good sleep/ no pain

Have had a good night sleep and woke up this morning pain free for a nice chagce, long may it last have a nice wee short shift at work 11-230, so will take it slowly and not overdo things. I will make the most of this pain free spell while it lasts, after the last 2 months of hell, this is a welcome surprise xx hope u all have a decent day xx

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  • oh god you lucky lucky thing i am having really bad flare up few months god knows how long it will last but i so hope i can wake up like you pain free thats the thing with this we could be days weeks nonths years in a flare up even hours love to you and what a really lovely positive blog to read brilliant love and big hugs too you diddle x

  • Thanks Diddle, hope u get some relief soon, just knocks u down when u have flare up lasting so long, love and hugs praying for u to get some relief too xx

  • How wonderful for you, so glad you are feeling so good xx

  • Thanks Ang xx

  • Sooooo pleased for you weeme. :)

    Hope the rest of the day goes well too and dont over do it.

    hugs, kel xxx

  • Thank you Kel, went well, nice soak and meds should hopefully sort, long shift tomorrow so early night hopefully tonight xx

  • just a few wee niggles after work, nice soak in both then meds, fingers crossed this fibro lets me sleep well again tonight, as long shift tomorrow, thanks all for comments, fingers crossed you all experience some free time from the fibro too, even if only for an hour or so, makes such a difference, helps you to keep positive, love to u all xx

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