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Rheumatology appointment

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Hi all! I have a rheumatology appointment in a couple of weeks and I was wondering what to expect.

My GP has pretty much decided that I have suspected fibromyalgia because he can’t work out what’s wrong with me, and is clearly not taking notice of my blood test results, which show low ferritin, folate and vitamin D levels.

Will a rheumatologist request blood tests again? Or will they just go through my list of symptoms? If the rheumatologist thinks anaemia or similar is to blame for the symptoms, would they just refer me back to my GP for further tests?

Thanks in advance.

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Can't really second guess what route the Rheumy will take. My own diagnosis took many many years. They may start with blood tests if your blood tests were not done/tested at the hospital. Before giving a diagnosis of fibro they normally want to rule everything else out first so be prepared not to get very far on your first appointment. On the other hand he/she may just "rubber stamp" your GP's opinion. Go with an open mind and a list of your symptoms. Helps to keep a pain diary so that if the dreaded fibro fog descends during the appointment you have your notes to refer to.

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KittyB52 in reply to Dinkie

Hi Dinkie,

Thank you for your message.

It sounds weird to say but I am not in a massive amount of pain - it’s low level aches, pains and twinges. I am very sensitive to touch though, and just grazing my leg or arm against something can be very painful. I have weird sensations in my toes - sometimes stabbing pain pricks, sometimes the sensation that something is stuck between my toes when nothing is there.

I have had lots of blood tests in the past 12 months to check all sorts of things, including immune issues, hormones, active B12 etc. My GP insists they are all in normal range, when I suspect I am in fact anaemic and deficient in vitamin D, if not B12.

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Dinkie in reply to KittyB52

I didn't start with a massive amount of pain either but unfortunately it became worse over time. Best thing is probably to let the rheumy do blood tests and start everything from scratch at least that way you will get a logical time line to diagnosis. Most doctors like to start from the beginning when you are referred, particularly if there is more than a six month gap between your blood tests and the appointment. Good luck and keep us posted.

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Rose54 in reply to KittyB52


Why dont you ask for a copy of blood test results and check levels yourself ,

You may be at the lower end of range and that's why your GP is saying all's ok

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KittyB52 in reply to Rose54

Hi Rose,

I have access to all my results online, including the most recent tests I had done through Medicheck.

To give an example, the last time my Gp ran a test on my ferritin levels was over a year ago, and the result was 10.6 (the normal range was 10 - 290). Folate was 5.69 ng/ml [> 5.4] Both these results are only just within range, but he never commented on them.

In the last full blood count test, three results where marked as below or above reference limit, but no comment was made on them.

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Rose54 in reply to KittyB52

If thay are within range thay will not do anything even if at lower end of range

But I would ask if thier is anything you can do to improve your levels.

Any possibility you could see another GP


When I saw my rheumatologist he tested my sensation in various sites of the body, listened to my concerns about pain and general effects of the problems that I was experiencing on my life and mood. He confirmed my G.Ps diagnosis of fibro and explained which medication could be helpful and put me in touch with reconnect2life who run some really helpful workshops and seminars to help make sense of and manage your fibro. I found it all really helpful. I hope you're as lucky with your visit. Good luck and best wishes for the future. Xx

I posted a similar question in another community, as don’t know what diagnosis might be yet. I have my first appointment next week and was told to expect to go through medical history etc and probably physical examination. Hope it goes well for you.

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KittyB52 in reply to Lulubee

Hi, I don’t have an official diagnosis yet, I only happened to see fibromyalgia mentioned in the referral in my notes.

I hope your appointment goes well.

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Lulubee in reply to KittyB52

Fibro is one of my possibilities along with a number of others. Hope it goes well, and make sure you’re wearing best undies just in case!!!!!

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