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Not sure

Hi All I am very new to this who fibro group. I am trying to find information. I suffer from severe back pain have had bulging discs in l4 and l5 andl5 and s1. I have severe pain in my neck and lower back including shoulders an constant headaches. I am researching fibro and meet alot of the criteria. I am seeing pain management and they said on my next appt they will discuss fibro. I am 37 and just alittle on the scared side. Any help?

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Hi! I spinal stenosis in L4 and L5. I take gabapentin and etoricoxib for the pain and also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia! I'm not sure why this diagnosis because I thought that for this to be diagnosed, pain only would be needed without any stenosis or osteoarthritis been diagnosed. I'm seeing my rheumatologist in September and will query this. I also have inflammatory arthritisv(RA). Sorry for not being anymore help.


Morning Milwinn73,

How are you feeling today? I hope you managed a reasonable nights sleep/rest. Anyway Welcome to fibroaction and our brilliant site. We are all fellow sufferers an chat about our own personnel experiences we are not Doctors or medics but we have been through most aspects and therefore we chat from experience. Do remember though we always advise you to check out new pains with your Doctor.

Information well there is tonnes of it about so start by checking out the Mother site

fibroaction.org check the pin board on the left side of the page and thing you are not sure about ask somebody is generally on line for a chat. :)

healthunlocked.com more information

So there we are a start for you. I have had fibro for many years and I have found the site one of the most useful tools there is. When it comes to chatting with people who understand and care about you there is no better place than here!

Try not to let it scare you really when you fully comprehend there is nothing frightening just a new chapter to your life oh I did not say but a lot of us are a little bit bonkers and love to have fun an be silly together so if you fancy just jump in the waters fine!!


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are you hypermobile?


It sounds like much of the

problem is the budging disks.

Don't be scared if you also

have fibro there is help for it.

There is many sites with helpful

Information. Good luck X


I too am a Fibro sufferer and yes have Lower back pain and neck and shoulder pain ,Infact I was at my G.Ps this morning for FBC...hope you have a good day if thats possible with Fibro x


I have ruptured disks in my back along with Fibromyalgia. A pain clinic is your best bet sweetheart. Fibro isn't going to kill you but it's very disabling. On way to check about the Fibro is look at your finger nails at the cuticle where the half moons are, count how many you have? Most people with Fibro have a small amount or none at all. I have 3 small ones. Hope this helps and if I can answer any of your questions or concerns just let me know. I'm here for you. xxxx Mitzi


Hi mitziblue

I've never read about the half moons on cuticles before.

I've got two. One on each thumb and that's it!

How curious

BM x


I read it along time ago, so I've started asking all my Fibro Friends and It's a fact, thus far. It is strange I agree. xxx Mitzi


Hi mlwinn77

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I am so sorry to read of the painful issues that you have been suffering from and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you desire and deserve.

I can genuinely understand your apprehension about all of this as it is a very big step in your life, and hopefully pain management will be bale to shed some light on what it is that is happening for you? I have pasted you a link to a slide show below that shows you the Fibro 'Tender Point Test' so I hope that you find this useful:


I genuinely look forward to bumping into you around the forum.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi,the pain you have on your upper back comes from your lower back,get yourself a good physio who is going to relieve upper back pain with massage under heat lamp,there are many things that can be done.See a chiropractor for your lower back.Do not get cold,even if it's nice out there,wear a scarf;hot bath to relax the muscles.Do you have bizarre pain? Like electricity through your arms,sudden loss of mobility...What about fatigue?Can you sleep?


My Rheumatologist explained Fibro to me in a way I could understand. He said that it is 3 parts PAIN. FATIGUE and DEPRESSION. Sufferers can experience any one of them or a combination of all of them. I myself have the pain and the fatigue but not the depression.. It was interesting reading about the nail cuticles. I have queried that with my doctor before and he cannot answer, just said it was particular me only. I have no cuticles on my fingernails but do have them on my thumbnails.

Try not to be frightened miwinn there are lot of people on here to support you and answer questions as we are all very different and have different symptoms.

Pain management have sorted my pain out (nearly) I have flare ups but the pain I have is now manageable outside of the flares. Then I have to get myself to bed They changed the medication a few times until they hit the right combination .

I hope you are feeling better soon and understand your illness fully.

Lizzie x


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