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Not sure

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Hi I'm clara, my gp suggested I had fibro but I'm not sure, I ache all over , have pain in my hips pelvis and legs when I try to bend down, iv e never been so exhausted in all my life, I also have bad sinuses ( allergies ) and arthrities, and hypomability , oh yes and menopause . Oh and nearly forgot I can't seem to remember some of the conversations iv e had with people , actually I forget what day it is most days . I work 28 hours a week and it's killing me I do right hours in one day and I'm done can hardly put one foot in front of the other. Sorry this is so long winded , does anyone with fibro feel like this , iv e been like it a few months now and I'm so fed up , your help would be much appreciated x

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Fibro feels very much like that but it's important to rule out everything else possible. You don't want a doctor just saying " we'll call it fibro" when tests might show something else.

Don't accept drs saying your blood tests are all fine, get the print out and check them yourself. B12, folate, iron and Vitamin D all need to be in the highest quarter of the range.

I hope you get an answer.

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Hi hollyberry thanx for the advice, I went back to the docs and saw a different doctor and you were right , although my own doctor said my bloods were fine the second doctor told me my thyroid I want functioning as well as it should be, it's not bad enough for tablets yet but have be tested again in the new year. She also said she to the results a rheumatologist wouldn't see me even though she also thinks I have fibro, so I'm still no where nearer to any help , she wouldn't give me any pain relief 😢

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It's possible the GP didn't want to start you on prescribed pain relief in case this masks your symptoms when you see a rheumatologist. There can be a long wait. I had to wait 8 months and I've heard of longer.

I take Solpadeine for moderate pain, cocodamol if it gets really bad. I also use heat ( a lot!)

It's not easy waiting to get a diagnosis but even when you get that there's no one treatment that solves the fatigue and pain :(

Thyroid tests can vary on the time of the day they're taken and if you've fasted. If you join the Thyroid UK forum on Health Unlocked you'll get expert advice on there for when you're retested in the New Year.

Keep going-- I know it's exhausting but you will get answers.

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Hi Clara and welcome to this lovely forum.

Your symptoms are similar to those of fibromyalgia, but your GP will usually want to check out other things first by doing blood tests etc. x

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Hi, I have had all sorts of blood test , my inflammation markets were raised but he said it was normal for my age

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Clara, I would go back to your GP and just tell them what you have told us here - that you can't cope anymore with the pain you're in and the fatigue, and see if they will do a medication review (if your on any meds), or if not, try something that you might find will help.

Good luck xx

Hi Clara, sorry it's so late but my dog had a nasty accident and so I've been trying to track down a vet....

Not sure what the Dr has told you but you sound like you should be being referred to a consultant. Fibro isn't really a matter of..'.It could be.' ... or a suggestion by your Dr. You need to start asking questions and ask for a referral.

ie - You can have a sero neg blood result but still have rheumatoid arthritis. So to 'manage' any condition, you really need to know what it is you're up against.

All the best. ann

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Hi sorry to hear about your dog hope it's ok , have 2 of my own would be devastated if anything happened to them

Hi Clara. A Reumatologist will give several blood tests to rule out RA and other things. I agree with others who've commented. After everything else has been ruled out then can come the diagnosis of fibro.

Has your Dr run tests to rule out anything else they do that and if it all comes back normal than they diagnose fibromyalgia? I'm not a Dr but I do have fibromyalgia I get all over body pain but the worse I chest and across shoulders from one side to the other. That is bad but along with it I get pain all over I don't work I'm retired I was diagnosed 1997 I'm sure I had it before that. Can't sleep tired all the time energy level 0 went on disability 1998. When I turned 65they put it as regular social security. Didn't loose any money got the same as when I was on disability. It's money I worked for we pay into it while we're working so it's our money there giving us. But you still have to fight for it get a lawyer he doesn't get paid unless you win. I had to go before a disability judge but I got it. I' seventy now I was told it never goes away. They try pain meds muscle relaxers,antidepressant and others sometimes it help others.I feel for you this is a chronic disease even though a lot of the medical field still doesn't believe it's true because there's no test to prove it. But I would go to Dr and see if he's going to help you. You definitely I would say you have fibromylgia. Love susiejo 1948

hi clara55

I have just been diagnosed with fibro and have had to reduce working hours from 45 to 25. Everything you describe is how I feel. So totally exhausted, that im having to use a walking stick when I out because of the pain and stiffness in my hips and thighs.

I cant seem to get my words out and just drop everything. it is so frustrating.

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Hi I no how you feel, I'm working 28 hours a week I do 8 hours for 2 days then half a day off 2 days then back to work and it's so hard on really struggling

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