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Rheumatologist appointment - finally

After months of feeling tired, aching (particularly right side), headaches, blurry vision, countless blood tests, two MRIs, borderline lumbar puncture results that the medical profession just doesn't seem interested in, my GP has got me a referral to a rheumatologist - in June.

By then it will be almost a year since I've been feeling - well, crap, to be honest. What would be the kicker is if by the appointment I feel great and back to 'normal'.

Anyone else feel that they forgot what it is to feel 'normal'? I may be luckier than most, I do have days when I'm kind of okay - not 100% but as if my tank is almost full, but it soon empties and if I do too much then I'm laid on the sofa by 3.00 pm, if I push on like an idiot I can spend the next day as if I've got the hugest hangover. I personally don't think that's normal as I've argued with various GPs. I'm not 87, I'm 47. No, it's not hormones, or my 'age' or because I'm 'stressed'. Sigh.

Just a rant because I know I'm boring my family with these non-specific symptoms.

Take care all. x

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I know the feeling well.I got up with the feeling that i just dont want to do this any more. As if i had a choice the fibro monster has latched on and has no intention of ever letting go.

I have a difficult letter to write to the Tribunal services and dont know where to start, Oh i wish i could go to work and forget about flipping benefits.


Good luck mayrose, sending positive thoughts to you, Gentle Hugs, Julie xxx


Good luck - I hope you get the help you need x


It's important to feel you can "rant" here. :) It all gets frustrating! :X Glad you have your family. Sorry you wait until June for further consult. What to do until June? Do you swim? Hobbies? KT_Rose


Yes, my parents are only a few miles away and my teenage daughter is supportive (if bored by the whole thing!). I do swim - or try to swim - once a week if I can although it tires me out. I'm studying at the moment - part-time postgrad so that also keeps me busy. I'm really hoping I go in to the appointment feeling rather stupid because I feel fine! Sigh...

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So glad you have some interests which may help to pass the time. :)

Have been thinking of you. Sorry your Rheumatology appt is so far off. KT_Rose


Hi smellydunlin, I'm 51 feeling like 101 tonight after a day which began badly - hard job getting Son up and to school, then to localFibro Monthly Support Group Meeting, then shopping for my Great Neice's 6th birthday, then driving round to see my Dad and Great Neice and Nephew, contend with their screaming-and who-can-laugh- the-loudest competition, then come home to Moody Daughter and Moaning Son and 'Tired-And-Disgruntled Hubby. Had to change plan to visit my Mum's grave till tomorrow after my tai chi class....... Feel like I've been run over by a two ton truck right now..... Oh I wish I were normal too, my family are past bored, I just get the glazed eyes treatment now! Gentle Hugs, Julie xxxxx


The school run is a tough one - I remember doing it for many years with my daughter - thankfully she's left school now. That sounds like a busy day Julie63, I feel exhausted just reading it! Take care x


I am so sorry to read of your struggle and I genuinely hope that your Rheumatology apointment goes well for you. I can realte to where you are coming from as I never feel 100% or anywhere near that.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck


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