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I had my pip re assessment 3 weeks ago and I just thought I would post about a question they asked me regarding mobility as it completely threw me and I'm certain I will now lose my mobility part of pip ( which is the lower rate) and most likely daily living too. So instead of asking how far you can walk like they do on the forms, they asked me for how long can I walk for without pain. I was beside myself with anxiety and it just threw me, i just sat there wracking my brain with the assesser staring at me, I said 3 minutes which is a load of rubbish! As when I'm bad I can only walk a few steps until I have to sit down and generally i dont walk for 3 minutes without having to stop before, so I know I've given the wrong info but as you all know these assessments are so stressful! So I just wanted to put it out there incase it can help anyone in there assessments..

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Thank you for your reply Ajay575 I think I'll just wait untill I get the decision as i just can't be doing with even seeing the medical report at the moment! I got a letter couple days ago and I couldnt open it for 2 days lol and it's just to say they have all there info they need..


sorry that the question threw you off ..... my answer to this question would be the same as I answer on the form ...... I can only walk a few steps (less than 10m) without severe pain and discomfort. if pushed to give a time ..... I would say less than a minute before my pain and severe discomfort starts to increase. Unfortunately yes, they do ask the questions slightly different than they are written on the form. good luck and hope you get a positive outcome xxx

Thank you Hazel. I was in such a state mentally which just didn't help! I'm not holding out much hope. My first assessment they did ask about metres so I didn't even think about the time it takes me! Oh well Xx

Hazel_AngelstarAdministrator in reply to Charlie-36

I understand... I've been on same situation. Besides my walking varies so much..... So the distance I could walk in one minute can vary quite a lot. These assessments always feel like the questions are worded in such a way to try and trip you up x


I always answer that I cannot take a single step without being in pain as this is true.

Between my back pain, fibro pain in my legs, Arthritis in my knees and Sciatica this is totally correct, some days I can walk for longer and snce losing the weight sometimes a bit faster but I am constantly in pain.

That is a very goid answer and one which is 100% true for me too, but before seeing your post I too would have been trying to put a time on it that would be unrealistic. So thanks for that xx

I'm glad that it can help someone that's great 😊 xx

Ugh no fair. 3 mins estimate means nothing (do they know how rubbish your estimating skills are?) n even if it did, 3 mins getting nowhere or not far, is hardly walking. It can be remedied at appeal if it goes wrong but what a ridiculous waste of time n money that is!!! Try to focus n nice stuff or even just that there are lots of nice fibros so sorry you are being put through this horrid process. We each do what we can to fight this cruel system in the hopes that soon they will see sense n change it for something more helpful. They say this system will save money but is isn't. Appealing means the costs escalate and should become indefensible.

Yes o had the same question when I was on F2F told them every step I take is painful but you have to try and keep going so I tend to stay in the house now unless I have to go out my assessment was not as bad as I thought it was going to be but hearing the stories I was lucky I scared about the reassessment my condition has not improved at all and have be diagnosed with a further 2 conditions that will be with me for life nothing can be done about them they looked into opp but this could make me worse I have the high rate on both living and mobility for 4 years but things sound to be getting worse with pip so worrying already about what to expect and mine does not run out till March 2021 I pray that things will change for the better

i think the answer i cant walk without pain is the best way to answer. dont go into detail if pressed say i have not really quantified the time scale as we dont go aroung thinking oh thats taken me x amount of minutes to do we just dad about like andy pandy trying to get through the day as best we can . id bore them with i used to be a downhill skier and cant do that anymore . maybe they should provide us with a smart timer when they issue the interogation papers . so we can record our every waking movement into time . . bit like the tedious electric smart meters which we all should have , so we can see where our electricity consumption goes . personally id rather go to the moon than become so pedantic that i take the time to study my leccy use like wise become some sort of time versus movement pain junkie ........ all i know is i cant get outof bed in the morning without pain cant sleep without pain cant go downstairs without going down on my bum as i keep falling down in the morning . cant get in and out of the car without pain more severe when ive been out . i usually sit for a while working myself up to experience the pain i know is coming its a life with pain end off if im fortuanate to have a day with reduced pain or none which happens very rarely i think that i must have something wrong lol i was asked the other day if i had a middle name which i dont . i had a thought that maybe pain might be a good middle name . lol when at the docs he always asked how are we today i reply we is fine thats why we is here . lol people just dont get it all the way up and down the ennals of society . we are isolated by this unseen illness . and woe betide you if you actually walk normally or do something like try and dance or run then your instantly a fake ...i had a friend who like me had ME all went to a celiedh she got up and dance the neigbours said to me how come shes so ill but managed to dance . she was wrecked aferwards but at least she tried to enjoy what little there was left for her in life ... my answer to them is unprintable . same people asked how can she afford a car when shes not working . the car was donated to her she did not get any benieits but its the evil negative attitudes abound that can drag you further into depression as well . ok rant over . take care of yourself and dont let pip get you down just be honest and forceful about the pain you experience we all are condition to play down our pain as no one want to know .dont make this mistake when filling in forms and being interoggated .

I think one of the best answers is the pain is always there but it's how long i can absorb the pain before it's way too much and over whelms me

These assessments are meant to trip you up, it's not about you, in assessments it's about how they can save money at your expense and pay the huge bonuses to assessors who dont care, they wear those poker faces and say all the nice things to get you off guard and trusting them, only to find an assessment was probably written up ahead of time and edited at your interview so as to justify there exorbitant fees! Oh yes! Then itll take you years to get it corrected if you have the energy or fight or help and support, dont forget, they do record interviews and watch you arrive and wont tell you, they may even have videos on you in your home area prior to the interview or assessment and always, remember they always take your first word or answer, even if you retract or correct yourself, too late , done. Unfair! Absolutely! But it helps them, NOT YOU... dont forget we have just had 5 years of less ability bashing... it doesnt just go away.... and get forgotten... it stays on file... if you've nothing to hide and you wear your pain with pride and get on with life, then benefits not to be benefited from... just tie overs. Gone are the days of the welfare state, after other countries heard about and mass immigration started all for the welfare state, the political elite woke up and set about scrapping it. So you either fully qualify with no life and no quality of life or dont qualify at all , I prefer a small pay cheque, half a loaf when I have enough health to enjoy it, all my own work than wait until the benefit cheque is withdrawn at a time I most need it, holding me back from enjoying life... either way you make it a way of life. Dont forget life is to be enjoyed, not endured... it's our own perception that often holds us back... we are actually in charge of our own lives, sometimes youd not think it! Take one day at a time, remember "the day Dawn's for those that are awake" dont sleep it away! Even when your in pain, do something enjoyable especially for someone else immediately after doing something you enjoy.... then increase your actions day by day, week by week, month by month, it's not easy! But you've gotta start somewhere... have a wonderful day...

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