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Rheumatology appointment for possible diagnosis



I'm seeing a rheumatologist on Friday for a possible diagnosis. I'm really anxious as my symptoms have been going on for about three years and I have felt crazy and maybe as though the doctors aren't taking me seriously, until my current gp said there could be a reason.

I generally have aches and pains, feel fatigued all of the time no matter how much rest I get, I feel down for no reason, headaches ect. I have been taking amitripyline at night, zapain and naproxen for the day. I've had acupuncture in my neck and shoulders.

Can anyone tell me what to expect on the day? I'm going to write everything down I want to say to them as I just won't remember.

Thank you x

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Hi Jordana88

Welcome to the forum :)

If you take a look at our website you will find a list of the most common symptoms that people with Fibromyalgia suffer from fmauk.org

You may be relieved to know that it is very very common for a diagnosis to take so long.

There are many other conditions which have very similar symptoms (Lyme Disease and MS are some) which need to be ruled out first.

Fibromyalgia is tailor made to each person, so we all suffer to varying degrees.

Some people are able to continue to normal life and go to work whilst at the other end of the scale are people like me who have severe pain 24/7.

Many of us also have other conditions to contend with as well. I also suffer with ME, Osteoarthritis, Hypermobility Syndrome, PTSD and depression.

With regard to your Rheumatology appointment the Consultant will ask you various questions.

He may well then examine you and do a pressure point test. It is nothing to worry about, but will give your Consultant a good picture of what you have going on.

It may be a good idea to start writing down in a diary your pain, how bad it is and where it is and take this with you to your appointment.

You may be diagnosed there and then. Do not be surprised if you are diagnosed, given a leaflet and then discharged back to your GP. This tends to be the way things go.

Some Rheumatologist will see their patients again, but most do just discharge back to your GP.

Please come back and let us know how you got on and we will help you from there.

Don't forget to take a list of your symptoms with you to your appointment as well.

Wising you all the very best.

Lu xx


Welcome to our friendly fibro forum where you can get advice, support, help and information.

I see Lu has written some excellent advice, a diary or notebook is a very good idea. It may be worth noting if you have noticed triggers for you pain or fatigue also which medications have been effective or not.

If you can, take someone with you, it is always good to moral support as well as an extra pair of eyes and ears.

Before you get up from the chair and definitely before you open the door, ask for a copy of the doctor's letter to be sent to you as sometimes what you remember can be different to what he writes.

You may get a firm diagnosis tomorrow, on the other hand you may be sent for further tests, but do not be alarmed, they just want to be sure.

I wish you luck with your appointment and I hope we see you around the forum.


There are no blood tests to diagnose fibro..it is decided by your explanation of pain fatigue poor sleep and sore muscles. I made myself a word doc.of all the things I experience , the pain,the inability to carry out daily living , how much sleep I get, extreme fatigue,foggy brain days,,all this will help the rheumo doc make a diagnosis..good luck let nhs us know how it goes..

I took a complete list of symptoms that I was experiencing whether related or not. It really helped my rheumy see an overall picture rather than my GP who I initially went to with one or two symptoms at a time which were treated unsuccessfully each time. It was only when I put a lost of about 30 problems that I had that they diagnosed after an exam and blood tests. Diary is a great idea too concentrating also on what you can do as well as what you struggle with.

Good luck x

Thank you all for your responses. My appointment is on Friday so there's plenty of time to write down the things I need to explain to them.

Once you were referred back to your GP were they supportive and understanding? I'm scared that I will be dismissed and looked at as a "time waster" which I have often been made to feel like before.

I also worry about work, I have had a lot of hospital and Dr appointments recently. I will also be having a stage two warning after being hospitalised with asthma. I worry about what my colleagues think of me. I always go to work early to pay the time back which I owe.

Thank you for your support xx

Hi Jordana88

Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have never been to a Rheumatologist myself but I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your appointment, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Good morning everyone.

I had my appointment this morning and I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It is a relief but also daunting.

The dr said to keep as active as possible however it's a struggle when you just feel lousy.

Does anyone do yoga and does it help with your symptoms?

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