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In the last 4 days I have fallen 16 times my legs keep buckling from underneath me,the last one yesterday whilst teaching resulted in a dislocated jaw with a hair line fracture. GP will not see me until next week these falls are getting more frequent now. Agony is not the word for the pain, my jaw is killing as well as my head and neck as I also have whiplash injuries feel sick as a dog :(

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Hi Kavqc,

I fall too, my leg seems to give way down by my ankle like i am going over on it.

I think it was because i was wearing heels and walking quicker than my body should of been.

I novemeber i started really bad tremors and couldnt walk hardly and since then my tremors have got better but it has left me walking really slow and stiff so i dont think i could fall like i was.

I hate walking on uneven ground i really struggle with that.

Hope your jaw gets better soon.

I feel and kicked a door frame and broke my little toe, but the pain in my toe was nothing compared to what i go through everyday any way lol.

kel xxx


Hi Kavqc

I had a spate of falling a couple of years ago i seemed to fall every day i went to my Gp and he sent me for a xray were i found out i had degenerative osteoarthritis in my knees i also get very bad right hip pain so know have to use a crutch when walking this illness seem to effect every part of your body and living each day is hell i read a post were someone said if the pain stopped they would think they had died and gone to heaven i can totally understand that hope you get some easier days ..


Hello Kavqc

I am wondering why your doctor won't see you until next week? That is appalling. Was it your doctor or the receptionist? Did she/he ask whether it was urgent? Did you hesitate? Sorry, its just that I have been in that situation and they will put you off if they can. Why don't you ring again and say its become more urgent and you must see someone this week. Maybe not your doctor but another? Sometimes its good to get fresh eyes on something. They would also be able to see your details, but just in case, take a list of your medications and symptoms and also your worries.

I wish you all the best and hope that this is just a phase that will pass. You may have the wrong mix of meds for instance.

I had a whole year of tumbling long before I had any signs of fm, so maybe its just that or an ear infection [inner ear is sometimes not painful].

Good luck.


My doc was going to refer me to a falls clinic. When he told me they were for really old people I changed my mind about going.

I think this FM has alot to answer for. I think I have fallen about 50 times, I keep hugging the floor.


I have to ring the Doctors again in the morning so that they can fit me in as an emergency it is trying to get past the receptionist over a month ago my doctor was on about testing for MS and Lupus but nohing has been don about it yet. Will let you all know what is happening my mum is coming with me to the gp she wants to get it sorted.


i havnt fallen over yet but i have very poor balance n my knees r very weak i take extra care in anything i do.


Have seen the GP and they ar referring me to physio why I do not know why but the GP said that she doesnt know so we wil try physio I am losing feeling in my legs there is no pain or nothing I have already lost use of my one arm, it is not a trapped nerve as there would be pain. Not happy as they ill not refer me to anyone else until I have completed physio.


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