Pain/Fatigue lots of sleep - Fatigue with no sleep

Hi all

I recently told you all of the pain & fatigue I had, that I had never experience. I'd like to thank you all for your concerns & kind words.

Well, from Friday I seem to have gone the opposite way. Today when out shopping I was driving & took the most excrutiant groin pain right down my leg. Thankfully it was only a short distance from home. By the time Ibgot back into the house I had broke out in a cold sweat & felt sick. However, I was'nt. I took a 75mg of Lyrica & 2 Naproxin with 2 paracetamol I sat on my reclyner chair withbmy legs up & a nice cold glass of water. I fekt very tired but could'nt fall into a sleep. I decided to get into bed in the hope that I would sleep there but no. I tried to read but my eyes were too heavy & I had to give up on tthe reanding.

It is now 01.54am & I am still not sleeping.

Does anyone else ever feel like this?

Luv & Hugs


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  • Today I couldn't wake up, tonight I can't sleep. I know planet earth has 24 hour days ... but I'm sure my body clock is set for 30 hour days where I sleep 20 hours and am awake for 10!!

    Julie xx

  • I have completely the same problem JulieI don't get up until 11-ish, I just physically can't do it after being awake most of every night. Then when I am up, I could sleep all day!

    I am sure my body clock needs resetting! What is the point of being wide awake all night and wanting to sleep all day - crazy Fibro! Very frustrating at times!

  • Hi Julie

    Lol think I'm pretty much the same at the moment. Like a baby whose sleepinv back to front.

    Have a nice day.

    Luv & Hugs


  • I always have restless nights, I take 40mg of Morphine, 600mg of Gabapentin, 10mg of Nortriptyline and 1,000mg of Paracetamol at night. I still wake every two to three hours unable to bend my fingers, the pain in my right foot is incredible... I was on 60mg Morphine and 900mg of Gabapentin... I have just dropped them down..

  • Hi Grimbo

    Jeez that sounds like a hell of a lot of medication to be taking at one time.

    I'm not long home from my bro's. Made a cuppa & sat down to check up on my replies & now I'm struggling to keep my eyes awake.

    Luv & Hugs


  • Grimbo,

    That is a lot of meds and my gp told me that too may can make things worse and they actually did. I wonder if you should go for a meds review as sometimes they give new meds without checking what your already on. Just a thought x

  • Aye, that's why I cut down myself. I also suffer very bad with my lower back, hence the morphine. I was on 120mg per day, so I tried lowering it down over a month to 30mg twice daily, but could not manage, I have had to put it up to 40mg, which is not bad, but still pain from all angles. Always mid afternoon, I just want to shut my eyes and sleep, up again at 3 am today, read until 6.30am then dozed until 8am...

  • Awww Grimbo

    Thats awful for you. My main problem is my lower back, groin, hip & right down my leg. sometime my leg would go into like a cramp, I dont know if its a spasm or not, its only started happening these past couple of weeks. I know about it when my back spasms.

    There is nothing worse than feeling so tired & your eyes are closing but you cant sleep. I am a big reader too. I have a Kindle & would be lost without it, plus its light in weight compared to holding a book. I have'nt even watched TV these pazt few weeks as nothing holds my attention & I cant bare the noise & the picture on the screen.

    I do trt to keep active about my apartment, pacing myself keeping up to date wiyh my house work. It now takes me all day to do what I used to do in a year.

    I've a busy day tomorrow. I am getting a new bed delivered & I've to take my brother to the hospital for an appointment at 3pm. We are going to have to leave about 1pm to allow us time to get in & parked then on comming home we will hit the work traffic. Maybe I'll getva goodnights sleep in the new bed? Fingers crossed.

    Luv & Hugs to you Grimbo. Take care with your medication :o)


  • I meant to say it now takes me all day to do what I used to do in a year.

  • I've done it again. My head is pickeld.

    I said year when I meant a. hour lol

  • I am so glad other people do this, too! :)

    Sara xx

  • I seem to spend every night just trying to go to sleep, even though I am exhausted!! I used to read but alately the words just blur together

  • i find it hard to make plans..and keep to sleep pattern is very random...from little excess hrs...i can also go bed at 8am sleep till about 9pm wake for a hr...then back to sleep till 12pm next day and still feel tired when i wake....and ect...unreliable i am i let people down.but people who truly no me are aware of it.i believed until couple days ago was all down to my mental health.which i on top of..but believed this was something which i can understand more why i like that...diagnoised with fibro 5yrs ago..never told what it ment..looking on net, symtoms i have had for yrs before diagnoised..which i no every other options had to be ruled out.finaly last piece of the jigsaw fits..sites like this have helped me put key piece in jigsaw...joined up today.

  • Hi Coco

    The words probably blur together because you are so tired. Thats how I get after a while.

    I have'nt done tok bad tonite. I think I fell asleep around 10ish & woke ar 3.40am.

    I hope you manage to get some sleep tonite.

    Luv & Hugs


  • Hi Debuk

    I know exactly what you mean. I have had mental health problem for 19 yrs now. I lost fiends, 2 jobs & my home over it all only to make me worse. Its also the truth about who are true stay with you through the hard times too. I learnt who. really cares. For me its been just my family & one true best friend who died very suddenly almost 2 years ago.

    I am not a dependable person either. I would make arrangements & either feel I dont want to go or I am just too tired & sore to be able to go.

    Like yourself I am just learning about fibro as the time comes along. I was diagnosex in February this year. Last week was the first I had felt the extreme tiredness & slept continually for almost a week.

    It is so good that you can come on here & discuss things with people who believe & unxerstand you.

    Luv & Hugs


  • thankyou jusjac.i beliefed my mind created it the pain..someone put on fb last week in pic message..just jogged my mind...which i gt told when seen specislist 5yrs ago.the way he went about assement totally frew me...didnt think true...i had stills disease when i put it all down 2 that..luv and hugs 2 u 4 deb

  • Hi Debuk

    I looked up Stills disease & my heart goes out to you suffering so much pain for such a long time. How people around you could'nt see this beggars belief. I wish you the best of luck in getting the right treatment now for your Fibro. Its very hatd to get a good Dr who believes & understands the illness as I myself have been finding.

    Its very hard to explain to people what it is as I myself feel I am finding new things every

    week. Its like depression too, unless family & friends dont see you with an injury it is hard for them to believe what we are going through, often silently.

    They may be few but the people you have around you now are all that matter. Forget about the rest of the so called family & friends, its when your at your lowest you find your true family & friends.

    We are all friends who understand on this site. So helpfull to be listened too by people who also feel what we do. Always here for a shoulder to cry in & give advice the best they can.

    Luv & Hugs to you

    Jac xxx

  • thanku jac..ur words mean so much...i find when i can get on here and reading blogs and questions...which only found 3 days ago..has helped me more coming from fellow suffers...i even phone my psychiatrist wednesday 2 inform him i had been diagnosed with fibro 5yrs ago..his reply the gp should have informed him at the time.well no he did'nt.after coming on here i relised it important he when other specialist as what conditions i have i never told them was'nt imformed what it ment even if i asked my gb back then.alot of times i have been 2 c him about pain ect the things i had b4 and after diagnosed fibro was never brought in2 the equation..and i had nt got a clue until my approch at my docs is going to change. hugs 2 u deb xx

  • I'm like that pretty much all the time and have been for nearly 16 years, gradually getting worse year on year. I don't know how I function at times with the pityfull amount of sleep I get. It's awfull and not many people understand how difficult it is for the likes of us !

    I hope that by now your sleep pattern has improved. I slept from 11.30pm last night until 4am this morning and that's been it.

    I wish you well.

    Stuart .

  • Hi Debuk & Stubal

    I am so sorry it has taken me so long to reply to you both. For some reason cookies had been disabled on my phone (a bit like ourselves eh? lol)

    I hope I am finding you both a teeny bit well today.

    Yesterday I went for my first physio session which my GP organised. The physio herself was able to see I have chronic pain just by the shape of my body eg how I stood & by touching me.

    Its going to be a few months of hands on therapy & exercise. I hope it works but cant help feeling negative. Maybe thats because I am in so much pain now?

    Luv & Hugs


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