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Pip shock

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I had to right this, I am in total shock!!!! Back in October I went to my f2f it was exhausting and highly stressful, I thought I would not be getting pip, how wrong I was. Yesterday morning my decision arrived and I was shaking and couldn’t open it, my husband opened it and read it out to me, not only am I going to receive pip they have awarded me the highest on both components. This was such a shock as in the past I was only entitled to middle rate care and higher rate mobility on DLA. I suppose what I am trying to say is don’t give up as it appears that pip are starting to recognise Fibromyalgia. Love you all xxxxx

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That is fabulous news I am so pleased for you it must be a major relief. I was shocked when I had to transfer from DLA to PIP and received the same rate especially after all the horror stories. Hopefully you can relax a bit now.x

Brilliant news, I hope you can relax now and look forward to the future as pain free as possible

Gentle hugs Rosie xx 😊

Fantastic news!

Was your f2f at an office or at home? Asking as I had some advice that they're doing more office assessments now. I had two home assessments and was turned down, probably b/c they see the changes I've made to make things easier for me (special cutting tools and gadgets like electric tin opener in kitchen, urine bottle downstairs, etc) and translate that as "I need no help"...

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Hi my f2f was done in the office setting, it did feel like a inquisition and was probably the most invasive interview I have ever experienced, but I just told them the truth and when we left the interviewer apologised for the intrusive questions and shook my hand. Good luck to everyone who is going through this there is light at the end of the tunnel xxx

Congratulations! That’s wonderful news and great to hear another positive Fibro PIP story. x

This is fantastic news, I'm delighted for you


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