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First Rheumatology Appointment


Hi all, and I am sorry I know this has been answered several times before. My GP has diagnosed my with Fibromyalgia.

However, I have my first appointment on Tuesday and I am really nervous. Can someone please tell me what to expect? I assume blood tests etc but anything else? What will they ask me? ShallI take anything with me?

Thank you everyone and I hope you are all having a good bank holiday weekend. I am in Bham and it is very miserable!

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I suggest you take something to read!

Just make a list of the pain levels and your other symptoms. I doubt if a blood test is top of Rheumi list to do. A medical history, onset on symptoms if any family members have arthritic conditions. He/she will check you over ,movements possibly balance and such.

Best take someone with you so if there is any upset your companion could help.

Gentle hugs & best wishes.

GrandmaDylan in reply to skit

When I went for my first rhumi appointment after I'd been diagnosed by my gp with ME the rhumi just asked me some questions and pressed on certain points on my body and said yes I do have ME but I also have fibromyalgia. To be honest I think she could pretty much tell just by looking at me. She also said that I had bursitis in my hip. Good luck and try not to worry. They're not there to make you feel foolish.

Thats why I am scared about, incase they dont believe me :(

aaron1234 in reply to skit

Hey thank you for your help. I really appreciate your insight. I think its just nervous, unfortunately no one is available so I will be going alone. I hope it goes ok :)

my dr was very nice. did not need to get undressed. he asked about where the worst bits are. looked at various points and suggested treatment and hand/foot xrays (more for arthritis than fibro). he might offer hydrotherapy if it is available - take it! there might be a fibro course available at physio dept, that is a real insight! some places offer acupuncture - I had that and it was ok. we do have a good service here and I try to make good use of it. Even found out this year that we could pay £3 for self help sessions and I go every week.

good luck and remember they are there to help you, not judge. xx

mouse2 in reply to mouse2

take a wee sample

aaron1234 in reply to mouse2

Hey, I will definitely take whatever they offer me I need it, this is in SW London so I am deffo not sure what they offer but I hope they offer me something. Thank you

mouse2 in reply to aaron1234

you can find out most things by googling the hospital. You will know exactly where the clinic is, probably a bit about the consultant and how to find out how not to be gawped at by a trainee. Sometimes trainees do the history and they are sometimes quite funny, make a joke it will break the ice - i would not do it to the consultant tho lol. They will believe you and will try to put you at ease. If you need a chaperone, ask at reception when you book in, they will sort it for you. xx

aaron1234 in reply to mouse2

Hey thank you, unfortunately I never received the letter from my GP and all I have been told is where it is and at what time nothing more and nothing less :( I reckon I should be fine. Hopefully my anxiety stays at ease :) Thank you x

Skylane2 in reply to aaron1234

Hi Aaron. I’m on the other side of the pond but the doctors here always appreciate a list of all your meds and supplements + strength and how often you take them.

aaron1234 in reply to Skylane2

Hey yes I took a list of these last night, just so nervous :(

Hi I had my first appointment in Feb this year they were really understanding and listened they do want a history of your symptoms pain etc. so if you can't remember write it down I list everything in my phone as its easier. As for the examination itself all they did was look at all my joints then apply gentle pressure to certain points and said I had Fibro and offered me physio. They also sent me for x-rays, blood tests and and ultrasound. Turns out I have something called Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease and Osteoarthritis as well Fibro so I go every 3 months never had a bad experience I find them more helpful than my GP. Good luck

aaron1234 in reply to Red535

Hey, I suppose GPs are limited to what they can and cant do. I just hope my rumi is like yours aha. Thank you :)

I saw rheumatologist a few months ago. Took a list of my history which she read, then examined me and diagnosed fibromyalgia all within 15 minutes. She prescribed amytryptaline for sleep and sent me for blood tests. Told me to start walking briskly for half an hour each day. That was it. No follow up appointment. I had a phone call weeks later for an O.T appointment which I went to and sat for 3 hours while she told myself and 3 others how to deal with fibromyalgia. It was common sense really. You will be fine try not to stress. I did but it wasn’t a big deal.

aaron1234 in reply to Patdoyle

Hey, yours was pretty simple. I do not want just that I would prefer more help and support in all fairness. I am already on amitriptyline etc.

Patdoyle in reply to aaron1234

Totally agree with you. I felt as though they were just ticking a box with the diagnosis and then back to the GP for any follow up treatment. I thought at least I would get blood test results. The GP said I should assume they were fine otherwise the rheumatologist would have written to me.

aaron1234 in reply to Patdoyle

Maybe ask for a referral?

Hi all, thank you for everyones message during the BH. Will update you all after it has been completed.

Hi all, it went well i think. The dr was really nice and once headed the fibromyalgia unit somewhere. He said fibromyalgia straight away. he ordered blood tests which I did on the day. going forward he recommended physio which he referred me too, physiatrist for depression and neurologist for the headaches. He referred me back to my GP.

Hi all, not sure if I am happy or sad, so I want to my GP and get a copy of the letter of the Rheumatologist. While I have a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, Anxiety and Depression at the end he mentioned "he did not find any abnormal neurology apart from the tics" yet he has referred me to a neurologist for the tics? Does this mean he did not find anything at all all?? Very confused!

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