PIP assessment!


Just want to let you know that after my PIP assessment on 27th Feb, I got my decision letter yesterday - so fast I couldn't believe it!! I got awarded standard rate for daily living and mobility. Am in total shock! I thought I would get refused and have to appeal. I put off applying for so long because I wasso anxious about it. So glad I did now, it will really take some of the pressure and worry away!

Good luck to everyone else who has applied


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  • Hi Beckyglen, Congratulations! :D This must feel like a huge boost! :D Chad

  • Fantastic! Hope you will celebrate! :)


  • Good news xx

  • Well done, good news indeed.



  • Congratulations!! Nice to see someone having a positive outcome with PIP.

    I had my letter yesterday only got standard rate mobility no care. Here I go (again). Tribunal here I come.

    Congratulations again. Xx

  • Well done I am so pleased for you. I bet you wish you had not put it off for so long. How long have they awarded it for?x

  • Well done hun very good news xxx

  • Thank you all so much! Still in shock. They have awarded it til Feb 2018 Rosewine but will review it in Feb 2017.


  • Excellent News Backy I am so pleased for you. It is great to get a positive answer smiles all around :) :) :) :)


  • Thanks so much Ginsing - such a relief! Xx

  • Congrats i was just awarded Higher Rate for Both after a 10 month fight, v exhausting

  • Congrats to you too Barty! 😊 xx

  • Congratulations xx

  • Good news yes that's wot I got too so please for u I did not think I would get any think xx

  • Thanks Lesley, really happy for you too! Xx

  • Wonderful news to hear, best wishes.....

  • Its nice to hear someones good news for a change, I'm glad it was quick and

    you got your award. I had my pip assessment today so hopefully mine will be

    As quick, crossed fingers.

  • I hope you hear soon Cindy and I hope it's good news for you xx

  • Brilliant news hunny :)

    I am so pleased that you have been successful it is such a lovely positive thing to hear that will hopefully help others to remain hopeful :)

    {{{{{{ Becky }}}}}} Fibro fighting fluffies for you :)

    xxx sian :)

  • Thanks so much hun! Massive relief 😊 xxxx

  • Well done glad some of us have good news sometimes lol x

  • Good on ya

  • Congratulatins and well done x

  • Thanks Ken 😊 xxx

  • Well done. Really pleased for you x

  • Thank you xx

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