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Hi all hope you are all doing ok,

After only applying for pip on the 20th of Feb I received a letter last week saying I've to go for my consultation on Friday the 10th of April, this was a shock to me because it is so quick, I thought I would be waiting months before I heard back, not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing? Anyone had theres so quick after applying? I am really worried about the assessment, actually feel sick at the thought of it xxx

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Hi Imh.

I had a fast assessment also. Applied middle December 2014 had my CAPITA home assessment in February 2015 given decision less than 2wks later. Got turned down for care and only got standard mobility. My assessment and decisionwas so quick they didn't have time to get any medical evidence from my GP or Consultant, relied on assessors report (which was a work of fiction when I read it. Was sure it was about someone else) Requested a Mandatory Reconsideration on that ground. Again less than 2 wks for original decision to be changed to standard care and mobility.

After my assessment I would recommend you ask for your assessment to be recorded, I wish I had recorded mine. And ask if they have received your medical evidence.

Good Luck.


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Hi caz, thanks for the reply, ohh I hope they have received my medical evidence, I will certainly ask them as soon as I get to my assessment, yeah I have heard of a few people getting fictional reports back, I will definitely be appealing if I get a bad result, glad you managed to get yours sorted eventually, I will keep you updated on how the assessment goes, I am really worried about it, the thought of it makes me go into a state of panic, feel like am going on trial

Thanks again for the reply 😊 xxx


Hi lmh, First of all to wish you deep breaths and calm as humanly possible for your assessment. Is there any one you could take with you (as that is absolutely fine to do if it would give you some reassurance).

Of course it's natural to feel a bit jittery and nervous but try to remember that the assessor is just finding-out how your condition affects your daily life in a number of very practical areas (and actually I cried a bit during mine, because the assessor was so empathetic). When they are inputting information they may not look at you, but they are listening. From what I could tell, the report goes to a DWP decision-maker (and can take around 8 weeks to hear back -I've heard both quicker and slower than that and I'm still waiting for mine).

Like yours, my asessment also came through pretty quickly after sending-in the form (and they honoured my request for a home assessment as I'm bedbound).

I would like to wish you genuine luck for the assessment. I think they can take anything from 1-2 hours according to the assessor,so worth bearing in mind for pacing and journey plans.

Very best wishes,

RockRose :-)


They seem to be much quicker in some parts of the country than others. I can understand totally that you are nervous about the assessment. Having had two for ESA and attended my husband's also I know how nerve racking they can be. Do hope it is a good outcome for you. Let us know how you get on. Fingers and everything crossed for you.x

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Thank you rosewine, I will defo let youse know how it goes xx


Hi, mine was dealt with very quickly to. After submitting my forms I received a phone call asking if they could do my assessment 3 days later. It took about 60 mins, my assessor basically went through my form, checking my prescription and all names and addresses I'd already provided of all the medics I deal with. I have to say it was a fairly formal interview, she asked me virtually all the same questions again. She asked me to sit on the edge of my sofa and touch my feet, she asked me to lift my arms and cross them across my chest. She also asked me to stand on One leg without support, I had to refuse to do this as I considered myself to be unsafe. I heard back from them 10 days later with an award of just over 54.00 per week. This will certainly go some way to cover the financial loss I've incurred by having to reduce my hours at work because of my pain etc.

I wish you luck with yours and please don't worry to much. Be honest, don't be too brave, don't worry about showing him-her how vulnerable you feel, and, if you've got a copy of your form, have a quick read of it before assessment, it'll help remind you and it'll put you in the right frame of mind .

Best wishes

Sue x


I just wanted to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Why oh why is there no pleasing some people I read on here on a regular basis people complaining about the length of time it has taken to receive a reply on PIP If it is taking too long it is a worry if it taking no time at all it is a worry I would advise that you read sod all into the length of time as it means bugger all about the outcome of your assessment.


Mine did not take long and I had mine in March and just over 7 days got the brown envelope it's best you take some one with you when you go just tell them about your bad days and if you got any aids and that means in the kitchen to help u and in the bathroom and stairs and bedroom they may ask you to do thinks but if it hurts tell them you can not do iti had a nice lady I was so scared of going so good luck


Hi, I can completely relate to the worries and stresses of your assessment as I too was stressed at the thought of having to relay so much personal information to a complete stranger and I felt physically sick worrying about it for days on end. However, my experience was completely different to my perceptions. I did not wait months for my assessment, in fact my appointment came within 2 weeks of sending off my forms and I had my appointment done a further 2 weeks later. My assessment was done at home (although I did not request this but was relieved it was at home) and lasted around 90 minutes.

The lady who came was friendly and completely understanding of what I had to say. She did ask me to do some exercises as touching my feet and standing on one leg etc. but she did say herself that these assessments are not really tailored to someone with fibro and I did decline to attempt these exercises as I knew they would cause pain and she did not have a problem with this. Whilst I did find the whole scenario exhausting and was relieved when it was all over, it really was not as bad as I thought it would be.

My advice would be don't worry too much, nothing is ever as bad as we imagine it to be and just be honest at your assessment, it may help to take a list of your symptoms with you, as it is quite difficult at times to remember all the different ways that fibro affects daily life.

I thought it would take weeks, maybe even a couple of months to receive the decision after the assessment, but a little over two weeks later I received my letter, but I do know of others who have waited nearly 5 months from submission of their application to receiving their decision.

I hope all goes well for you xx


I also have my assessment on the 10th april !!! i have waited 22 weeks !!!!

I am so nervous !!!


Good luck Hettie.



Thank you caz !!! my assessment got cancelled the day before this is the second time this has happened to me!!! it has been re-scheduled to the 28th april so fingers crossed it goes ahead .I was so gutted as now i have to work myself up for it again.Also re-arrange lift etc: will keep you up dated x


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