you get a night's sleep soon.

  • I feel lucky if I get two hours together one of the reasons I gave up work was because I can't function due to lack of sleep some days I can't remember how the cooker works

  • I've woken up before not even knowing where I am, what day it is and stare at my husband and think do I know you? It only lasts a few minutes but it is scary

  • I wanted to do a bbq for the family tonight but felt I couldn't do it safely with so little sleep.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to reads that and I sincerely hope that you manage some good quality sleep tonight.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Me too can fall asleep on sofa but go to bed awake or go to sleep up at 2.30pm can not switch off good luck x

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