Hi all, it's been a while since iv been on here, fibro CFS and stress do not get on! Any way basically as we know fibro symptoms are plenty an we get treated as a syndrome rather than a person with a syndrome. I have had 2 Dr's say to me "we don't do tests on people with fibromyalgia bevause the results come back negative" well when she rang the next morning stating a biochemist has rang her telling her I need to see a endocrinologist (hormone dr) as my cortisol level was 70 and it should of been in the 500 that result proved her wrong eh?? So iv been having alot of pins and needles, numbness and weakness the last few months

It is gradually getting worse and is becoming more.painful. sometimes I. Cannot move legs. It either happens in my whole leg, just my thigh or just my foot. I.also get it in my hands. I'm not one to go to the Dr's litrally, I am a medical mystery as I should be dead, and it took a week after what had happened to me to.go and see the Dr. That being said I'm finding it difficult to make an appointment with the Dr just for "puns and needles" I know it is another symptom of fibro but considering it is getting worse and happens 6 times a day each episode lasting longer I'm worried. So has anyone els had this? If so did.yo get taken seriously or get palmed off with its the fibro. Any. Info would be great. Thanks guys xxz

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  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for. 'Pins and Needles' can be caused by a variety of other medical conditions that really need to be checked out by your doctor, just to have these conditions ruled out of the equation.

    I have pasted you a link below the NHS Choices cache on this issue which also lists some of the other medical conditions that can cause this issue:

    NHS Choices - Pins And Needles

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this issue.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I get the pins and needle feeling and they tested my legs for neuropathy and it was positive. My neuropathy ischronic pain from nerve damage to my back but it can also be a sign of diabetes too. The test was done with actual needles inserted into the leg and they send electronic signals and it validates neuropathy I actually begged them to sto Pl the test it was so painful. Almost like torture

  • I had this test done is like torture. I screamed to stop,and they did!horrid!dunk

  • I just lay there and cry. Pain is so bad it takes my breath away. Last time doc said it was getting worse yea. Hopefully it will be another 2 years before I have to do it again.

  • Well remember I said any info would be great in my post... This not so great lol. Iv allways had a high pain tolerance so that may help me. Iv shocked Dr's with how much pain I can take steroid injections in my achilles heel no problem labour.. thought I was constipated and midwife didn't think I had dilated much as I was calm and my son was back to back its supposedly more painful, 20 mins later here is my son iv broken my arm twice once I didn't go to hospital until my nan dragged me.the next day aunties clearly broken and all contorted when they say tie your laces tie them lol iv had a horse spooked jumped over me well tried it's back hoof caught my head and down I went with the hoof helmet saved my life and many more painful mishaps... thinking about it I have never been the lucky one iv allways been the one who gets injured... so if this test can say what is going on then ill have it done. Iv got sciatica and kyphoscoliosis in the spine so that could be the cause... Thanks guys ill give the Dr a call today and hopefully get reffered and notsset home packing feeling like a hypercondriact and fibro is to blame for everything... x

  • Ask them to send you to have they test you muscle they did mine on my hands and I have to have a operation on both of them good luck let us know how you go on xx

  • I have asked for referral but was denied. What winds me up is that I think it is because I'm not down their on a weekly basis moaning. Iv told them about the pains I get in my hands and can get so. Severe I can't even. Hold my phone nothing was done I get pains in my hands daily now a friends mum has fibro and she had 1 episode where she had shooting pains in her hands what does she get... A referral why because she is down their at least twice a week. This is so unfair And possibly discriminatory. Thanks for the reply c

  • I was not down there all time but had a stroke as well and got APS I did not know the GP was doing till I got a letter to go for it just keep asking for it doing I did not know wot about never hard of it before x

  • I'm not suggesting that people go their all the time, we have every right to with the range of new symptoms we experience daily. Basically what I meant was because I'm not down their all the time they won't see me as as urgent or "aw not her again" even though I will mention the same symptoms that bother me everytime I go I'm not their on a weekly basis. And it could that because I don't down everytime o get new or worsened symptoms their not making the connection. Though they have misses 3 having all of symptoms Andy dr knowing. I used to go down once a week not my choice as such but I had this fantastic dr he after 3 years felt to me was trying so we would titrate medications and I'd see him in a week time to discuss the outcome he knew I wouldn't make appointments so he would pre book them in for me if I needed them or not to.discuss everything. Iv had insomnia on and off for over 10 years now after our first appointment about me having a insomnia flare up he seen that I have tried every medication I could buy no one referred me to a sleep clinic so he done that. I have had trouble with my monthly cycle since I was 12 either missing them for months. My mum thought I was pregnant at 14 due to it being 4 months absent this was possible and I was told I was stressed, severe lower abdominal pain scans came back clear I started suffering with migranes at 13. I would pass out with pain allways anaemic due to my periods so I was put on the pill that didn't help. But one dr years later said that he is supposed that I had not suffered a stroke as migranes in women are a sign of estrogen imbalance and excess estrogen is known to cause strokes so putting me on a pill with estrogen is life threatening. So with all that in mind 6 years later with other symptoms that could indicate a endocrine problem I'm the one who worked it out and I am now under a endocrinologist getting tested he stated that he is 100% positive that my hormones are to blame but he isn't sure what ones. My.amazing dr was bullied out as I bumped into him shopping and he explained what had happened and asked so have they looked passed your fibro yet? I asked him to explain an he said we'll after the morphine didn't work as good as it should of and you started getting symptoms that arnt really related to fibro I knew their was something els, he left the the week after I was trying morphine. I have lost most of my trust in Dr's and that's a big part of why I won't go down because I don't trust them to take me seriously. And it's quite sad really because I should be getting alot more support from them. I 25 and I went from fully functional fibro and ME to non functional I can't walk I can't move l Wat sleep think nothing and litrally this happened over night but my Dr's refuse to acknowledge it. X

  • You had a bad time I was never I'll till I had my stroke then it all whent down hill hate been like this too worked all my life lost my dad and brother in the last 3 years so not been good just keep thinking will get better it's got to do but they is lots of people I know who are worse then me so look on the good side xx

  • Spell check incorrect. I eat to say I don't mean anything malicious about people seeing the Dr Weekley. It was impossible for me to be pregnant at 14 lol. And basically the only thing I don't need medication to help me do is have a wee and to speak. Going from only being on 3 types of meds to 26 tablets a day should be a warning sign really!

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