Something new and not sure whether it is fibro related

I have never had what I am about to tell you happen to me before, so for me it is something new but not sure if it is related as I cannot find anything in my printed info or online. I was so tired last night and after a bit of an accident on my way home I just felt I needed to sleep. And sure enough when I hit the pillows my body must have just shut down. I sleep alone, no slur on my hubby of 25 years, but sometimes I am in so much pain he gets no sleep at all and this is unfair. But we are as much in love now as we were 25 years ago when we first met. I had an early start today and I was so glad to have slept for a good 9 hours, something I have not done in years even if I did not feel like I had been to sleep. But when I got up I looked for the papers I needed to prove my disability for my bus pass. I know before I put the light off I had put them into a carrier bag and then placed my glasses on top. I made sure my purse was in my pocket and checked I had tablets in my tray in my meds drawer. Then I went to bed. Where I had put the papers all I could see was a striped jumper complete with price tag, folded neatly. Underneath, my papers. I had no idea where this jumper had come from. I went to get my tablets and the trays were gone. So I just set off for my appointments. Then I went for the bus, went to my pocket for my purse, it was gone. I ended up walking home uphill and it took me 45 minutes. No one had been up to the bedroom while I was sleeping, and no one had seen my purse or my pill trays. Eventually we decided I must have been sleep folding in the night and that scared me. My purse was found in the bin and my tablets trays were found in the toilet roll cupboard in the bathroom. So either we have a ghost or I have had a very busy night moving things around and I have spent all day trying to recall it all. It is driving me mad. Anybody else behaved this way whilst asleep and if you do not think it is fibro related, any ideas why it happened? Sorry to burden you all xxxxx

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  • How very strange! I can tell this has upset you as it is not written in verse. I think I might have read somewhere that sleep walking/talking is common with Fibro. I know I talk in my sleep - always telling my OH to sit up and fold his arms (I was once a Primary School teacher!). My sister sleepwalks though. I once remember her putting talk on the soles of her feet so that she could see where she had been when she woke up ;). I do know that sometimes an emotional upset can cause sleepwalking so perhaps you accident was playing on your mind when you went to bed? Hope you get it sorted and that you recover from your walk home soon. Jane x

  • I will recover, just so tired. I have put a new poen on for you all to read which is oh so true of a lot of bus drivers xxxxx(dreading to see what I may get up tonight I said t hubby I could wake up and find myself asleep at the shops lol)

  • Well don't forget your purse again if you head of to the shops in the night.. Sew it into your do wear a nightie don't you?! ;-) Hope you get a quiet and uneventful night's sleep. Jane x

  • yes i frequently do things whilst sleeping mostly eating (which frightens my husband to death as i also cook the food)but have absolutely no memory of doing it the most recent thing was tidying up up and had to laugh as he found his electric sander in the freezer complete with ice crystals hanging off it but had never actually considered it may be fibro related so not sure if it is but maybe worth thinking about

    very curious


  • Ha! Great story! Maybe that is why we all feel so dreadful in the mornings...we have all been wandering around cooking and tidying up the house! In my case though the fairies have eaten everything and then messed the house up again ;-) x

  • I agree with you about sleepys story. Anf you may be right, maybe in sleep we can all do the things we would love to do whilst awake but for this fibro xxxxx

  • Lol, my hubby just said to me if he ever finds any of his power tools in the freezer then I will follow them. That is okay, I like the cold lol xxxxx

  • Oh Ozzy, I can sense your distress with your message. I don't experience anything like that, but I do have the craziest dreams about things that normally don't ever enter my head! Makes me wonder what my subconscious is thinking! Some of the dreams are so fast paced, I am running or driving really fast - if I wake up just after this I am exhausted, so I don't get restful sleep and certainly not enough.

    The mind is so powerful, sometimes it's hard to differentiate what is real against what isn't. It is also so hard to rationalise when our mind plays tricks on us and we feel so out of character.

    Hope you feel better soon Ozzy and that your sleep pattern returns to normal and you get some restful comforting sleep. Here's a hug for you, take care. ((( hug )))

  • Well I am wondering now if I will get up to anything tonight, but I am trying to put it out of my mind in case I inadvertantly inflame an already worrying situation. But who knows, it may not happen again any time soon, hoping it was a one off xxxxx ;)

  • I am sure it will be fine Ozzy! I know it's difficult but try to push it to the back of your mind, it will take a while before this really happens. Think positive because if you think too much about your fears then your subconscious is primed. You will be fine, don't be too hard on yourself, get some rest, relax and hopefully you will nod off and all will be well. Bless you.

  • I think I would rather be my normal self lol and still be awake at 6am the next morning. Not sure which is worse, being up all night in pain, or getting to sleep and then rearranging the house xxxxxx

  • Oh you poor thing, it does sound awful doesn't it. I am sure things will settle down Ozzy. We all tend to go through some really odd phases with our Fibro, I know I have done and still do from time to time.

    Please be assured we are here for you and we do care. Feel free to post about any concerns you have and we will do our best to reassure and support you. Take care and rest. ((( hugs )))

  • Ozzy that sounds like a seriously weird experience.

    Hope it doesn't happen again - well at least you'll know where to look next time lol

    Sweet dreams xx

  • Morning Ozzy

    I do hope you had a more rest full night without your unexplained moving of things. Poor you My daughter in law is a terrible sleep walker she moves pictures takes them down and trots around the house my Son has kept the baby gate up so she cannot fall down stairs, He talks her back to bed.

    I do not sleep very much at all awake every hour very tedious- semi exhaisrted every day. Best sleep is in the chair from 1.00 till 3.00 . It is strange the way we re act to things. Try not to fret too much about what you did in the night - hopefully it was a one off, Take care hun xgins

  • I have had episodes like this ever since I can remember. They tend to happen more when particularly stressed/fatigued, which makes sense for people with fm. Take care.

  • I have had similar, woken in the middle of the night and taken meds as the were missing, but didn't know anything about it, but they weren't the morning ones, I ineffect doubled up on the evening dose.

    i put it down to the meds in the first place but also sleep deprivation, without knowing I had not been going into a dep enough sleep.

    have you had a sleep study done?ntheybwire you up and f done in hospital will film you too .

    it's worth having done as there could be underlying conditions xx

  • I do not fancy having sleep studies done, not one for being away from home at night. The only thing I could see out of place today was the ashtray I leave in thebathroom for hubby was on the shelf in the hallway. No idea how it got there lol . Thanks all xxxxx

  • Very glad that you had a less eventful night. J x

  • Oh well let us all hope tonight is even better, although today with the menieres flare up and the fibro pain being really bad I amnot so sure lol. WHo knows, we need to redecorate, it may well be done my morning ;)

  • I will keep my fingers crossed for you OG! Jane x

  • Hi ozzy I talk in my sleep and move and kik a lot so my hubbyy and I ha separate beds ajustable ones he boke his back when he was younger an it viv him pain sometimesb he also have lighter quilt a really low tog one he also talk in him sleep I can have full conversations wi him , onto sleep walking I don't think I do it but I know my little bro not so little now his 41, does he started sleep walkin when he was 9 he would go down stairs and chek all the windows were closed and the doors were locked he moved things about aswell he put his coat and shoos on a few times my mum and I would hear him and she would direct him back to bed I even spoke to him in my sleep sometimes acording to my mum I asked what he was doing a few times apparently, she never made him take them off as that might have woken him up and its supposed to be dangerous to wake a sleepwalker, he lives on his own now that my mum is gone he used to be her carer so its a good thing he never goes outside in his sleep as he sleeps in the altogether asin his birthday suit as far as I know he sstill sleepwalks but not all the time only when he's really stressed about something.

    It could be that you were really stressed and your body reacted to it but I'm not sure I'm not a Doc so what would I know , gonna try to get some kip soon so I say ttfn . Beth

  • Well last night was event free but I put that down to the fact I never actually went to sleep lol. Not scared to sleep, was just in too much pain and I am still waiting for the AMitrips to start working xxxxx(god forbid you brother goes out doors in his sleep) :o

  • I find my amitrips work best if I take them before I have my tea then I'm knocked out by 9PM and tend to sleep if its a good night till about 4-5 am if I'm lucky . Sithy (Beth)

  • Yeah I take them around 5pm and I am still awake by daylight lol. I have had them in the past and they stopped working but GP insisted on giving them another go, I kind of knew it would be a waste of time xxxxx

  • I stopped taking Amitriptyline two weeks ago as I suspected it wasn't helping me and I was right. Since stopping it, my pain has decreased and I am sleeping better too. I used to take 75mg - 100mg Amitriptyline at 2pm every day so that by midnight I was feeling tired. The trouble was that I was zapped for most of the next day, since stopping I don't have that zapped next day feeling which is great.

    Anyone considering stopping taking Amitriptyline please don't go cold turkey, take your GP's advice and reduce your dose slowly. I went cold turkey and luckily didn't have any side effects or withdrawal at all, this is unusual. Please don't do this and reduce gradually with medical advice.

  • Like you when I came off the Amis forst time I just stopped them and was okay. I am not even getting that zapped feeling from taking them so I know it is a waste of time. And at present I am suffering lol as I was supposed to remind hubby to order my pills for other illnesses and I forgot, so now I am having other problems worsen on me. Oh I feel so frazzled lol. Back to GP Tuesday as the breathing nurse feels my beathing is a lot worse and she thinks I may need to go on steroids again, great not xxxxxx

  • I dont know if Zopiclone sleeping tablets have similar side effects as amitryps,i have got up in the night and ate half the content of cupboard and fridge.Got up the next morning, thinking we have been burgled by the munchkins, then it all comes back to me.Oh yea i remember.I stopped taking sleeping tablets not good for my weight. amongst other things.

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